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About rules of m-l...

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 4:12 am    Post subject: About rules of m-l... Reply with quote

I found the rules about the time out are unfair. in case of 1-1 and timeout the player who has the highest life wins,i case of draw the one who wons g1 wins. well thats shitty. that gives agro players and enormous advantage over control players. the agro player can stall all the time without mind, cuz he has total advantage, and without winning g1 too. imagine you are the agro one, loses the g1, and what? you can win slowly g2 (stalling a bit enough) and then how many time theres to play g3? 10 minutes or less aprox? well, u are the agro one, u can deal at least 10dmg in early turns (playing slowly) and ur opponent never would be able to win the game, no matter he has the total contro of the game and he probably would win, there's no time left, and he loises, why? why he has less life. obv he has less life!! it's a control deck with very few therats! this is just UNFAIR for control players and isnt good for a healthy meta because all players tend toplay agro deck (generally) because that. thats the reason we don't see dralnu in magic-league. i really rather prefer (and i think is more fair) to decide the match with a dice roll (no matter who wons g1) what guys u think about it? you are happy with these rules? obv if u are a agro player you would be, but me, as a control player, i am sick of this.
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