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CAC 230 Judged

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:12 pm    Post subject: CAC 230 Judged Reply with quote

CMA-Flippi wrote:
Dust Storm - 2RR
Whenever a creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, flip a coin. The winner gains control of the spell and may change the target of the spell or ability.

I'm assuming this is an enchantment, probably at rare. I think the effect is interesting, but a little too chaotic and probably wouldn't be much fun most of the time. I also don't know if changing the target to a new creature means the new creature "becomes" the target, re-triggering the ability. If so, this is obviously really time consuming and would lead to games turning into "flip the coin until someone wins twice" for a little while, which could be annoying. Nice idea but I'd like another way to determine it (bidding life maybe?)

Mrrr wrote:
Goblin Magician - 1R

Creature - Goblin Shaman (uncommon)

Sacrifice Goblin Magician: change a target of a spell or ability to a creature chosen at random.


A mono-red Goblin Flectomancer that doesn't choose where the ability goes. The wording is very flawed (what if the spell or ability doesn't target creatures? What if there aren't any other legal creatures to change to?) but the idea is neat. I think this would be printable and lead to some interesting scenarios where "risking" a 2/2 for a potential blowout would be suspenseful and dramatic. Ultimately it should cost 2R or be a 2/1 though; even with Wizard's new power level of creatures, red still doesn't get Grizzly Bears with all upside.

huntergatsby wrote:
Flames of the Meek 2RR

Enchantment (Aura) (R)

Enchanted creature has T Deal 1 damage to target creature or player

3: Untap target creature

Whenever a creature is targeted by a spell an opponent controls, ~ cost 2 less to play and can be played as though it had flash.

"They had mistaken my kindness for weakness."

The abilities are all over the map (why does this cost less when an opponent pumps their own guy?). This one needs to focus on one thing and doing it well rather than trying to be a self-contained combo card and fit the challenge all at once.

_Godica wrote:
Summoner's Storm U

Instant -- Uncommon

As an additional cost to cast Summoner's Storm, sacrifice X creatures.

Return X target nonland permanents to their owner's hand.

This seems like a fair card, though the cost doesn't seem blue at all. I think that there are probably ways to make this really good with token generators, but mass bounce usually isn't a gamebreaking effect for so much investment (see the relative lack of Cyclonic Rift in the metagame). I'd be interested to see what this card did, if anything, if it was printed. A cool piece for Johnny to unlock.

Stucco wrote:
Creature - Elemental....................U


When Windshaper becomes tapped you may have target creature get +1/+1 and gain flying for as long as Windshaper remains tapped.


Sort of like a Trained Condor/Kinsbaile Balloonist that doesn't care how it became tapped. It's a clever way to take advantage of an opponent's tap effects. It being effectively a 3/3 flying for 2UU with upside makes me feel like it belongs at rare. I think it would have been a more interesting tension if it said either "another target creature" or if Windshaper itself didn't have flying.

bobrimton wrote:
Nullifying Ring 1W
Enchantment- Aura

Enchant Creature

Ignore all effects of other auras attached to this creature.

Is there a reason this doesn't just give the creature protection from Auras not named Nullifying Ring? That seems like a much cleaner way to do this. I like the idea of turning off negative auras on your creature, but 1W seems costly when you could just play Erase or Brave the Elements for W. Granted this protects it from further Auras, but it won't ever get the 2-for-1, which means it's still not a ton more powerful.

Domine wrote:
Return to Innocence 1G


Until end of turn all creature cards become Forests that are no longer creatures.

"Nothing evokes more peace than a tree"


It can be used as a defensive card to avoid getting attacked, as way to avoid your creatures getting killed by an spell or to boost your mana.

I think this is complex enough that it should be a rare. That said, the card is probably one of the most original ways to do this challenge that I can think of, and it has awesome other applications to boot. The idea here is awesome. I'm not sure if it should cost more (maybe GG? 1GG?) or not, but without playtesting it's hard to say it's broken as is. A great submission that does what Green already wants to do in a unique and printable way.

Livermush wrote:
Fatal Misconceptions | 2(U/R)
Instant (Uncommon)

You may choose new targets for spells on the stack.

"The more bullets you fire, the more bullets miss"
- Ancient War Doctrine

Cards that do this "win a counter war outright" trick usually cost 4- this seems too pushed, especially at uncommon. Besides being hybrid blue/red, this also doesn't feel very new. I think at 3 (U/R) and targeting a single spell it may be a reasonable card.

pseudodespot wrote:
Deep Though Nexus 1UU

Enchantment (rare)

At the beginning of your upkeep draw a card for each permanent you control, that did not untap during your untap step.

But if you look at it from this perspective...

A very weird Johnny enchantment. Unfortunately, you would need to already have this out for this to help against your opponent's Frost Breath, in which case they wouldn't cast it on your creatures in the first place, so it doesn't really fit the challenge.

xxapathyxx wrote:
Return of the Hero 2W

Exile target creature. Return it to the battlefield under your control. Until the end of your turn, whenever a creature enters the battlefield creatures you control get +1/+1.

Whenever everything seems lost never let your faith be shaken, there will always be someone to rise from the ashes.

This probably meant to say "target creature you control." I think that version would compare well with Otherworldly Journey, but this version is clearly broken beyond belief with the ability to Mind Control an opponent's creature. At uncommon (and for the flavor to make sense), this should probably only give your creatures +1/+1. Further creatures entering the battlefield continuing to pump your creatures is definitely powerful enough for rare, and doesn't fit the flavor at all.

