Register your nick with Nickserv on IRC

Register your nick on the Chatserver (IRC)

You probably registered your nick on the site already, but it's also handy to register your nick on the Chatserver, to prevent other people from using yours.

You can register your nick in the Chatroom by typing: /register Password YourEmailAddress. Do this while you are using the nick you desire. You can change your nick by doing: /nick NewNick. Obviously, you put your desired password there and your own email address. After you typed the registration command, you will probably receive an email on the address you provided with further instructions.

You need to register your nick like this seperately because our chatrooms use a server that isn't our own. In the past we have tried to setup our own server or claimed special rights on smaller servers, but smaller servers are more vulnerable to attacks from hackers. So that's why we are now on a medium sized German server with an excellent performance and service.

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