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Death Race.....

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Joined: 04 Dec 2004
Posts: 758
Location: nj

PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

is this the thread in which we fight each other?
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Joined: 30 Jan 2005
Posts: 5676
Location: Indiana, U

PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

coolcreep wrote:
Craze wrote:
coolcreep wrote:
Craze wrote:
coolcreep wrote:
Craze wrote:

In conclusion you seemed to have made this thread to look smart and most of your opinions fell short of that purpose.

Pot, meet kettle.

except the pot is black and used for Stew, and the Kettle is stainless steel(silver) and used for tea.

to summarize: I actually did sound smart. You and him, however did not.

And you are so secure about it that you felt the need to make an entire post about it. Nice.

It is also worth pointing out that there is nothing that sounds quite as smart as describing something as "the most easiest". Pro gr4mmur h4x.

ah yes resorting to typos, are we? I guess thats not exactly surprising seeing how stupid most of your flames are.

That isn't a typo. a Typo is writing something like "litle" instead of "little" or "awesom" instead of "awesome". Also, I only pointed it out because you claimed your post "made you look smart" which is very ironic considering it was littered with grammatical errors.

A) a typo is when someone makes an error on spelling or grammar by accident. Which is what I did.

B) The post's intelligence was in saying "Hey your little review that you expect everyone to agree on was extremely stupid."
Now see you read these posts and start crying about how I might use their instead of they're or saying "the most easiest" but what you fail at understanding(and this is just 1 of out of many things you fail at) is this is the INTERNET. Someone making a few spelling/grammar errors is not really a big deal, Especially since the average person is doing like 10 things at one time while on the internet. For example: I'm typing this, listening to a podcast, reading a webcomic, and watching a movie all at the same time RIGHT now.
And with this understanding you reach my mindset as to not really care about small grammar or spelling errors as long as the overall point is understandable and intelligent.
Now I think we all know that you stoop to flaming grammar/spelling because your overall points toward the topic of the thread or post you are flaming are unintelligent and dull. So I really don't expect you to take any of this to heart. But I figure if I shove logic down your throat enough you might actually stop breathing total shit.
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Joined: 18 Feb 2006
Posts: 588

PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Craze wrote:

The post's intelligence was in saying "Hey your little review that you expect everyone to agree on was extremely stupid."

If irony and iron were related at all, the weight of this post would crush me. What happened to "if you don't like it, don't post." ? Not to mention that he never said anything so rediculous as "I am super intelligent and anyone who disagrees with me is stupid and just needs to be enlightened by my awesome logic!" at the end of his post, so he really didn't "expect everyone to agree" with him. While I am on the subject, saying "I am intelligent" and "you are unintelligent" over and over is a great way to show how secure you are in that belief. Frankly, I don't even think you are all that stupid. What gets me about you is that you are so utterly pretentious. You cannot go 5 minutes without saying something like "my post is intelligent" or "thats why I am so much smarter than you" or "I have to use my superior logical thinking skills to get through to you." You are the kind of person who smells his own socks. By the end of the day, socks have your most putrid and unsavoury sweat drenching them, but you are so into yourself that you go ahead and take a sniff anyways.
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Joined: 12 Dec 2004
Posts: 1796
Location: Right Here

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'd pay to watch a Twisted Metal movie, no matter how bad it can be. They just have to get the basics of the story down.
Cars destroy each other in a contest.
Sweet Tooth pwns nubs.
Gets his wish.
The end.
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