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Create-a-Card: Round 16

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Joined: 08 Apr 2005
Posts: 64

PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ck3gds wrote:

Side challenge #2: find me the shortest chain that will lead to an infinite loop (refer to Sorrel's entry for the definition of an infinite loop)

Eye for an eye
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
Posts: 94

PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

blitzer2k7 wrote:
Ass Clown 1UR

Creature - Donkey Uncommon

{U/R}{U/R},T: Roll a 6 sided die. Ass clown has the following effect for the number rolled.

1 - Ass Clown deals 2 damage to target creature.
2 - Return target creature to its owners hand.
3 - Untap Ass Clown.
4 - Destroy Target land.
5 - Sacrifice Ass Clown.
6 - Ass Clown deals 1 damage to you and roll again.


"6 little donkey's jumping on the bed...."

Rarity - 4/5 - Fair enough to be an uncommon I guess, but with so many text, rare but be more suitable

Flavor – 3/5 – It’s ok I guess, not too impressive but just ok..

Fun – 3/5 – Fun yes, but not the owning kindda fun..

Originality – 3/5 – seen die rolls like these on other Un cards before..

Balance – 1/5 – pretty weak..

Clarity – 4.5/5 – clear enough, with some minor text problems..

Playability – 1.5/5 – not playable at all unless in limited..

Total: 16/35

kumagmd wrote:
Vorthos of the Flavour
Planeswalker - Vorthos (M)
+1: Name an artist and his/her corresponding artwork - search your library for a creature or land card with the artist's signature, reveal it, and put it into your hand.
+1: Name a card that is not on the battlefield or graveyard, quote it's flavour text word for word (cards without flavour text cannot be named) - search cards not in play for the named card, reveal it and put it back - Put a 3/3 green and white Word token onto the battlefield
-4: Target opponent names a card from his or her hand (no peeking), and you say the casting cost, card type and name spelling - if correct, all permanents you control get +3/+3 and protection from any card type.

"Spell 'Questing Phelddegrif' "

Rarity - 4/5 – Ya, I guess cards like these should be Mystic, but the ultimate seems pretty weak for a mystic card

Flavor – 3/5 – Everything’s about words, so it’s got pretty good synergy.. but I don’t agree with your reasoning for the spelling error..

Fun – 3/5 – Fun till you get the ultimate and you’re like.. “mehh” even if you get to activate it..

Originality – 4/5 – quite a few Un cards uses artist’s name but not really by spelling them, so good enough..

Balance – 1/5 – First 2 ability pretty imba for a +1.. and ultimate totally sucks..

Clarity – 4/5 – clear enough, but the actual card might not fit so many words into it..

Playability – 4/5 – playable but probably way too imba once the player memorises everything..

Total: 23/35

posso wrote:
Elspeth, soul of the party (1WW) Mythic
Legendary creature

Celebration( when this creature attacks, each opponents takes a drink).
creatures of you control gains celebration.
if a player can't drink anymore, lose the game.


Rarity – 2.5/5 – Probably just a rare. Doesn’t have enough abilities and impact to be a Mystic

Flavor – 1/5 – Comon, couldn’t you think of a flavour text?! Would love to have seen one for this..

Fun – 4/5 – Pretty fun to watch actually, only if he/she really drinks alcohol..

Originality – 5/5 – definitely original..

Balance – 1/5 – hmm.. abit hard to judge this according to balance coz you obviously wouldn’t play this to win..

Clarity – 3.5/5 – clear enough, but could have worded it abit better..

Playability – 3/5 – cool if you have four of these in play.. lol not quite doable tho..

Total: 20/35

ck3gds wrote:
Cascade Engine | 4
Whenever a player plays a card, you may reveal a card with two or more words in its name from your hand. If you do, you may play the second card without paying its mana cost if the first word in its name matches the last word in the name of the first card.
"Mask of Memory Crystal Ball Lightning Dragon Mask of Memory..." - Sorrel of ML

Side challenge#1: find me the longest such cascade Laughing Laughing Laughing

EDIT: Sorrel's entry gets immortalized on my card for being the first to submit an infinite loop! Laughing Laughing Laughing

Side challenge #2: find me the shortest chain that will lead to an infinite loop (refer to Sorrel's entry for the definition of an infinite loop)

Rarity – 0/5 – didn’t mention it…

Flavor –4.5/5 – good enough.. =)

Fun – 3/5 – Fun if you can get it going, which I can’t quite imagine how..

