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Bant for Regionals

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Joined: 10 Dec 2008
Posts: 14

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 1:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Snakefor+shorecrasher mimic=sick

you can do 18 trample damage on turn 3 with a god draw, but a 14 damage turn 3 is not very uncommon at all.

t1 land+noble
t2 land+shorecrasher(+3 more nobles with a god draw)
t3 rafiq(+another noble if you have your 18 damage god draw) and swing for 14 damage double strike and trample.
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Joined: 27 Feb 2008
Posts: 54

PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 12:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Finest Hour? Should I play that? Shocked
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Joined: 27 Feb 2008
Posts: 54

PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 3:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My revamped list

// Lands
4 [ALA] Seaside Citadel
2 [ALA] Plains (2)
2 [ALA] Forest (4)
2 [LRW] Vivid Meadow
2 [LRW] Vivid Creek
2 [LRW] Vivid Grove
2 [10E] Yavimaya Coast
2 [10E] Adarkar Wastes
4 [SHM] Wooded Bastion
1 [ALA] Island (1)

// Creatures
4 [CFX] Noble Hierarch
2 [LRW] Gaddock Teeg
4 [ALA] Rafiq of the Many
4 [ALA] Rhox War Monk
4 [ALA] Jhessian Infiltrator
2 [ARB] Knotvine Paladin
2 [ARB] Meddling Mage
3 [SHM] Kitchen Finks

// Spells
1 [10E] Loxodon Warhammer
4 [ALA] Bant Charm
2 [CFX] Path to Exile
3 [LRW] Broken Ambitions
1 [ARB] Behemoth Sledge
1 [ARB] Finest Hour

// Sideboard
SB: 2 [LRW] Gaddock Teeg
SB: 1 [ARB] Meddling Mage
SB: 4 [LRW] Burrenton Forge-Tender
SB: 2 [CFX] Scattershot Archer
SB: 2 [SHM] Runed Halo
SB: 1 [ARB] Dauntless Escort
SB: 2 [10E] Evacuation
SB: 1 [LRW] Spring Cleaning
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Joined: 20 Sep 2005
Posts: 362

PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 8:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You play alot of shitty dudes.

id cut the following cards:

4x infiltrator
2x Knotvine paladin
1x finest hour
3x Finks
1x Loxodon Warhammer(sledge is better... adding 2 toughness will protect you vs fallout on smaller dudes)

At least this way you wont get completely wrecked by Fallout. Knotvine is bad...I dont know what youve been playing against, but in most situations when he attacks alone, you do 0 combat damage and lose a turn.

i dont like playing vivid lands in an aggro deck..its counter productive, u already have 4 CIPT land that u have to play (seaside citadel). Instead play a few flooded groves (id cut 1 bastion) and some painlands. U only need a few basic lands in your deck, 1x of each is probally fine.

here are some cards u should add:

Cryptic Command
2/2 Exalted Disenchant Guy (either main or sideboard)
Negate (it has to at least be in the this spell protects your guys...cause attacking with just one dude is bad when u cant stop the removal...its also the best card vs WoG)
Remove Soul (mainboard or sideboard...)
3/3 Flying Angel for has 3 toughness! therefor its good and doesnt die to fallout. Also if u have counter backup (go go negate and command)..Id probally only play 2 of these main tho..
a 4th broken ambitions
Wrath of god in the sideboard (you said u cant beat play this..evacuation isnt that great cause it only stalls them..and in the case of cloudgoat ranger, doesnt even get rid of the tokens)
You seems to get owned by bitterblossom (unless u get a sledge...which u should probally up to 2)
Id play 4 Meddling mage maindeck...which means u should probally learn the problem cards in every matchup, even tho the first one has to name fallout vs every deck that plays it.
Id play teeg in the sideboard, but i dont face alot of 5cc around its really a metagame call.
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