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Triple ShadowMoor draft

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Joined: 05 Sep 2004
Posts: 1201

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:01 am    Post subject: Triple ShadowMoor draft Reply with quote

What is your favourite Archtype? What storys do you have? What undervalued cards are working great for you? What cards don't live up to the hype? Aggro or control? Play or draw?

What do you think?

Personally, I love UW. I always end up playing aggro when in UW. They have a lot of cheap creatures and good combat tricks.

Niveous Wisps is great in this archtype to force damage through. Somnomance and Medicine Runner are both common 2/1's for 1 which are great in any aggro deck. The wisps make sure they keep getting through while digging through your deck.

Silkbind faerie is an absolute bomb which I have first picked every chance I get.

Aethertow and Consign to dream also stall your opponent while getting your cheap jerks in the red zone.

Briarberry Cohort is great in this archtype, especially with some Zealous Guardians. I've also drafted the new Rune snag, which fits nicely in this archtype.

Every time I draft UW aggro I find my highest cc is 4 (usually the aethertow). This allows me to play 16 lands. The Niveous wisps are great for getting more gas in hand.

Steel of the Godhand is great with Early drops like the Zealous Guardian, Somnomancer, or that blind merfolk 2/2.

So, what do you think?
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Joined: 29 Apr 2007
Posts: 313

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You failed to mention whether or not this is a good strategy, Bottom line have you been winning with it.
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Joined: 12 Apr 2005
Posts: 1840

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

From what I've gathered so far the most sucessfull stratergy with shadowmoor is to go mono coloured utilising the hybrid cards with a small splash. Thats just from what ive read I wont actually get to play with any shadowmoor until it comes out on modo.
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Joined: 02 Sep 2004
Posts: 501

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think mono-red is viable if you get the right cards, but mostly they're uncommon, except for Burn Trail, which is the best common in the set.

Also, I realize now how good Elsewhere Flask is. It's mana-fixing, and it also sets you up for Jaws of Stone and Corrupt which can both be absolute blowouts.
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Joined: 23 Apr 2005
Posts: 219

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've found that Jaws of Stone and probably even the other cards like it are fine, even in a 2 color deck if you have no elsewhere flask. you still have enough of the right kind of land to make it do something.
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Joined: 20 Nov 2007
Posts: 68

PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dont underestimate the jaws/corrupt/elsewere flask as they are awsome together even if your not playing the colors. but yes mono color with hybrid splash, or two color is good.
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