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New kind of RDW

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Joined: 17 May 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jools wrote:
Methinks now Reliquary Tower can be removed at all since there are no mines and simply because it's quite better to enforce the Mutavault count. So 4 Mutavault and it's quite good for starters ^^

Armillary Sphere...? Maybe two of them and you can think to put another Banefire maindeck. Your list has only one Banefire right now I'm writing. Why? Just adding more firepower in this deck it's not going all the way downsizing the winning percentage.

I'm thinking also about drawing percentage, obviously a serious problem when talking about monored decks. You say this deck is intended for some sort of control and sustained damage, and I really appreciate the whole design (played a couple o' times with real cards - but I haven't followed exactly your list & guidelines - repeated, I prefer to play for damage rush, massive firepower coming from the very first turns or surrender at all ^^), but honestly I'm quite sure that this deck need a whole different approach. Goblin Assault starts to become interesting at 4th/5th turn, personally I prefer to shot some other menaces. Manabarbs can be very useful but it's trimmed exactly to your chances to make the enemy going really low on lifepoints compared to you - but this cards it's really better for me against goblin assault for example. Chump blocking? When you're in need of chump blocking, and you play monored... I fear you're going to losing the game anyway. Lightning Bolt MUST be maximized, 4 copies are quite easy to draw than 3 and so the same for Flame Javelin which can be very dangerous in some key situation.

+2 Manabarbs, +1 Lightning Bolt, +1 Flame Javelin, -4 Goblin Assault
-1 Reliquary Tower, +1 Mutavault, -1 Armillary Sphere, +1 Banefire

Hey, you previous me as i have doed some work/test with the deck Smile I have readded all the shot i have leave (yeah javelin is for mistiq and spray for kitchens, otherwise they kick ur ass Smile).

Tower and one banefire was for the milldeck that you say, but after some testing (played vs... uh... 0 of them?) have leaved both. Banefire btw is good vs blue, but only as a finisher. Tapping all out for doing "some" damage is not nice unless you put it to 3 or near (better if you kill it). I can consider still running one, expecially with armillary you can get a good amount of mana... that otherwise go to help gargoyle castle. Tapping all mana prevent you from a ricochet use, is for that the banefire have to be huge for justify it's play. I can leave a goblin assault for a banefire.

I'm just indecided about mutavault/gargoyle atm... Maybe i can swap out a mountain and take both to 4.

Armillary is pretty good, removing lands from deck mean that if u don't need land u got less % of drawing them (going manaflood) or, if you need land... hey you take 2. I go to 4 of them and the deck work well.

For goblin assault vs manabarbs... Not sure about the barbs, they do a lot of damage to me too, and honestly i think it can help better an aggro deck instead of me. Expecially when i often have to tap 4 mana for casting a javelin. And going for 2 banefire is not good when you got manabarbs out.

@ DoomBring3r: yeah, bouncing back two permanets and drawing a card at one eot is pretty great. And ya, often they go for total tap. And think about Primal command... I lost one game (with previous configuration) because i haven't ricochet in hand when he cast primal command... and he cast it twice. Another game i pretty win the same turn i intercept one, gain 14 life (!) and looking my library for a phoenix.

EDIT: i can consider Rakka-mar instead of Goblin assault, even if it's 4cc (that go for a ricochet) and if he's removable... Goblin assault is removable too, but rakka offer a bit of more control to the pew-pew he generate... and they aren't so pew-pew Smile They are more baaam-booom Smile
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