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CaC 316 - Diminishing Marginal Utility - Judged

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thelemys - Gem Beach
Yeah, that's an interesting one. I think it would fit this CaC better without the second ability, which isn't really needed for balance anyway b/c you're only giving upkeep mana. Still, I'll have to keep this in mind when selecting a winner.

ShamedShadow - Refracting Mirror
Broken. 5 colorless mana for a Control Magic, then when the creature dies you just tap to replace it? Or pay 1 to get a 2nd copy, then put a -1/-1 counter on each of them. Overpowered.

bobbytg - Oil Cauldron
Yay, fading! Not only does the oil diminish every time you tap the cauldron, it empties over time as well. Let's analyze the balance: at best, you smack a creature for 6, then 5(or 4 after upkeep), then 3, then 1. That's pretty strong, though obviously situational. As a rare, I think 5 is a fair cost, though for the sake of Limited play I wouldn't argue with someone who wanted it to cost more.

derflippi - Spore Witch
Simple and elegant. That's pretty good. Reminds me of Harbinger of Night, although your card and its activated ability are a better fit for "weakens as you /use/ it".

Livermush - Temporal Aberration
Grows weaker with use? Check. But you've done one thing I was hoping to see that no one else managed to do. And that is a reverse-Kindle. Not only does the individual card weaken over time, but each subsequent copy of the card is weaker than the previous one. For that reason, I have to award you the win.

Winner - Livermush
Runners-up - Dr_Moo and bobbytg
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