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Eldritch moon 8-4 draft 2

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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:00 am    Post subject: Eldritch moon 8-4 draft 2 Reply with quote

Back with another eldritch moon draft, rating now sitting at 1822, down turn in results as pros have now taught everyone the correct way to draft the format.

The draft :-

The deck

1 Borrowed malevolence
1 Crop sigil
1 Gnarlwood Dryad
1 Explosive apparatus
1 Heir to falkenrath
1 Olivia's dragoons
1 Grapple with the past
1 Unvenwald Captive
1 Field Creeper
1 Boon of emrakul
2 Crow of Dark Tidings
1 Kindly Stranger
1 Lillanas elite
1 Succumb to Temptation
1 Bloodbriar
2 Gavony Unhallowed
2 Backwood Survalist
1 Twins of the mauler estate
1 Ishkanah, grafwidow
1 Morkrut Necropede

8 Forests
9 Swamps

Relevant sb

1 borrowed malevolance
1 bitting rain
1 gnarlwood dryad

Round 1 2-1 (GWb humans with herons grace, tight games i manage to stabilize game 3 and my superior late game closes things out.)

Round 2-1 mono red aggro (game 1 i survive the initial onslaught and my big guys take the game, game 2 he steals my necropede with a malevolent whispers ftw, game 3 biting rain gets me a 3 for 1 still tight as he has a howlpack alphas, however once again delirium gave me to many big guys and i win a tight game.)

Round 3 UGr 2-0 emerge (splashing for lightning axe and burn from with in i start fatser my guys are just as big and grafwidow gives me an end game trump that proves decisive.)

Hope you enjoy:) feedback appreciated.
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Joined: 06 Sep 2015
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Comments on the first eight picks:

1) Ishkanah makes sense. I think it fits into several archetypes - GW, GU, GB, maybe not GR.

2) I don't follow why having Ishkanah makes you want the Fragment. It it to ramp to 5 mana on turn 4? Likely you will not have Delirium at that point. Fragment seems best in an aggro deck, where Ishkanah is more controlling. I'm taking Sigardan Priest here.

3) I'm going for the 2nd Priest here. I think it's fine in all the archetypes, both aggressively and defensively.

4) Tough pick here. Between Grapple, Scourge, Dawn Gryff and Cultist. I'm taking Gryff, though I can see a case for Scourge to stay open. Noting the Cultist as Blue might be open, and the Slayer for white.

5) Sanctifier of Souls looks better than it plays, which is why it's so late. You need fodder in graveyard and most of times it's a 3/4 best case. I think Courageous Outrider is better in most cases. I'm looking at the Guardian as well, but I think I'm going Skaab here. I've seen two chilling grasps, so Blue looks open, and Skaab seems like a faster Souls.

6) Spontaneous Mutation looks great here. Can get a Lab Brute later to help fuel it, but often it helps win a combat and works well with Skaab.

7) Advanced Stitchwing here. Blue looks open.

Cool Borrowed Grace, though Swift Spinner could be tempting to hedge to UG backup.

9) Cathar and Grace tabled from opening pack (the two white cards). White looks open. I'm taking the Steadfast Cathar here.

Looking at pack 3, both white and blue looked open. I think your deck was good and had good high end, but seemed to have some weaker cards. Again, your play skill came through to win the draft Smile Nice job. Please post your sealed pool if you can Smile
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi ishkah makes me want the fragment for several reasons, if i'm not gb it allows me use its ability still, the abilitys of the fragment complement ishkah ability to drain people out faster and its a good card anyway.

I agree blue was open that stitch wing and the chilling grasps were late, but i felt black was also open. The boon was late and also the midnight scavenger i did not take and kindly stranger, is not a card black drafters pass often. The crow wheeling in the third pack supports, this.

As always red was not open, I'm not 100% sure green was open, but if the person next to me was in green, he was in rg werewolves, so i was still able to make a delirium deck, as we wanted different cards. GB Delirium as a strategy was certainly open, even if green was not. I had to play a few weak cards see field creeper to ensure i could consistently enable delirium, it was worth its weigh in gold in the rounds, mostly from the graveyard.

I dislike gw quite a bit, i find i never have the mana to spare to make use of priests, so i choose to avoid them based on my experience with them.

I've found sanctifer to be strong, I remember vividly losing the final of an 8-4 in which sanctifer dominated the games.

Once again thanks for the interesting feedback.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2015
Posts: 270

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 2:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You probably do not want my post but that is not an option.First and foremost your sound is slightly better. before you kept beeping in and out. now you seem to be consistent.

