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Boros is Back! (sort of)

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Joined: 23 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 11:55 am    Post subject: Boros is Back! (sort of) Reply with quote

I have been testing white weenie and mono red with eagerness but there is no versitality to deal with other decks. I've been testing this version of Boros out the past couple of days and it's been fairing well against the top tier decks.

Main Deck:
4 Char
4 Lightning Helix
1 Magus of the Scroll
4 Jotun Grunt
4 Boros Swiftblade
1 Sulfur Elemental
3 Giant Solifuge
4 Keldon Marauders
4 Scorched Rusalka
2 Flagstones of Trokair
4 Battlefield Forge
4 Plains
4 Sacred Foundry
9 Mountain
2 Brute Force
4 Rift Bolt
2 Sudden Shock

2 Sulfur Elemental
4 Honorable Passage
3 Ronom Unicorn
3 Cryoclasm
3 Blood Moon

Boros will never die, and to encouarge other people to try my decklist out, I've included some of my matchups.

I've added Jotun Grunts to my list, because firstly they are amazing , and I don't know why more people don't play him. Amazing against dredge too. Sudden shocks are there to kill the counter decks when they have stabalized. and the blood moon in the sb are just overall good. I've tried magus of the moon, gets killed way too easily.

Here are my matchups so far:
Against dredge: 60:40 if they go first, 70:30 if you go first SB has nothing to add(maybe blood moon) because if they are playing the green version the greenseeker's and llanowar mentors will give them their dredge card and then a good game. if you go first you can get ready witht a first turn rift bolt, wait with a sudden shock, or kill the the creature with a lightning helix. You need to kill it, it slows them down a lot. Other than that, you can usually kill them pretty early with the Jotun Grunts. and scorched rusalka's kill bridge from below. But sometimes the way they can kill you if they dredge in a bogardan hellkite or akroma and just Dread Return it 4th turn with one in their hand. But other than that, it's a good matchup.

Against dstorm: 50/50 coin flip, still same deal. depends on if they have the hand to win and who goes first. After sb, it gets better because of cryoclasm and honorable passage, but once again the match is going to be either really tight or someone is going to be killed in the first 4-6 turns.

Against gruul: Jotun Grunts, Keldon Mauraders, and Lightning Helix are the stars here, and also Honorable Passage in the sideboard. This is an excellent matchup, not as good as dredge, but still good.
you have to be careful of call of the herd, it's a damn good card agaisn the aggro vs. aggro matchup and it will piss you off.

Against dralnu: 50/50 pre-board. You only have 1 sulfur elemental. they have the counters, damnnation, and maybe desert. But it's still a 50/50 matchup because you can just get the explosive hands, giant solifuge kills them, and jotun grunt kills their flashbackers and rune snag if they run them. post board get better because cryoclasm, sulfur elemental and blood moon. Good matchup.

Against izzetron: the horrible matchup. They have the electrolyze, the repeals, the mana leaks, and the sulfur elementals. This matchups is pretty bad. But thankfully, out of the 5 decks here, it's the only bad one. Blood moon helps a little, but they have signets, so yeah.

So there. "Boros" is still here. It may not be tier 1 anymore, but it has a good outlook on the tier 1 decks. Please try it and give me suggestions. I'm looking to take this to my fnm soon, and I'll post some comments. Let's bring Boros back.
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