Player List




Status Finished
Started on 2014-08-30 at 4:11 PM CET
Description Standard
Play Application #magic-league
Tournament Type Trial
Active Players 1
Chatroom Nick Username Appr Code (.dec) Appr Code (.txt) Cockatrice Active
Dead_Parrot Dead_Parrot 173024 171776 157bbe18 Active
DRjester DRjester 208808 207560 d9544c62 Lost
Kintano Kintano 186832 185584 d3bf0178 Lost
pseudodespot pseudodespot 164130 162882 3d6d67a0 Lost
saurgoth saurgoth 178130 176882 b88a01aa Lost
skullbashx skullbashx 172897 171649 c720f4fc Lost
Tako maradona5a 189515 188267 d44ecae4 Dropped
warai warai 186770 185522 acc59541 Lost
zackattack bombshell 165157 163909 ff448219 Lost

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