Originality – 5/5 – definitely original too..

Balance – 3/5 – I dunno.. can’t quite see this being strong..

Clarity – 4/5 – clear, but I guess Un cards can’t be worded perfectly.

Playability – 3.5/5 – I dunno about this at all.. fun to read what it does and definitely doable, but dunno if ppl would play this..

Total: 23/35

KeySam wrote:
Achilles, the almost Untouchable - Rare
Creature - Human Warrior
Trample, Deathtouch, Indesctructable, Shroud, Achilles, the almost Untouchable can not be sacrificed.
When Achilles, the almost Untouchable enters the battlefield target opponent names a card.
Whenever the named card would resolve, exile Achilles, the almost Untouchable instead.
Listen carefully. When you take a bath, always make sure your entire boddy is covered by the fluid. Garruk Wildspeaker

Rarity – 5/5 – rare’s good.. =)

Flavor – 4/5 – Definitely has flavour, but common, why didn’t you get a quote from ancient Greece or something instead..

Fun – 3/5 – not quite fun, just a beater..

Originality –3.5/5 – just a beating creature.. not too impressed

Balance – 3/5 – er.. can he name a land? Even if he can’t, I can’t quite see this being too strong unless you combo with Silence or something..

Clarity – 4/5 – clear, with a few spelling mistakes..

Playability – 3.5/5 – I dunno about this at all.. fun to read what it does and definitely doable, but dunno if ppl would play this..

Total: 26/35

KeySam wrote:
Wish - Rare
Put a magic the gathering card from anywhere into your hand.
(Thistime we realy mean anywhere, you may pick a card from your opponents hand, look through your collection, take a card from the board, a card from the stack... Just remember, you can not search libraries or look at opponents hands)
Complex Decision 2 - You have 2 Minutes to make this play, any player who calls a judge on you for stalling during this time period, will receive a gameloss for unsportsman behavior.
Now thats a real wish. Jonny to Timmy

Rarity – 5/5 – rare’s good.. =)

Flavor – 3/5 – Flavour text could have done better I think.. even the name could have been more grand.. and what’s the complex decision for, I get it that you need time to think, but.. well.. not impressive..

Fun – 4.5/5 – pretty fun to be able to take a card from anywhere.. =)

Originality –3/5 – just like the other wishes, but better, and much worse casting cost..

Balance – 1/5 – don’t think all 5 colours should be needed for this.. made it too weak..

Clarity – 3/5 – clear enough, but abit confusing coz you said you can pick a card from your opponents hands too, but then you can’t look at his hand.. I get it that it means that you just randomly pick one but you worded the rules pretty badly)

Playability – 3/5 – not playable but at least it’s doable..

Total: 22.5/35

Sorrel wrote:
Intentional Draw | 3U
Instant | Rare

Target opponent may choose to make the current game a draw. If they do not, draw three cards.

"Only the lowest of the low would stoop to playing with that sort of magic. Wait - will it get me into the top eight?" - Ertai, Wizard Adept


ck3gds sidequest: Mask of Memory Crystal Ball Lightning Dragon Mask


Rarity – 2/5 – more like uncommon.. doesn’t have enough to make it a rare..

Flavor – 3.5/5 – should have just quoted a real MTG player.. Ertai isn’t a suitable candidate for these kindda flavours.. but the name suits it tho.. =)

Fun – 2/5 – err.. not quite fun.. I mean.. the best it can do is make your opponent make a face..

Originality –5/5 – never seen a card that tries to draw the game.. lol

Balance – 5/5 – surprisingly pretty balanced I guess..

Clarity – 4/5 – clear enough, but maybe word it abit better like Target opponent choose one – Draw the game, or you draw three cards.

Playability – 4/5 – abit hard to judge.. doable definitely, but not sure if people would wanna play too many copies of it..

Total: 25.5/35

Jacois wrote:
Jace's Eraser 2
Artifact *Rare*
T : Remove all text from target Permanent until end of turn. (This includes flavour text)
"The pen is mightier than the sword. -Jace"

Rarity – 5/5 – rare’s good.. =)

Flavor – 5/5 – good flavour, suitable quote.. =)

Fun – 2/5 – not too fun, just something that can disable both activated abilities and triggered abilities..

