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Eldritch Moon 8-4 draft 3

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

How do I know that you know something?
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Joined: 06 Sep 2015
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pick 1, Pack 1 - Sanctifier is reasonable. Passing the Priest is tough as you could have a white drafter to your left. The red cards (Conduit and Alchemist) are also considerations. If you take Conduit, there's a chance both the drafters to the left could get into white. I'll assume you take Sanctifier for the rest of the analysis.

Pick 2 - Emrakul Evangel is best in GW where you have lots of token generation (which arguable you do with Sanctifier). Still the Priest is too hard to pass up. If you went with a red card pack 1, you're still between the two white cards here. I like the Priest far better than Alliance at this point in the draft, though it's likely the player to the left will go white. The "flip" card in the pack is missing, so it's nearly impossible to determine what was taken first.

Pick 3 - A rare and a common (I would guess Brazen Wolves) are missing. The 7 drop is super, but Faith's Unbroken is nuts and easily the 2nd best card. Again you're cementing the neighbor in white either way. I wouldn't call you nuts to take the Faith's Unbroken, especially if you're looking for a super aggressive deck. 7 drops lead you into slower control decks with 18 lands, which I wouldn't fault you if you chose to avoid...

Pick 4 - Don't see the Paladin here. Seems you can get it later and it's replacement. I'm looking at Grapple the Past, Weirded Vampire and Enlightened Maniac. Grapple seems good to find your bombs, drop cards in the yard, help with delirium, and get the rares back when they die. The case for Maniac is that you've passed few blue cards (though you are passing Unsubstantiate and Mutation here), whereas you have passed good Red and Green. If you went the more aggressive route in pack 3, there is a case or Borrowed Grace here. I would go Maniac based on passing few Blue cards, and you're going to have a white drafter to the left, so you want the strong blue coming back.

Pick 5 - this is an easy Terrarion. I don't get the rare draft. I would consider Graf Rats if I went Weirded Vampire pick 4. Again note the lack of Blue here.

Pick 6 - If you went with Grapple in Pack 4, take the 3/2 Human here. Tree if you went the Black path. But Mutation is the best card. Seems Borrowed Grace shouldn't even make the cut in your deck.

Pick 7 - Would be loving the Maniac this late. The green cards are weak, but playable if you went green above. Don't see the 2nd Paladin here. Supplicant doesn't seem great in a control/slow deck, though Unhallowed seems serviceable.

Pick 8 - Drag Under is so good here. The Slayer is good too, but not Drag Under.

Pick 9 - I dislike Mantle here, as you're unlikely to want to sac lands with all the 5 and 7 drops you have. I love the Geist in your deck, especially to buy time to get the 5 and 7 drops.

Pick 10 - I think you need to consider Campaign here, especially as you are open for 2nd color. The Recruitment is also under consideration. I wouldn't take the white enchantment/artifact kill this high, especially given you've already seen two that could table.

Pick 11 - Spectral Reserves tabling is nuts!!! Crazy that the only white card taken from the pack was the Faith Unbroken. White could be wide open at this point.

Pick 12 - Grapple tabled!! Someone took Waxing Moon over it. And Banquet.

Pick 13/14 - here are the Cleansings...

Pick 1 - If you went the Blue route, you can go the Griff here.

Pick 2 - Restraints here, but rare missing

Pick 3-X - No great white, but what can you do...

Tricky draft, but again you navigated and played well to win. Nice job.
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