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  Topic: Countering shroud

Replies: 7
Views: 2554

PostForum: Magic Rulings   Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:48 pm   Subject: Countering shroud
or, more importantly, why you can't respond to someone playing one.
  Topic: Whats the play?

Replies: 15
Views: 4370

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:33 am   Subject: Whats the play?
mind spring should probably be banefire, then you wouldn't have this issue.

discard 2 lands
  Topic: Domain.dec

Replies: 12
Views: 3075

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:47 pm   Subject: Domain.dec
you can't return matca rioters with rev unless you have only two or less basic land types in play. it's p/t while it's in the graveyard is still equal to the # of basic land types you have in play. ...
  Topic: Mox Jet Tournament, need suggestions

Replies: 8
Views: 2631

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 1:40 pm   Subject: Mox Jet Tournament, need suggestions
Confused you should be able to fit a careful consideration and an oblivion ring main deck also.
  Topic: Flores' Mishra deck

Replies: 15
Views: 4983

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:51 pm   Subject: Flores' Mishra deck
4 thrumming stone
4 epochrasite
4 mind stone
4 chromatic star
3 triskelavus
3 coalition relic
4 prismatic lens
4 dodecapod
4 platinum angel

4 mishra, artificer prodigy

4 gemstone mine
4 ...
  Topic: Top 5 Question

Replies: 12
Views: 3972

PostForum: Magic Rulings   Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 11:29 am   Subject: Top 5 Question
1. Yes
2. Damage would still be dealt to both of them because they're both named "Vigor". Same reason you can't remove an Ichorid to return another Ichorid. "If damage would be dealt to a creature y ...
  Topic: Is William Spaniels new list any good?

Replies: 21
Views: 5824

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:30 pm   Subject: Is William Spaniels new list any good?
where are the mutavaults... Rolling Eyes

erm...this deck needs...urborg and...profane command...
  Topic: Is Lorwyn under or over powered?

Replies: 30
Views: 9538

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:25 pm   Subject: Is Lorwyn under or over powered?
Lorwyn is certainly not over-powered. It seems like a reasonable set, but with nothing explosive what-so-ever. I would take any block deck since mirage against any lorwyn set. bannings included. b ...
  Topic: UB Aggro

Replies: 7
Views: 1591

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Tue May 16, 2006 12:35 am   Subject: UB Aggro
i don't know if you have enough tricks to run cutpurse. you might be better off with -3 cutpurse, +2 hypnotic specter, -3 ninja of the deep hours, +3 moroii. you can't really race anything with the ...
  Topic: What to play vs Ghost Husk?

Replies: 25
Views: 5012

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 6:50 pm   Subject: What to play vs Ghost Husk?
i can see owl beating husk, but not very often. i haven't lost to husk with three dreams, but it's usually very close. i also haven't lost to husk with green acres, and it doesn't seem very close at ...
  Topic: regionals in colorado

Replies: 1
Views: 726

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Wed May 10, 2006 6:10 pm   Subject: regionals in colorado
looking to go to regionals in colorado. anyone in the area want to playtest/go with, let me know.
  Topic: The decks at regionals

Replies: 21
Views: 5156

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Sun May 07, 2006 4:46 pm   Subject: aggro and control
well, that doesn't make any sense. you're actually very wrong. control traditionally beats aggro, and the control in this environment (though based off of mostly expensive spells) will undoubtedly p ...
  Topic: Correct Mulliganing Procedure

Replies: 20
Views: 6178

PostForum: Standard (T2) Decks   Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 2:06 am   Subject: booo!!
well frylocke, even though you are completely wrong in your decision you manage to defend it by putting down others who are right. in addition to being wrong you are now proving that you can't learn. ...
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