Player List




Status Finished
Started on 2012-10-06 at 1:14 AM CET
Description Eternal Pauper
Play Application #magic-league
Tournament Type Trial
Active Players 1
Chatroom Nick Username Appr Code (.dec) Appr Code (.txt) Cockatrice Active
archmage521 archmage521 167246 165998 8430f5a0 Lost
Birdyyy BIRDYYY 140498 139250 9117b204 Lost
el_patypro lucianoramon 139131 137883 f83e47f7 Lost
Jacois Jacois 151639 150391 9bc1e83f Lost
KriswithaK KriswithaK 150956 149708 00d1ec58 Active
Livermush Livermush 155435 154187 c1a171fd Lost
pg8 pg8 152217 150969 2be26502 Lost
Ssilhouette Ssilhouette 169950 168702 28a67ca3 Lost
vulpy1 vulpy1 169904 168656 c0a9f4ee Dropped

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