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Ex-dtb Mono-Black Vamps: A.K.A. Team Edward

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Been a while since there's been a post on this topic... We've got two sets worth of new spells for Vampires to work with. Here is my current (Control-oriented) build, it's slightly skewed to make it a Mirran deck for the MBS GameDay:

// Lands
16 [ZEN] Swamp (3)
4 [WWK] Tectonic Edge
4 [ROE] Evolving Wilds

// Creatures
2 [ROE] Nirkana Revenant
4 [ZEN] Vampire Nighthawk
2 [ZEN] Malakir Bloodwitch
4 [ZEN] Gatekeeper of Malakir
2 [ZEN] Bloodghast

// Spells
3 [M11] Duress
1 [ZEN] Sorin Markov
4 [SOM] Grasp of Darkness
2 [SOM] Nim Deathmantle
4 [MBS] Go for the Throat
4 [M11] Doom Blade
2 [ZEN] Blade of the Bloodchief
2 [SOM] Memoricide

// Sideboard
SB: 1 [M11] Duress
SB: 2 [ROE] Consume the Meek
SB: 4 [M11] Reassembling Skeleton
SB: 4 [ROE] Bloodthrone Vampire
SB: 4 [ZEN] Vampire Hexmage

Most of my choices are obvious, I'll cover the weird things that I'm doing:

EVOLVING WILDS?! WTF YOU DOIN!? I don't own the fetchlands, this is a deck I actually own. :/ I personally don't like losing life off fetches, but it usually doesn't matter. It tends to be true that the Wilds actually don't slow the deck down enough for it to matter.

Only 2of Bloodghast?! As it's a deck for GameDay, I plan to see a good bit of Infect. Bloodghast is so poor against Infect, where I *really* need blockers, that he only goes to two. Also I only actually own two of them. >_>

2 Nirkana Revanants. Why? Because they win games singlehandedly if they go unanswered. When I get to 6 mana, instead of staring at all my unusued mana, instead I get to drop a Revanant on an empty board and inform my opponent that he's about to die.

Sorin Markov... Because I can. Own one, put him in, the only matchup where he's useless is vs Leyline of Sanctity decks, so he's stayed in consistently. I can usually kill opponents with his ultimate. Much the same reason as the Revanants, he's a game-ender in and of himself.

2of Malakir Bloodwitch. As others have pointed out, Bloodwitch does not win games by herself, except against White decks, where they are forced to DoJ just to kill her. Play her and sit back on your hand. Seeing her more than once is generally a sad thing, however. I did own more once upon a time, and traded two away when I found that 2of worked better.

12 removal spells, 16 counting the gatekeepers. I'm running a LOT of removal. That's why this is more a Control version than Aggro. I win by virtue of my opponent's empty board.

2of Memoricide; Helps make it a Mirran deck, but only 2 because I only want to see it once. There are two kinds of decks: Decks that Memoricide dismantles utterly (any combo deck) and decks that care not a lick for it. (Kuldotha Red, most control decks). It's Helpful against some Control (naming Jace, TMS is great; Killing $200 worth of card with a $10 makes my wallet sing.)

2 Nim Deathmantle: Eh. Makes it Mirran. It's *surprisingly* good if you get Revanant out with it. Since all my cards have DoJ Me written on them, having a way to dodge a DoJ, and come back stronger, is worth the slot... For now, at least. In testing I've noticed that it tends to slow me down more than it's worth, further testing is needed to determine whether it can stay.

2 Blade of the Bloodchief: Drawing more than one is usually not useful. Also I only own 2. It's such a broken card. I've made a 14/13 Bloodghast vs Valakut, just to get it out of burn range. With 16 removal spells, all of my spells suddenly say 'Kill target creature, and give one of yours permanent +2/+2'. Too good not to use.

Tectonic Edges: Because Valakut is one of the few decks that breaks me hard. It's about 50/50, based on whether I keep a Nighthawk/Blade on the field. Memoricides and Duress were not enough.

Sideboard time!
Hexmages for planeswalkers. Just way too good against them to not have them in the sideboard. Consume the Meek against aggro or weenie decks. It's difficult as Marsh Casualties might be better, but I find the Instant speed of Consume to be worth killing most of my own creatures. I have a Bloodthrone/Skeleton package in the sideboard, surprisingly enough, for the Control matchup. If I resolve a revanant, it's now GG in about three different ways. It gets even more ridiculous if I have a Blade on the field with the Bloodthrone/Skeletons.

I possess another version of this deck that doesn't use the Skeletons at all, and doesn't mainboard quite as much removal. I may post that list as well, but it looks pretty similar. (IIRC, the Deathmantles were moved to sb and Consume to maindeck... There were other minor changes.)

I may run Black Sun's Zenith. Sign in Blood is also a possibility, but at the moment I'm rarely out of cards so it becomes unnecessary.
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