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white weenie post roe

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Merlknight wrote:
17 Actually. Also I've never lost a game due to land drop suckage. It curves out pretty well.

Math suggests that it is nowhere near curving out well.

17 lands (4 of which are fetchlands) and 3 borderposts for 20 mana sources. 9 cards and you have 3 sources on average. 2 in the opening hand, and the third in the next three turns. Then you have a 30% chance of drawing the fourth the next turn if one of those three previous lands was not Marsh Flats. If the opening hand is a combination of Emeria and a borderpost (5 cards total) you need to mull.

In addition, there is the Student of Warfare, a very mana intensive card, the Behemoth Sledge both mana intensive and needing one of either borderpost or Stoneforge Mystic to be played. Sigil of Distinction a mana intensive card. 8 Allies total is quite useless. The Blademasters are good on their own though. Emeria is useless in a deck needing almost half its lands (and thus nearly half its library on average) to activate it.

You see, although the above may not be a problem on its own, the notion of playing as few lands as possible is simply wrong! What you need to do is to play as MANY lands as possible! A fast deck like this needs to be able to play multiple spells a turn for like 7-8 turns max and afterwards it doesn't really matter what you do because the opponent, if they are playing a slower deck with more powerful cards, will win in most cases. That is why aggro decks play 23-24 lands and control decks 25+, and Jund 27-28! Missing a land drop is nearly a gameloss in this meta.

Borderposts are terrible, btw. Take them out and add at least 6 lands to your deck.
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