Player List




Status Finished
Started on 2012-09-28 at 10:47 PM CET
Description Filthy Casserole
Play Application #magic-league
Tournament Type Trial
Active Players 1
Chatroom Nick Username Appr Code (.dec) Appr Code (.txt) Cockatrice Active
archmage521 archmage521 77864 76616 735457d0 Dropped
Birdyyy BIRDYYY 130608 129360 b582c370 Lost
Esponjinha Esponjinha 151094 149846 77d5b8f1 Dropped
Halldir Halldir 139596 138348 61d02800 Lost
Magellan Magellan 101394 100146 4b3141bd Lost
Pokemaster Pokemaster 128182 126934 b0147ee7 Dropped
Steveman Steveman 127972 126724 2882d84d Lost
Straw_Hat Straw_Hat 129828 128580 a384f7fd Lost
Stunseed Stunseed 130772 129524 2da06721 Lost
xHourglass xHourglass 136168 134920 2b64e4fd Dropped
YiiiMTG YiiiMTG 101394 100146 4b3141bd Active

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