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Kaladesh Draft League 1

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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:28 pm    Post subject: Kaladesh Draft League 1 Reply with quote

Back with a kaladesh draft

The draft:-

Round 1 ur energy 2-0

Round 2 ugr energy 2-1

round 3 ugr energy 0-2

Hope you enjoy feedback appreciated.
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Joined: 06 Sep 2015
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

P1 - I think it's Freighter. Note the three red cards - two gold and Gremlins. You don't want to be the 4th red drafter if none of these table.

P2 - I'm on Seedsculptor, though Familiar, Mechanic and Die Young are all viable. I think it's risky to take two vehicles right away. Note the 5 playable W (and WG) cards.

P3 - Attune the Aether narrowly over the Tiger.

P4 - Fabrication Module over the Prism. Close pick. Noting the Timing that white may be a little open.

P5 - Brawler could be an exploratory pick, though Timing and Pillar Bug are tempting. I think you go Timing as it seems white is more open.

P6 - Built to Smash or Eddy Hawk. Lean toward the Hawk.

P7 - Mechanic here, over the Artisan.

P8 - Tough pick between Genius and Ibex. I'm on Ibex because I don't think the great red in pack 1 will table.

P9 - Courage is good, but there may be matchups where Authority is good (Fabricate/Vehicles). Probably worth trying the rare, not sure on this one.

P10 - Between the "signpost" Might here, but Pressure Point and Giant are here late too. At this point I have only have 2 green cards, so am considering Pressure Point and Giant. I'd go P.P. here.

P11 - Reunion is underrated. It's a better signal to go with the 0/4 here if you're in the WG. But AM thinking WR.

P12 - I think Spark over Courage even in RG. I'd go Courage for WG. But I'm on spark here.

P13 - Rare draft Lost Legacy here. Ship the Blue to lock the sucker in.

P14 - Take the land over the blue card - signal the sucker to your left into Blue. It's a league, so you likely won't play the person.

Pack 2 (it's not really relevant my thoughts, as I'm differing on the above picks).

P1 - not sold on Marvel here, but I think you have to go for the higher variance, though the Sky Skiff is tempting. Noting strong blue cards here.

P2 - going Mechanic here to bounce/replay an energy creature. Skiff is very tempting though.

P3 - Tough pick - Tiger seems tempting, but the green seems cold. Considering Barge and Mechanic here.

P4 - Coup is insane. Herald is ok with blink stuff, but you have to go Coup. Crazy the person to the left is not in Blue. Maybe you should've shipped the Blue harder. I think you shift to White Blue here. Clear Blue is open to both sides.

P5 - Hawk over Maneuver, though it's really close.

P6 - Harrier, I think you get off the green

P7 - Wind Drake.

The drafts are tricky/tough in this format, and seems you built the deck properly. Just can't believe some of the drafters passing Coup and stuff, even after you shipped them strong blue signals Smile
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi yeah I was shocked by that coup coming so late. I really like green decks in this format as its so easy to splash and even if the energy deck is not open you can normally come up with a multi colour connoction like i did.

Also I dislike timing, as people are big on combat tricks in this format, so it can lead to you getting blown out to much of the time.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2015
Posts: 270

PostPosted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 5:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ok. I thought about this greenbear. lmk if you like this system.

Pack 1 pick 1 Your pick: Regengade Frighter . I think the best pick is "Murderbolt" the white rare is nice but I could not 1st pick it while unlicensed is very good removal if you got the artifacts to support it. So far I have yet to be impressed with any non rare/mythic vehicle, so I cannot first pick any of them.

Pack 1 pick 2 Your pick: Dragsteer . I really like filgree familiar here as it fits into every deck. Aviry mechanic is an honorable mention.

pack 1 pick 3 your pick: Attune to aether. TBH I would slam Sabotage here and not even look at anything else. note to what you said, I disagree I think appetite should not be main deck in this format. there are plenty of targets but its such a bad removal. Fragmentilize is much better.

pack 1 pick 5 your pick: Volcanic Brawler . Since I am in r/b I would grab that black puzzleknot here.

pack 1 pick 7 your pick: 0/3 green fabricator . I would take the live fast as I am a different deck than you. from this point I will assume I am you now, as those were all the packs (during ur 1st spin)

pack 1 pick 9 Your pick: Red knot. The greenknot here is an Easy pick in my book. you need the E and it helps you get it. Kinda shocked you took the red one over it TBH

pack 1 pick 10 Your pick: wayward giant. I would take the gremlin here as a good sideboard option.

