Player List




Status Finished
Started on 2011-01-19 at 5:51 PM CET
Description Alphabet Magic: F G and S
Play Application #magic-league
Tournament Type Normal
Active Players 1
Chatroom Nick Username Appr Code (.dec) Appr Code (.txt) Cockatrice Active
Alvey Alvey 157270 156022 261a24a0 Lost
BaronThomas BaronThomas 174425 173177 64d9366d Dropped
ciberon Ciberon 187750 186502 753b2002 Active
dpierdra007 dpierdra007 180999 179751 bc1386ea Lost
finespoo Finespoo 181513 180265 3921dc9c Lost
foshm foshm 187938 186690 61270495 Lost
Gracco Gracco 143120 141872 65259059 Lost
huntergatsby huntergatsby 161244 159996 7d6a43e8 Lost
jfc jfc 151235 149987 f248013a Lost
Mengu09 Mengu09 171120 169872 5a21d112 Lost
Reber Reber 165140 163892 e80c2844 Lost
sys_down sys_down 164014 162766 79a2d588 Lost
WeedSeed WeedSeed 172433 171185 39a25733 Lost

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