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RG Gruul Beats

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Joined: 12 May 2006
Posts: 16

PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 1:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

my deck:

4xStomping Ground
1xSkarrg, the Rage Pits
4xKarplusan Forest
1xGruul Turf
1xHorizon Canopy
1xKeldon Megaliths
2xScorched Rusalka
4xScab-Clan Mauler
4xKird Ape
4xGiant Solifuge
2xBurning-Tree Shaman
2xTin Street Hooligan
3xSulfur Elemental
4xLlanowar Elves
4xRift Bolt
2xCall of the Herd
3xSeal of Fire
SB3xBlood Moon
SB1xGaea's Anthem
SB2xKrosan Grip
SB3xRumbling Slum
SB1xCall of the Herd
SB2xTin street hooligans

this is my deck at this point with FS...
i think that thsources of mana and the mana curve in this deck are a little bit delicate...
thats why i think gruul shouldnt pl whit megaliths... is not ok to pl a tapped land in turn 1 or 2 when the curve is important...
i do like canopy... i think that having a extra card from a useless land in an advanced game is great... but im just testing that...
i do like to have 11-12 burns... and like 10 cost 1 creatures...specially for the mauler
sulfue is alwaya a good card .. agains agro or control...

my side is not ready... i sholud add a couple crypts and maybe some land destroyers as boom or stonerain... cuz decks like dragonstorm or UR tron are very hard to defeat with my actual main...
against agrro gaea`s anthem and slum are very useful...

thaths very much what i have to say... =)
c ya Smile
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Joined: 07 Jul 2005
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 9:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

a card people are really overlooking is tarmogoyf..for 2 mana by turn 3 it should be at least a guaranteed 2/3 if not 3/4 or 4/5 and against certain decks (like dredge) it will most likely be a 5/6 by turn 3 or can be a real beatstick with you and your opponent putting cards into the gy
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Joined: 14 Oct 2005
Posts: 649

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 11:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is my version including fs i play this deck more boros like with lots of 1drops. THe deck did quite well in testing

2 Sulfur Elemental
4 Scab-Clan Mauler
4 Skarrgan Pit-Skulk
4 Keldon Marauders
4 Kird Ape
4 Storm Entity
4 Tarmogoyf

4 Rift Bolt
4 Seal of Fire
4 Char
4 Shock

4 Stomping Ground
3 Mountain
7 Forest
4 Karplusan Forest

2 Krosan Grip
2 Blood Moon
3 Parallectric Feedback
4 Leyline of Lifeforce
3 Tormod's Crypt

some cardchoices.

Storm entity is a great card espacally with riftbolt and all those 1 drops. Everyone played Sith firewalker and playing storm with only 1 riftbolt on turn two meaning you deal the same damage with him compared to sith until turn 4 and if you wait until turn 3 he can get huge in later states of the game he isnt soo good but you dont want the game to last long Wink.

shock+seal of fire good 1 drops seal of fire helps bloodthirsting turn 2 and all the burn help to increase p/t of Tarmogoyf

Keldon Marauders is just another burn 2 mana for 5 damage is nice in worst case for 2 damage also good and it also Keldon Marauders p/t of Tarmogoyf.

Skarrgan Pit-Skulk hes good hes not great by any means i have enough cards to make him 2/2 but you wont drop him turn one. And sometimes he will be only a 1/1 cause of storm entity(you want storm entity to attack the turn so it can cause probs.

Now too the sideboard

Parralectric vs dstorm

Tormods for dreadomat

Blood Moon and Leyline vs control and maybe Krosan.

I think the rest is self explaining i am happy with this build.
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Joined: 29 Jan 2006
Posts: 53

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 2:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i mostly agree on what tuga said.

for fist, running only magus of the moon is probably the badest option, since it can for example sometimes just be handeld by mana floating and eleectorlyz/helix. you dont want your disruption die to the same spells than your pressure.

secondly, i think, feedback is a pretty nice idea against dragonstorm, but prolly not the philosopher stone.

i normally side out the calls for the elementals (which i obs run in the board)

i dont think that tarmogoyf is bad, its at least a 2/3 mostly while dropping as a 2drop and it can grow immensly.
in mirror kind of games, the one without em, normally loses^^
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Joined: 02 Jun 2006
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

obviously Tarmagorph is bad... he is not fast and is chumped.. and takes up a 2 drop spot.

you obviously need eithor Haste, Trample, or Flash in this deck and then straight burn... also a 2/3 turn 1 is amazing.

i would run this:::

4 Giant Solifuge
4 Kird Ape
3 Llanowar Elves
4 Scab-clan Mauler
4 Sulfur Elemental
2 Tin Street Hooligan
3 Scorched Ruslkua
4 Seal Of Fire

4 Char

3 Call Of The Herd
4 Rift Bolt

Basic Lands
6 Forest
5 Mountain

4 Karplusan Forest
2 Skarrg, The Rage Pits
4 Stomping Ground

4 Tormod's Crypt
3 Blood Moon
3 Stormbind
3 Krosan Grip
2 Burning Tree-Shaman

this seems like the best version of Grull yet.. fast and handles the rough matches..

Not sure what to do against DS except race it...
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