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Esper Air Assault

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Joined: 04 Apr 2006
Posts: 2325

PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think that the path to go with a Esper deck is Esper Lark (uwb with Reveillark).

I really doubt that a preconstructed deck could be used with success in a tournament.

Post the decklist, and I am sure you will get many replies.
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Joined: 24 Sep 2008
Posts: 34

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

where to start. Im not going to berate you on the random 1 of's, as im sure you know that needs to be changed. You need to decide if you want aggro, midrange, or control, as esper has the capability to do all three, although in my opinion it favors the latter 2. Also, I hear 4 esper charm is amazing...Other than that, you're looking for synergy. For instance, you should probably start with a base of 4 sanctum gargoyle, 4 executioner's capsule, 4 sphinx summoner, and probably 4 tidehollow sculler. This gives you some pretty decent fetch and recursion.
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Joined: 04 Apr 2006
Posts: 2325

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's an Esper Artifact deck.

4 Tidehollow Sculler
4 Ethersworn Canonist
4 Tidehollow Strix
4 Esperzoa
4 Master of Etherium
4 Tower Gargoyle
2 Sanctum Gargoyle
2 Sharuum the Hegemon

4 Esper Charm
4 Path to Exile

4 Arcane Sanctum
2 Vivid Marsh
1 Vivid Creek
1 Vivid Meadow
4 Reflecting Pool
2 Caves of Koilos
2 Adarkar Wastes
2 Underground River
2 Sunken Ruins
2 Fetid Heath
2 Mystic Gate

This is one way to do an Esper Artifact deck. There are many more. You would have to get most of those cards anyways, though.
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Joined: 24 Jul 2006
Posts: 1386

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 9:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is an example of an Esper Control deck. No this is not a Reveilark deck. The mana base needs a couple of vivid lands and should go up to 23-24 lands and some artifact mana. I would cut the Negate to up the land count.

//NAME: Esper-GO
4 Path to Exile
4 Esper Charm
4 Wrath of God
4 Cryptic Command
2 Negate
2 Remove Soul

4 Mulldrifter
3 Tidehollow Sculler
3 Sower of Temptation
3 Glen Elendra Archmage
3 Ethersworn Adjudicator

4 Island
4 Mystic Gate
4 Sunken Ruins
4 Faerie Conclave
4 Reflecting Pool
4 Arcane Sanctum

// Sideboard:
SB: 4 Reveilark
SB: 2 Pithing Needle
SB: 2 Scepter of Fugue
SB: 2 Jace Beleren
SB: 2 Plumeveil
SB: 1 Loxodon Warhammer
SB: 1 Ajani Goldmane
SB: 1 Wall of Reverance

This deck features a lot of great interactions pre and post sideboard. The premise of the deck is this. Wipe the board then, drop Glen Elendra Archmage, then play Ethersworn Adjudicator. This sets up a "soft lock" on the opponent. Should they play a creature you just kill it with Ethersworn Adjudicator. Should they try to destroy Ethersworn Adjudicator, Glen Elendra Archmage puts a stop to that.

The sideboard is pretty good but does need some work. Pithing Needle helps the Cruise match up. Really if you have a lot of Cruise, Kithkin, and Bant in your area This deck is a very good choice. Blightning and BW Tokens can be tough due to all of the discard. 5 Color control is about 50/50. Fae is kinda bad if they run Scion of Oona. Swans is a really good match up. If you have any questions about the deck, just ask. I play this deck quite a bit.
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