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The Asylum Rant - Rant 9 - What type of Player are you?

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 6:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

mufl0n wrote:
Craze wrote:
Burton911 wrote:
Where are Tuga and more important SteveMcHowl Sad

I got PV and pG dude, those are far more famous players then Tuga and Silver.

even more famous than me?

Who are you? Lol.

What Type of Player is Bejeezus?

* What is your favorite mtg card and why?
Ball Lightning. Super-fast and very effecient damage, and it forces your opponent to make some really tough decisions.

* Think back to all the different metagames(changing formats) you've played in, what was your favorite deck to play? And why?
Mirage/Tempest Era, while I was probably the worst player in the world at the time(due to my young age), it had all the kewlest and most fun decks to play (Rec/Sur, Sligh, Forbiddian, Bloom, White Weenie, etc.).

* What is your favorite 2 and 3 color combination overall in magic? And why?
Red, Green, and White, I just love attacking with a swarm of little monsters and melting faces.

* What would you say your favorite deck strategy is?(burn, a type of control, combo like decks? Sligh? stall? etc) And why?
Aggro, just drop d00ds and keep hitting 'til they die. The simplest and most satisfying concept. I'm always trying to play the most aggressive deck in the format.

* Rate yourself as a player 1-10(10 being best), why do you think that?
I would say I used to be 5-6 area, but now it's definitely 2-3. Simply because I rarely play anymore, because I've lost a lot of interest in recent M:tG, it's not going in a direction I find fun and interesting. But I still love playing old formats Smile
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