Written by PV on July 20, 2006

1. Could you please introduce yourself?
<_Bouncyer_> My name is James Pirkey, I'm 19, and I live in the U.S close to
Boston, and my rating hovers around 1900.

2.  What are your M:tG related credentials?
<_Bouncyer_> Well I have many more credentials online than IRL. Online, I have 4-5 Master
t8's I've lost track, numerous trial wins and am probably known as one of
the Top 5 constructed players here. Irl, I have a couple of pro points, a PT day
2, a Regionals t4 and a nationals appearance...

3.  How did you start playing M:tG and for how long have you been playing?
<_Bouncyer_> I started playing about two years ago when I was at a friends
house and he and his friends were playing some casual decks. I thought it
was pretty cool, picked up quick and then started to play more seriously in
the past 6 months or so.

4.  How did you start playing M:tG on the league and for how long have you
been playing here?
<_Bouncyer_> I found magic-league when I was searching for more sources of
articles online. None of my friends were actually good at magic so I started
to read a lot of magic articles and learn a lot that way. I started playing
on the league probably about two years ago, it was before Julian won worlds
at any rate.

5. To you, what is the main difference between online and IRL magic?
<_Bouncyer_> For me, there is a large difference in online and IRL magic. The
level of competition online is strictly worse, even on MODO my draft pods
are usually weak. Also most of the better players here don't even play their
newest tech or best decks because we hold them for higher level events such
as a PT or Gp.

6.  What are your best and worst features as a player?
<_Bouncyer_> My best feature is my ability to optimize a particular deck and
refine it for an expected Metagame. My worst feature is probably my desire
to draft rogue strategies.

7.  What is your opinion on Coldsnap and on triple Cs draft being included
in nationals?
<_Bouncyer_> Coldsnap is the worst set I've ever seen since homelands and
I'm very nervous about it being in the draft in nationals. It seems very
questionable to hurt the players who have taken the time to learn the RGD

8.  Who is the girl who played on your team at PT Charleston?
<_Bouncyer_> Her name is Melissa J. DeTora or Missy for short. She is one of
the better New England players with double digit pro points. I ended up
playing with her and her BF, Brian Lynch when their team constructed
rating was 3 points short of qualifying. I spoke to Ben Goodman and we
agreed to switch teams so we could all qualify.

9.  Your nationals is approaching, do you have an idea of what you'll play
and why?
<_Bouncyer_> I'm leaning towards running an Aggro deck, however I refuse to
play Sea Stompy because I feel that it’s inferior to Zoo.

10.  What is your favorite format, deck and card?
<_Bouncyer_> My favorite format is definitely Extended, my favorite deck is
probably Cunning Tog with LFTL Engine, with my favorite card being the
incredible Psychatog.

11.  Is there anything else you'd like to say?
<_Bouncyer_> I'd just like to say that this really is the best free
magic-league out there and that I'm surprised that Koen and the rest of the
staff don't do more to promote it. I mean seriously this site could become
better than SCG with better promotions, maybe a card store, better sponsors
stuff like that.

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by JPirk87 on 2006-07-20 19:59 CET

Bouncy is sooooo sexy!


by Haro on 2006-07-20 20:01 CET

we love bouncy

by Sandler on 2006-07-20 20:01 CET


by CoolinDenial on 2006-07-20 20:03 CET

Bouncy <3

by on 2006-07-20 20:24 CET

Yea Bouncy you're sexy, not like me, but sexy.

by Streakz on 2006-07-20 20:36 CET

This interview would have been much better had it been done by a Craken.

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