Pack 2 pick 1 your pick: marvel. my pick would be the same regardless of worth. I have played marvel already in draft and with E its just busted.

pack 2 pick 2 Your pick. appetite for unnatural. I would grab up the 2/1 EEE maker from green to help with our E count. This would not have been a contest IMHO. i assumed you would take courier because its an ok red rare, but the sage is so much better for the EEE deck which is what you are looking like.

pack 2 pick 3 your pick: E tiger (I forget name) . I would take yet another sage. the triple E she gives will greatly help your E count.

Pack 2 pick 4 your pick: Die young . I would take Coup here, and attempt to splash it as I think its worth the splash and would be Awesome if played off marvel during combat.

pack 2 pick 5 Your pick: Lawless broker .um ok ill take glimmer here also. still in the splash and worth it we got 1 attune, so we need maybe 2-3 more ways to make the blue mana.

Pack 2 pick 7 your pick: Hazardous conditions .I would take the blue puzzleknot here it helps with our splashes wth the scry and it helps with the EE count.

pack 2 pick 11 your pick: live fast. I think hijack is slightly better pick here. for strictly sideboard purposes.

During this time you took marvelworks out of your deck and I think you should have focused on it the second you saw it. The raw power of playing things during their turn is just OP.

pack 3 pick 1 your pick : Not thragtusk guy. the 5/4 gain 5 life dude. .WOW all the EEEE. pummel kitty would be my pick and I am surely E. deck now. With this pick in mine I am looking for a built to smash much higher now.

pack 3 pick 2 your pick: sage chick (I understand we agree in picks here).I would take the 3rd sage and run her. (no more after this as 3 is the limit. Also at this point I may reevaluate my splash, I may be a U/g E drck splashing red. Either way I am Temur Energy. (also at this point I wonder about my true start with the b/r stuff and i think I would have ended up as a Jund EEEE deck. probably green black splashing red.) (**written after draft: TBperfectly Honest here i know what I would be i would be Temur E with murderbolt also as a Second splash. with double prsim and marvel and hub to cast it i would Jam it in there)

pack 3 pick 3 your pick: Hub . Aether hub is a Slam down. This confirms both the glimmer and the coup as splashes and in the deck.

pack 3 pick 4 your pick: big wurm. Here I would take the workshop assistant, he may not be strong but we got plenty of good artifacts to get back, from puzzleknots to marvel, to pummler to filigree. (also I thought you would grab the speedway fanatic for your vehicles)

Pack 3 pick 5 your pick: artifact guy that can get menace (I really have no clue his name) . another pummel kitty.. at this point I am Exstatic about my deck as its insanely fun and looks VERY good. You seem to only like pummel kitty wth pump spells I admit those help but I think the kitty can be good on its own.

pack 3 pick 6 your pick: peema outrider .Built to smash here is perfect for those kittys.

pack 3 pick 7 your pick: You ran out of time and got something random. Prism would be my pick here just to be sure I got enough splash resources.

pack 3 pick 8 your pick: white hawk (whitecrow, lol).This would be my 4th sage... I would not run the 4th though.

pack 3 pick 9 your pick: Black 6 drop guy who is Higly unpayable (no idea his name as I'll never play him) .(i would count my red and my blue here and decide who is the splash if red is the splash then I take the 1/3 E guy if blue is the splash then i take the blue puzzleknot. Somewhere in this draft I think I would have just confirmed myself as u/g E deck with a small red splash. )

No offense meant but I did not check out your final deck as I have no idea what you could build with what you took, you seemed to be r/g/b/w. I think you have to focus more as you seemed all over the place during the draft.

I think my Final deck would lack 3-4 drop creatures but it would be so chalked full of powerhouse cards that it would not care. it would be 4 colors and just all around good stuff from all the colors, murderbolt/sabotage, pummel kittys, marvel, coup, and enough EEE and artifacts to hold it together.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I said you do not want more than one apetite main deck. Not its not main deck able.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2015
Posts: 270

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I know what you said, I disagreed, i think 1 is too many for main deck.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah I misread, what you put. You certainly do want one main deck I think. Anyhow than ks for the feedback its interesting to see how different people do things.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2015
Posts: 270

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You failed though to answer my question. Do you like this method better as i am noting your picks before my comments? I had a match the other day against a player who was blue green and he had the following card in his draft deck: nissa, smuggler's copter, skyship sovereign, Energy leviathan, mana rock vehicle. I was u/r energy deck with panharm, and inventor's fair. and I had the choice of sideboarding after he smoked me game 1 showing me all the above except the leviathan. I sided in a hijack. but not the gremlin or the demolish that I had in my pool. I think both cards are too weak for what they do. If I had consistent access to white mana I would have brought in my fragmentizes. I beat him game 2. and game 3 i had to use the hijack on my own creature to untap it from his malfunction and came very close to beating him again.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes much better.
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