Pack 1, pick 1 : fully agree.
, pick 2: agree mainly because it allows us to be Green / anything and have the black mana for Ishkah.
, pick 4 we finally go against each other i think the scourge is better here as I do not see us wanting grapple that badly.
, pick 5 we are back on page as sanctifier is amazing.
, pick 6 i understand you dislike g/w but not sure why you would go with black.. i would have considered the spontaneous mutation or the curious guy (maybe zoom in more so people can see better?)
, pick 7 agree again, but I would still play sanctifier he is a very easy splash and worth it.
Boon is very strong in delirium decks as it's a good enchantment to put in yard. Let the scavenger go, sanctifier was the pick as it was a better card.
we agree for a few more picks, then you took a 2/3 guy with a horrid ability. I understand he is on color but he is not making our cut so I would hate one of the other cards.
Pack 2, pick 1 Tree is easily our pick. Not sure how you took a 4/3 5/4 at best that gets train wrecked by the tree over the tree. Tree is a huge roadblock to most decks, and it's on color.
, pick 2 i think terrarion is slightly better here but bloodbrair is fine.
, pick 3 dragoon is strong, but not really for us, I rather one of the hounds as they care about Delirium more and thats our deck.
, pick 4 did you not see the evolution??? i would have slammed that down easily. pick up a couple of decent 3 drops in soi the 3/2 that makes a clue on death comes to mind and evolution him into our spider. Seems busted. If not evolution, then i would take cemetery recruit because with grapple milling out good dudes away it would help to get them back. Also, I am Still playing the white guy since I have terrarioin and the fragment.
pick 6 the 3/2 viglance over sigil as sigil does nothing.
pick 9 blood brair or terrarion over malevolence here, you rarely want 2 malevolences where as the otehr cards are fine in 2xs of
pick 10 do you not like wolfkin bond? just asking its an ok pickup
pick 11... really?? a 2/1 over a 3/2? i do not understand this at all. you had better shots at arifacts but decided not to take them. would not run the 2/1.
Pack 3, pick 1 sucks on the open but I would really rather pick watcher over crow even though i think we may need crow i just do not think this deck wants him. (you have no graveyard bring back dudes at all) you basically milling only for delirium.
, pick 2... um i have no words for this...guy is horrid as he hurts us just to swing. much rather take the compulsion.
, pick 5 it's heir hands down no contest.
, pick 6 the 0/4 guy seems much better than a blue card we are not playing.
, pick 7 might beyond reason here seems fine.
, pick 8 5/3 seems slighly better we do not have many humans
, pick 9.. are you hating blue? I would hate red mainly because it was so strong through the whole draft. but thats personally up to you.
That second crow would not be decked unless we intend to be 44+ cards as all that self mill is painful. I can understand running 1 but no more since we have grapple also milling us. we do not have a ton thankfully. Thing to note I would have had 1-2 Terrarions so the Sanctifier would have been auto include with the fragment, and then maybe I could see the second crow to give him food to make dudes with but I probably only need 1 crow. I would for sure run 41, maybe 42 cards in this deck as running the white guy i will run a lil more self mill to keep him flowing.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't hate your post's. We just disagree a lot, that's fine I'm not 10.
Also I respect your opinion and the fact you take the time to give it I'd rather that than a post with no replies. I like discussing magic i guess you do to, even though a lot of your arguments do not convince me.

Discussing magic can help improve everybody's game, I really do not understand your dislike of mill effects, crow was key to the deck, I don't think you listen to other people's opinions and points enough and are to set in your ways is my only quibble with you. Everything is black and white with you when there are many grey areas in drafting and in life, statements like sigil does nothing are what frustrate me, that is just so wrong.

I really wish i had record the game's so people could see how key the delirium was to the victory. This deck is not winning many games with out delirium, with it, it is. The crows, grapple, sigil which is really strong in delirium and a card you are looking for, all contributed to the victory. It was about getting the right balance of enabling effects and pay off delirium spells. It's quite hard to get delirium to be good in eldritch we manged it here.

The reasoning behind most our disagreements appears to be, you do not like a lot of the delirium enablers i find them to be key, to the archtype. This deck is so much better when we have delerium. I will address the picks, that do not come down to this.

pack 2 pick 1 I'm not sure how good tree is, I don't see how a massive road block is great, its not killing anything that's for sure.

pack 2 pick 2, I think you could be right that the pick is terrarion, as its a good delirium enabler which helps me splash, if i pick up something awesome later on, we do already have the fragment after all.

pack 2 pick 4 I think evolution could be good if we had more targets and better creatures to sacrifice but as it is, I do not feel it does enough here. Though it would give me a sorcery.

pack 2 pick 9 Once again mainly as a delerium enabler i think this has merit, i think between these picks it it correct to take 1 terraion and 1 bloodbriar. malovelance is strong vs uw fliers though which can cause problems for gb.

pack 2 pick 10, no I've never played it, now imagine if i just dismissed this card as terrible and unplayable and I would drop before I play it. What would you think to that? I've never found a deck where I've wanted to play it.

pack 3 pick 9 We have multiple big creatures so, sleep paralaysis is strong vs us, i was hating the card that was best against me.

I never run more than the minimum amount of cards.
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Joined: 14 Aug 2015
Posts: 270

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 5:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In my eyes sigil does nothing as it just sits there until you get Delirium, now if it helped I would be ok maybe. Wolfkin bond is ok, its kinda like the white version, knightly valor. I myself have never played it either as I avoid green like a plague mainly because I do RL drafts and green has the most double-faced cards.

About going over in a deck. I have noticed in Emn/emn/Soi that I tend to go to 41, being 24 playables and 17 lands, Not sure how or why it started I just noticed it as a trend as I would have a ton and a half of draw power and utility that I could support the extra playable card. Now the mill deck I ran the other day was 42 mainly because I had so much mill. I find mill effects to be very bad luck as they cost you more than help you. Now in some decks you do not care about it as you desperately need cards in yard and you could care less about what you lose, thats fine but in limited, I find it's harder to make those kinds of decks. Personally, if you said that Wolfkin bond did absolutely nothing I would not be offended at all. I would assume you tested and found the card utterly awful and that's fine. you have a right to feel that way about the card. I am not shocked that Delirium was key to victory but you could have had some different picks and I feel they would have made the job easier. This is one of the reasons I value terrario0n slightly high as I prefer to always have 1.

I am very set in my way mainly because it works. I have won many drafts with my results. I am not against other people's methods I just tell them how I feel about the method, I think its crap. If it works for them then, by all means, keep doing it. If running 4 wailing ghouls in your limited deck got you a victory no matter how horrible I think the card is feel free to run them all day.

I love Delirium I just refuse to use the "bad" enablers as I can get Delirium fine without having to reduce my overall card quality
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you do not see how like with so much of what you say, you completely contradict yourself my mind is blown.
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