Originality –3/5 – somewhat original, not too much creativity though

Balance – 4/5 – pretty balanced, except I think it should be legendary, having more than one in play would be abit imba..

Clarity – 5/5 – definitely clear..

Playability – 5/5 – doable and playable.. =)

Total: 29/35

EMA wrote:
Ultimate Secret Technique of Whining - 2UR

Sorcery - (MythicR)

You get an emblem with: at the beginning of your upkeep, complain about how lucky your opponent is and how you are failing to draw anything relevant; If you don't, you lose the game.
0: scry 5

Rarity – 3/5 – rare’s better..

Flavor – 5/5 – good flavour, good enough quote.. =)

Fun – 5/5 – pretty fun to play.. =)

Originality –5/5 – definitely original

Balance – 1/5 – fail balance.. 0: scry 5? Basically you can scry the whole library and draw what you want..

Clarity – 0/5 – either way too imba or incorrectly worded

Playability –1/5 – not worded clear enough to judge playability.. =\

Total: 20/35

Djinn wrote:
Knight of the Square Table | WW

0: Stand up, find a square table and go round it running and saying "I am a Knight of the Square Table". Knight of the Square Table gets +1/2 / +1/2. Any player may activate this ability, but only once each turn per player.

King Arthur didn't consider me cool and hip enough to be on the Round Table on account of some of my suits of armor have still got flares.

Power: 1 1/2
Toughness: 1 1/2

Rarity – 5/5 – uncommon’s good

Flavor – 4.5/5 – pretty good.. =)

Fun – 3.5/5 – pretty fun actually.. lol but I don’t think I’d do that just to get +1/2 / +1/2..

Originality –4/5 – good enough

Balance – 1/5 – pretty weak… after pumping it’s still only a 2/2..

Clarity – 3/5 – the cost isn’t “0” it is the actual action of running around.. so not quite worded properly..

Playability –1/5 – won’t be played at all.. it’s too weak..

Total: 22/35

ManfredByron wrote:
Penis Envy 1RRR


All players drop there pants and trousers the one with the biggest dong wins the game.

The girl is envious of her fathers penis and desires one for herself - freud

Rarity – 0/5 – didn’t mention

Flavor – 1/5 – doesn’t make sense to make Freud say it.. doesn’t make sense why the girl said that too.. the card doesn’t make sense to be Red… pretty badly thought out overall

Fun – 4/5 – fun only if you’re a flasher and you DO have the biggest dong…

Originality –5/5 – def original

Balance – 1/5 – totally broken for a big dong guy.. for others entirely not useful at all..

Clarity – 4/5 – clear enough I guess.. but what if someone’s dong is longer but not exactly bigger?

Playability –0/5 – totally won’t be played.. not doable either..

Total: 15/35

ManfredByron wrote:
Tugachampion 1GR

Legendary Magic Pro

5/6 Trample, shroud, haste.

When tugachampion comes into play target opponent puts 100 1/1 enraged noob tokens which are white into play.

'Tuga I want to be a champ like you.'

Rarity – 0/5 – didn’t mention again..

Flavor – 3/5 – I know the player and he IS pretty good.. but I dunno why you’re kissing his ass..

Fun – 1/5 – not fun at all.. not much creativity here..

Originality –4/5 – original enough I guess.

Balance – 1/5 – so not balanced… you obviously didn’t put too much thought into it…

Clarity – 3.5/5 – clear enough, with some bad wording

Playability –2/5 – way too imba.. either you find a combo and totally own with it, or it’s pretty useless…

Total: 14.5/35

Sorrel wrote:
Spike, Tournament Winner | 2BB
Legendary Creature - Human Spike Gamer (Rare)

Spike, Tournament Winner comes into play with four +1/+1 counters on it.

Remove a +1/+1 counter from Spike, Tournament Winner: Regenerate Spike, Tournament Winner.

4, discard a card: Spike, Tournament Winner deals 4 damage to target creature or player.


Note to Creative: Spike doesn't really need flavor text.

Rarity –4/5 – rare’s good.. but a pretty weak rare..

