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zombie pod

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:16 am    Post subject: zombie pod Reply with quote

Just put this together tonight. Testing reassembling skeleton in zombie pod. its easily searched for off of a gravecrawler and once a pod is on the board for 3 or 4 mana its a 3 drop (geralfs messenger a turn even after board sweepers). this deck as posted is only 59 cards. I would love to have one more 3 drop to pod for off the skeleton. I could potentially play this deck in one of the rare ptqs on the island of oahu in 2 weeks so if the skeleton is just garbage after testing it will get cut. but for testing purposes what would be another good 3 drop to search for instead of messenger if the skeleton stays. if the skeleton were to be cut what would the best 2 cards to add be. I do like playing 2 highborn ghoul in my zombie decks but im always open to testing other options.I know bonfire isnt in most standard zombiepod builds but I just feel like i hardly ever dont want to draw the card so I like it in almost any red deck (could add another mountain for it though) Ideas????

// Lands
3 [ISD] Woodland Cemetery
12 [M12] Swamp (1)
4 [M12] Dragonskull Summit
4 [SOM] Blackcleave Cliffs

// Creatures
4 [DKA] Gravecrawler
4 [DKA] Geralf's Messenger
1 [AVA] Butcher Ghoul
2 [NPH] Phyrexian Metamorph
4 [AVA] Blood Artist
4 [ISD] Diregraf Ghoul
2 [DKA] Falkenrath Aristocrat
1 [ISD] Disciple of Griselbrand
1 [M12] Reassembling Skeleton
1 [AVA] Zealous Conscripts

// Spells
3 [NPH] Birthing Pod
2 [FNM] Go for the Throat
3 [DKA] Tragic Slip
2 [AVA] Bonfire of the Damned
2 [ISD] Brimstone Volley
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