Play Chatroom of Magic-League

To visit our chatroom you will need to be able to run Java applets. You can get a Java plug-in for your browser here:

You don't need to type a Nickserv Password below if you don't know what it means. More info about the Nickserv password: How to register your nick on the Chatserver?

Choose the rooms (channels) you want to join:

Magic Workstation (MWS) Play in #Magic-League
Apprentice Play in #apprentice
Drafting with Netdraft in #draft4you

Nickserv Password: (Optional)

(It doesn't matter which you choose, but if you get "unable to connect: null", then you should make sure port 6667 is open in your firewall/router/network!)

We suggest you use an IRC client to connect such as mIRC.
Read this post If you want to know more about how to solve the 'Unable to Connect: null' error.