Dr_Moo wrote:
Master of the Domain - 1WG (Uncommon)
Creature - Warrior Mystic

Bushido 1

Whenever a creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, if Master of the Domain is attacking or blocking, you may change the target of that spell or ability to Master of the Domain.


First off, nitpick: Bushido only appears on Samurai. That said, this is neat for stealing pump spells from your opponents. It wouldn't really help in the situation presented as it would make your opponent not cast the Giant Growth in the first place, but making your creature still win the combat is close enough for this to count. I think the stats and ability are pushed high enough that this should be rare rather than uncommon. (Why are all these submissions uncommons rather than rares??)

NearSideMoon wrote:
Consuming Sanctuary
Legendary Land

T: Add 1 to your mana pool

Whenever a permanent or player becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice Consuming Sanctuary. Counter that spell or ability unless its controller pays 3.

Assuming this one is probably rare as well. A land that sacrifices itself without any input from you seems really bad, especially since Wastelanding yourself is rarely worth countering an early-game targeted ability. There are probably decks against which this is a great sideboard card, but even then they can wait until they have 3 mana to Stone Rain you by paying for the cost. Don't think this is destined to see play or print, plus it only helps in the original situations if your opponent doesn't have 3 extra mana up.

iSperia wrote:
Momentary Blink - 1W
Instant (common)
Exile target creature, then return that creature under its owner's control.
Flashback - 2U

Man, Blink is already awesome. It doesn't need its flashback cost to be reduced to 2U from 3U!

Canabiest wrote:
Mimicry Defense

Target creature you control becomes a copy of target creature blocking or blocked by it and gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is equal to the power of all creatures blocking or blocked by it.

A blue Flavor of pump. That helps against the Giant Growth case and in fringe cases might help survive the act of treason combat.

The math on this is complicated, plus this basically always makes your creature big enough to kill all of the creatures its in combat with. I think at 2U that's just too much power.

thelemys wrote:
I hope I used the good words... If you have a better idea : tell me Wink

Altar of Rix Maadi 4

Red and Black creatures you own gains Unleash (You may have this creature enter the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. It can't block as long as it has a +1/+1 counter on it.)
Sacrifice a creature that can't block: Altar of Rix Maadi deals 2 damages to target creature or player.


I like the idea behind this a lot. The ability is definitely up Rakdos's alley, and giving a deck with a bunch of Unleash creatures some reach is definitely great. The raw power level of this is just too high, however; this plus any black or red creature with persist is a two-card combo that wins the game, plus the ability to sacrifice any of your creatures in response to sweepers for tons of damage without having to leave any mana up seems way too good. In addition, this should probably be an enchantment, not an artifact - though Pyromancer's Gauntlet shows that this isn't always the case.

GreenBear wrote:
Soul Seize Demon 3BBB - demon (rare)

Flash Flying

When soul seize demon enters play remove target creature from the game, return it to play under your control at the end of the turn. That creature gains the creature type demon, and is removed from the game if soul seize demon leaves the battlefield.

4/3 Flying.

A demon that eats your opponent's creature and allows you to use it as your sick puppet is super cool and flavorful. Unfortunately, at instant speed it's ridiculous; a Mind Control with a 4/3 Flash Flying body attached to it in the middle of combat would be absurd, even for six mana. If it weren't for the challenge, and this didn't have flash, I think there would be a great case for this as the best card, though, so well done.

Balaviaris wrote:
Altar of Erebos BB

Artifact - Rare

Sacrifice two creatures: Target opponent sacrifices a creature.

Always look on the bright side of death.

The lack of symmetry here is pleasing; black always seems to be trying to find greedy ways of getting effects it likes. I wish the flavor told more of a story of Erebos or that the name stood alone better to compliment the flavor text. Really strong submission though, and one that would certainly be a neat card to play with in a deck like Aristocrats.

ShamedShadow wrote:
Decoy Drake 2U

Creature - Drake [Rare]

Flash, Flying

When Decoy Drake enters the battlefield, change the target of all spells to Decoy Drake. Then, if Decoy Drake is on the battlefield, attach all auras to it.



Would be good in almost any situation and has potential to be both really good and really bad.

It's some combination of Muck Drubb and Glamer Spinners, except costing a whole lot less and not giving you as many options. I think that grabbing all Auras by itself is probably too good when you want that ability; imagine the blowout this would be if you played it against Bant Hexproof! That said, anything that blows out Bant Hexproof is fine by me. Wink

I think the Flagbearer ability added on is pretty sweet. I just don't think it ever really has the potential to be "really bad" - the worst it is is a 2U Negate, and at best it takes your opponent's game-winning enchantment and starts getting in with evasion. Power level seems just a tad too high in my opinion, though that could be wrong and I could be not considering some angles.


Of all the cards submitted, only one made me go "Wow, this card is so cool." That's what good design is all about, and it fit the challenge perfectly, so I'm happy to give the win to Domine with Return to Innocence.

Balaviaris and _Godica are my runners up.
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Joined: 20 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you sc4rs, I was pretty happy with my design, glad you like it, I will give the chance to one of the runner-ups to do the next challenge because I doubt I'll have time this week to judge properly, so the first one to see this: Balaviaris and _Godica start the next one... Go go CaC
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Can I ask you to clarify what you mean by, if it were not for the challenge?
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