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BR Torrent

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Joined: 18 Mar 2007
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:33 pm    Post subject: BR Torrent Reply with quote

Well, im testing a torrent of soul deck for a trial, my decklist is:

// Lands
4 [FUT] Graven Cairns
4 [LRW] Auntie's Hovel
4 [10E] Sulfurous Springs
7 [GUR] Mountain
2 [GUR] Swamp
3 [MOR] Mutavault

// Creatures
4 [LRW] Marsh Flitter
4 [10E] Mogg Fanatic
3 [SHM] Fulminator Mage
3 [10E] Nantuko Husk
3 [SC] Siege-Gang Commander
2 [SHM] Murderous Redcap

// Spells
3 [SHM] Torrent of Souls
2 [10E] Grave Pact
4 [LRW] Thoughtseize
4 [MOR] Bitterblossom
4 [ALA] Goblin Assault

Simple plan! enchantament early ant torrent or grave pact after to take the control on the table, please i want build a good side and i need ideas for any change in main...

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Joined: 05 Apr 2009
Posts: 88

PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I fail to see how a deck with no removal will stabilize against an actual aggro deck. I understand that you wish to trade creatures and then torrent to gain back control of the field, but running 4 goblin assaults instead of 4 incinerates is just... it doesn't make sense.

Murderous Redcap is going to end up being side boarded out in just about every match up, you should either run 2 in side for defense against sower of temptation, or run none at all. You need deathmarks in side board. SB also needs volcanic fallout.

Mainboard needs 2 - 4 terror and 4 incinerate.

2 bitter blossoms in main, 2 in side. 4 goblin outlanders in sideboard.

The way the deck is now you will loose the game consistently by turn 6 (which is just about the turn you will be casting torrent on to get back control.) and casting torrent on turn 5 wont give you a game win, so it is a bad move.

Way to much life loss without any means of preventing beat down from decimating you in the early game. Your spells are so slow that it doesn't appear like you can win against control.

That and the fact that you have no haste (other than your goblin assaults and torrent) to put pressure on your opponent. I can see this deck winning in 1 solid turn of play, but you need to get there first.
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Joined: 08 Mar 2009
Posts: 28

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i play a deck similar to this a lot... If you play with torrent of souls, use creatures to generate tokens like marsh flitter, use bitterblossom for early enchant, if u want to keep only black red, play with threaten to give board control as well as creat removal (threaten+husk) and siege gang... but this needs more control....

I play a jund version of the deck, and here's my decklist:

// Lands
2 [UNH] Forest
3 [10E] Treetop Village
4 [ALA] Savage Lands
4 [SHM] Reflecting Pool
5 [UNH] Swamp
4 [UNH] Mountain
4 [10E] Sulfurous Springs

// Creatures
4 [CFX] Scarland Thrinax
4 [ALA] Sprouting Thrinax
4 [10E] Nantuko Husk
4 [LRW] Marsh Flitter
4 [ALA] Sarkhan Vol

// Spells
4 [ALA] Goblin Assault
2 [MOR] Hunting Triad
4 [MOR] Bitterblossom
4 [SHM] Torrent of Souls

// Sideboard
SB: 3 [LRW] Eyes of the Wisent
SB: 3 [CFX] Volcanic Fallout
SB: 3 [ALA] Naturalize
SB: 3 [ALA] Necrogenesis
SB: 3 [ALA] Jund Charm

The green splash gives u the thrinax's and the only green i'm thinking of taking out is h triad, although i'v reinforced many times for gg... Sarkhan vol acts as both threaten and a way to deal more damage... It has very little control over the other decks, but it has a great speed in creature/token input... With ARB i'm still studying to remake the list.. Only down side i've seen in the deck throughout the tests is that i made a bad sideboard Razz although eyes of the wisent is a keeper.

For now my to do lists w/ ARB are: Rebuilding this deck, Create a UW (and 1 more c) control....

Hope i've helped a little
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