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Create a Card #264 Judged

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Joined: 08 May 2011
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Is a week really too long? My bad then sir....

Guess I have to hurry with judgment then Sad

Strid3r - Soul Halls

While I think you had a good idea and ok-ish execution on it, this card could end in ridiculous games. Your safety net is appreciated. Discard Elesh to cast karmic guide reanimating that same praetor. That is just what my limited mind could come up in this forced hurry.
This might sound like your card is overpowered, which it isn't.
It just looks weird due to its limitation and threads dangerous grounds of free spells. Which has NEVER gone wrong before.

sc4rs - Yawgmoth's Vision

As soon as I saw this card, there was this excitement if someone manages to beat it. Let's face it. A life for a draw is too good. A life for a scry? That seems almost perfect. Excessive use of this card will end badly for the user. Perfect again. Due to scry ONE it can't really be abused for extensive stacking. Great. The only potential busted thing is, that you can dig for a specific card once for a high amount of life in some sort of combo. But since Spoils of the Vault is ruining every format right now, I guess we are safe.
There is one big critique though. Your card feels more like a setup tool for a deck concept rather than the concept itself.

Stucco - Might of Golgari

First yes this IS an engine card. It nails the challenge.
But then you have to wonder. Is this really a golgari card?
Thanks for it costing 5 mana there should be no really bonkers shenanigans happening. The opposite seems to be the case, this card can backfire tremendously. There are decks, that use up their resources quite fast and would love to draw cards when they played out their entire hand. Be it only 2 for a Hellspark Elemental.
The same is true for your own deck. This enchantment does the most with an empty hand, which is easier to achieve with cheaper spells, which in return lessen the effect of your card. Granted golgari doesn't mind too much having to discard stuff. But as a reanimation enabler it is too expensive imho.

Selkie - Demonic Confidant

Sadly I can't come up with a much better wording. But 4 life loss for a land? That hurts too much as if this could see play. It doesn't matter that you gain a life for a Child of Alara. Also it is just a draw engine for a multicolored deck. Drawing cards is almost always desired by a deck. And multicolored is hardly a deck concept that you take on because of this creature.

massOass - Harbinger of the Abyss

Turn 1 7/7 anyone? Oh yes I have to mill 3. In the right deck it is actually pretty easy to hit three different card types.
Hopelessly broken. F

iSperia - Sudden Trouble

A sweet take on the free counterspell, if its best use would have been just that. Instead you have [random free spell] into this as a zero mana discard a card demonic tutor.
Two hopelessly broken cards in a row, that hasn't happened in a while.

ShamedShadow - Minds Ablaze

Why did it have to have the looting? This thing draws cards for empty hands, which I presume wasn't intentional. This design could have been so much nicer cleaner and therefore better if it just dealt the damage. I would also enjoy the coincidence of it not harming an empty mind a lot more, if that useless baggage would be cut.
As a centerpiece of a deck concept I can't really imagine it. Due to the random part it is hard to abuse. You could work with discard thought, so I won't go as far and say you failed the challenge.
The card with the above mentioned modification is a great design. If it belongs in this contest I am not convinced.

thelemys - Bitter Path

Yeah sc4rs there are always contenders. I'd modify the wording to "Each player can cast only spells with converted mana cost of the value he or she chose." But that is minor cosmetics to be sure the card doesn't prevent spells from ever being cast if both players chose different values. This is the sweet minimalism that leads to so many great designs. Finding this sweet spot is difficult, that I freely admit, but you can come close to it, by just cutting what your card doesn't need.
Thankfully you made it legendary. Also the fact that each player decides for his or her own spells, prevents it from being too OPpressive. They can name even, when they know their out is naturalize, or odd, when they only have cmc1 burn in hand. You on the other hand can build around your deck having only cmcs of the same value. Sweet.

AxiomBlurr - Terracytosis Nexus

What a mouth full.
Repetitive land destruction.... yeah...... While I am an advocate of Stone Rain in standard, I also preach to not overdo it. Wizards have valid reasons for making land destruction as bad as it currently is. I am certain they do hold back too much, but your card cracks the limit. While the initial cost is steep, the ongoing one is cheap as hell. A mere high land count can lock people with a low count out of the game. With one card. Every land in your deck is a stone rain then. With lower cost. Sure it isn't targeted.
At least assuming LD would be totally fine, your card is a good deck centerpiece design. But well, while I can't say this card is hopelessly broken contender number three, it just barely misses the F

Raybelfast - Lure of Greed

It is hard to get my head around this. Looks sweet with doran. Looks weird with stuff that enters with counters but has power 2- on the stack. Maybe someone can come up with something stupid/awesome/powerful/funny. Triskelion? Arcbound Overseer? Naya Soulbeast! I don't know.
Hydras don't work except the kalonian, which is rather nice free 2/2 that attacks as a 6/6...
All the clockwork stuff. There is just too much out there too easy to find while I write this. Who knows what other busted stuff is out there. Sooner or later someone will find out.
This card idea is sweet. The execution is not that bad, but still if build correctly, this deck could do serious harm.

compucrazy - Sanctified Cathedral

Does sound like a land.
Why does a green card grant flying. While I get, that it is done by the white part, what exactly does have green to do in this at all?
Lets assume it costs 2WW instead.
For that you get an elspeth emblem basically. that is undercosted. so let's look at the drawback.
I can only cast creature spells? Fine. with such an anthem I want creatures anyways. While token from stuff like lingering souls would be sweet to, regular creatures will do the trick. Especially if you focus on creatures, that emulate spells, like harmonic sliver or whatever, you won't notice the drawback at all. Oh and Cloudgoat Ranger says screw you Lingering Souls.
I can only cast one spell per turn. Ok now we are talking. This is actually a drawback. Or is it? 4 mana for a creature deck is rather much. Not expensive by any means, but for most decks this is not considered the first spell you want to cast.
Therefore you will have to see this as a permanent overrun. At least the deck that uses it as just that is very easy to construct. *Netdecks a random WW list*
Just drop 3-4 dudes out there, follow them with your card, profit. Who cares if you have 3+ flyer with 4+ power that you can only supply one additional each turn?
This is a cheap anthem with a too easy to break drawback. It doesn't help much, that you can't put a second one down.

derflippi - Relegation Demon

No undercosted beaters.

The winner is thelemys followed by sc4rs. If there is need for a third place I'd probably go with shamedshadow.

kind regards
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Joined: 18 Jan 2010
Posts: 295

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Karmic guide is not even legal in Modern. But yeah, you found a cool interaction.
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Joined: 24 Apr 2008
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeah, gg all!
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