Player List




Status Finished
Started on 2013-02-28 at 6:39 PM CET
Description RTR Block Constructed
Play Application #magic-league
Tournament Type Trial
Active Players 1
Chatroom Nick Username Appr Code (.dec) Appr Code (.txt) Cockatrice Active
Alroc Alroc 201487 200239 6802c587 Lost
d3m0n d3m0n 189859 188611 24d3dcb5 Lost
DonDiggy DonDiggy 203688 202440 9e4dfc92 Lost
Golrin Golrin 181023 179775 1ba2f0ea Active
Hoaxed Hoaxed 163446 162198 1283a775 Lost
Kabelis Kabelis 204298 203050 340f4ca3 Lost
Livermush Livermush 153341 152093 da8ab720 Lost
McCOZE McCOZE 189085 187837 bfcba949 Lost
Tel Tel 164001 162753 15927d5b Lost
WhoamIguy WhoamI 158554 157306 531bd356 Lost

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