Flavor – 1/5 – I don’t get the card.. doesn’t seem to belong to the Un set except for the name..

Fun – 1/5 – not fun at all.. not much creativity here either.. just another beater..

Originality –2/5 – sounds like a manticore…

Balance – 5/5 – surprisingly balanced though, 4 cc for 4/4…

Clarity – 4.5/5 – clear enough, with excellent wording, except you’re suppose to use “battlefield” instead.. which I myself still aren’t used to..

Playability –4.5/5 – pretty damn playable and def doable since it doesn’t’ have any Un charecteristics..

Total: 22/35

huntergatsby wrote:
1GRBW ManBearPig

Creature Type =Human Pigbear <Ultra Rare>

When ManBearPig enters the battlefield, destroy all imaginary permanents.


"I'm Super Cereal, Guys. He's half Man, Half bear, and half pig"-Al Gore

Rarity –3.5/5 – ultra rare isn’t a rarity, even in the Un set I’m not sure if making it Ultra Rare was necessary..

Flavor – 5/5 – I totally get it coz I watched that episode of South Park.. it made me Lol.. not sure if others understood it tho.. haha

Fun – 3/5 – not fun if your opponent never watched south park..

Originality –2/5 – just a super big ass creature..

Balance – 1/5 – bigger than BFM? meh, sorry can’t accept that..

Clarity – 3/5 – clear enough, but why 99^2/99^2 .. in the show ManBearPig wasn’t that big at all..

Playability –4.5/5 – def playable and doable.. but pretty damn boring..

Total: 22/35

KnowN wrote:
Chuck Norris | 5WUBRG
Legendary Creature - Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris cannot be countered. Obviously

Trample, Haste, First Strike. Obviously

When Chuck Norris enters the battlefield flip a coin. If you win the flip Chuck Norris gets +20/+20 until end of turn. If you lose the flip discard your hand and sacrifice all other permanents you control, Chuck Norris gets X +1/+1 counters, where X is equal to the amount of cards that went to the graveyard this turn. No matter how much you lose Chuck Norris still wins... Obviously

If a creature has the balls to block Chuck Norris, you may pick up that card and throw it in it's owners face, then that creatures controller sacrifices it.

If a player has the balls to cast a spell on Chuck Norris, pick up all permanents that player controls and throw them in that players face, then that player may choose either to counter that spell or sacrifice all permanents he or she controls.

If Chuck Norris goes to the graveyard from anywhere, you lose 20 life. You are not worthy of playing with Chuck Norris. Obviously

Obviously Chuck Norris's has many other abilities, but they all cannot fit on this card.


Every time Chuck Norris looks into a mirror it breaks. Even glass is not stupid enough to get between Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris. Obviously

Rarity –0/5 – bunch of you totally ignored this category.. zzz

Flavor – 6/5 – I loved it.. lol, yes.. extra points to this..

Fun – 5/5 – pretty damn fun.. haha

Originality –5/5 – def haven’t seen such a bad ass..

Balance – 2/5 – 10cc? common.. should reduce it to make him playable man.. =(

Clarity – 4/5 – Clear enough, but even with the flavour text I don’t think all that can fit in one card.. lol

Playability –4/5 – so damn not playable because of the cc.. but pretty doable.. =)

Total: 26/35

So the winner is Jacois with 29/35!!
As much as I liked KnowN’s entry, he didn’t take it seriously enough to put in rarity and balanced it properly.. =(

Man that took awhile to judge all those cards... and see you guys next time! I finished my internship already so I won't be so bored that I have to spam M-L's forum anymore.. =P
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I did'nt put much thought into it, but Penis Envy is a genuine psychological theory by Freud, dis proven like most of his stuff but none the less it was a theory.

And I'm not hating on tuga at all, its more mocking all the people who get so upset by someone doing well. They do there fare share of mocking him, so they deserved some mocking back.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ManfredByron wrote:
I did'nt put much thought into it, but Penis Envy is a genuine psychological theory by Freud, dis proven like most of his stuff but none the less it was a theory.

And I'm not hating on tuga at all, its more mocking all the people who get so upset by someone doing well. They do there fare share of mocking him, so they deserved some mocking back.

A quick google search verified this:

Cool enough, sure was an eye opener..
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