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Eldritch Moon Drafting guide The rest.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:38 am    Post subject: Eldritch Moon Drafting guide The rest. Reply with quote

Welcome to my 1st attempt at this.

I feel that Since this is the first time I am doing something like this I should give a little background on who I am. I am Mike Lints. I have been playing magic since Mirage. I started being serious about my play Around Odyssey block. I only Play Limited Seriously. I dabble in standard. I play edh mostly for fun and Casual. I consider myself a decent to Tier drafter. I have done 20+ drafts of EMN/EMN/SOI already and done fairly well in each. After the Prerelease I'll be doing more drafts weekly with my group. I may seem very narrow in my thoughts but this because I only Focus on drafting. I will be Doing this Very Similar to LSV.

Links to other colors

My Rating System is best of 5. I'll include where in the pack I would look to draft said card and how I feel about the power level of each card. I mostly Still use the BREAK system of drafting.
Bombs: these are amazing and you Slam these down no regrets
Removal: self-explained. Kill things
Evasion: strong flyers, menace. Hard to deal with
Acceptable: I'll play it... but I want to upgrade.
KRAP: Refuse to play. I will scoop before I play.

Without Further Delay Lets dive in shall we,


I would look for this early if I am in both red and black, or mid-oack if I am only in one. A 4/4 for 4 is fine. this does not fly even though many people may think so. The hellbent at times may be hard to set up but that's just gravy in my book.

I would look for this mid-pack. this will not save you from being killed. so drawing this late game without a board is very problematic. That said when you are ahead this will stick the extra nails into the coffin.

2.5 in a Zombie deck 3.5
I would look for this early but mainly only to be zombie. this is a build around me. Without a ton of zombies this is just a 4/4 for 4 that milled you 4 cards. If you can be a dedicated undead zombie deck than this can help as you get to recast people once per turn and your creatures are hard to get rid of. After you get this you need some good Zombies, luckily you are in the perfect colors.

I would look for this guy early. I like this guy. his ability and his stats match very well with his colors. Not only is his ability a graveyard filler, but you get to keep the cards you like. That is self-mill that even I can get behind.

I would look for this very early. This guy has a high rating because he deserves it. a 3/3 for 4 is not too amazing but you throw in lifelink and i am leaning towards you. Then you throw in flash and I am sold as I love ambushing my opponent's creatures with a surprise blocker. But, wait there is more text here. All my other humans get a buff. YES please, this will swing combats back in your favor all day. Please grace my decks with your presence.

I would look for this mid-pack. this is over costed. 4 mana for a 1/3 flyer is not a good rate even if it does have the ability to swing at 4/4 if I play an instant or sorcery before hand. If this was non-creature I would be more sold. I like the u/r spells matter deck and I will play this guy but I understand there are times when this guy just does not work well.

I would look for this mid-pack. You do not cast this without delirium. you just don't. His power is in his ability to make weenies unable to block for 1 turn. The bad part is there are not many weenies running around Innistraid these days. unless the board is perfect this guy will not help you get through enough damage as he does not effect enough.

I would look for this mid-pack once I know I am r/w. Welcome back. We needed this for red/white to be a force in limited. I would grab these and use them often if red and white are my plans. not only does this get through anything. it also blanks any pump they used. you can wait until they pump their guy to kill yours to play this and ram down that creature without problem.

I would look for this in the first 3 picks and only there, It will not be anywhere else. This effect is very powerful, not only do you counter their spell but you put a 2/3 blocker in the way. The reason this does not get a 5 is because if they kill this which being a 2/3 is not hard they get the spell back at that moment so they could use this ability against you by killing this mid-combat and shocking you with a new blocker. Be warned.

I would only look for this early. Let me start this by saying I dislike this card 100% I down right hate it because personally, I think she sucks. On an empty board, I am 100% correct as she will do nothing at all. most of the time though you will not cast this to an empty board. Her 1st ability give you card advantage for attacking OR it can make your opponent not want to attack for fear of giving you card advantage. Her second ability clears a path for your creatures to smack them around. Her last ability if by some miracle you have plus-ed her enough to use it. is absolutely useless. I am sorry but removing 7 counters just to draw 3 cards is worthless. I know she allows me to now cast all my spells for free.. At this point in the game If i cannot cast the things I need to win, then how did I get her to 7 counters? This is 100% win more. At this time in the game, they are either dead or you are toying with them. Finish them off already.

I would look for this at pick 1 or 2. I doubt it ever goes farther. This is insane. I cannot find fault in this except the CMC. even that though is fine. at 5 mana this pumps a guy on the board and most likely you get to pound a blocker to a pile of dung. If this flips it get to pummel a creature (so technically for not casting any spells in a turn you get to kill something) That is amazing, but wait there is more. Both of these abilities trigger each time he flips. your opponent will be wary of trying to put this back on the 4/4side because all you have to do is not cast a spell to flip it back again and kill another creature. This no matter how it plays out will make your opponent's life hell until they kill it.


I would look for this late pack. this sucks. straight up 3 mana for this effect is terrible. If I am running this, I am not happy with my deck because I needed this for some reason.

I would look for this mid-pack. Honestly, I want this more for its fixing ability. I like a good mana fixer. This is not very good as if hits you as well but if you need color fixing for your splash then feel free. This is Innistrad everything has a price. When this flips, it should finish off a crippled opponent in a few swings. Sadly though in most cases I may still need my mana rock. Well, I guess I'll have to just kill them.

I would look for this late. I probably will never draft this. I am not a huge equipment fan. it takes you 2 mana to play this and it does nothing until you pay 3 More mana to attempt to equip this onto a guy. There are too many times where this does nothing for me. when I cast it when it fails to equip because they killed my guy. or every turn it sits there unequipped because I got better things to do.

I would look for this late pack, and look to replace thi ASAp. This is 100% filler. only play this is you need 2 drops or you want more artifact triggers for delirium.

I would look for this mid-pack. I think this guy fits the red blue spells deck very nicely because they do not care about creatures. Other than that this may be a hindrance to my own deck. but it is a 4/4 so my opponent may want to get rid of it sooner than later. Be wary of pacifism effects as this will be a thorn in your side. Maybe you can finally use that Harmless offering you drafted.... Nah.

1.5 (in the right deck 4.5)
I would look for this mid-pack. I gave this a secondary rating because I have already drafted it several times and been able to break the chains on this. A 2 drop 5/5 is amazing, the trick here is draining your hand. This does not work in a werewolves deck. DO not try. it will never swing. The fun part here is holding 1 card and when they swing, you play your instant and now you can block with this beast. Black red and black white are the decks I have been able to use this so far.

I would look for this mid-pack. I know I dislike equipment but this si powerful. this buffs a guy to threat level and even forces some blocks to make other guys get in better. Be warned though, once 1 Eldrazi is blocking this, none of the others have to.

I would not look for this. There are too many things here to set up. This is a 3 cost do nothing to start with. Then you have to set up the perfect creature in your yard that has an etb ability and decent stats. There are too many things to set up here. If you can assemble the pieces good for you but in all that time, what was your opponent doing?? That is my real question.

I would look for this many if I am aggressive. This is a ton of text. I had to read this 3 times before I could figure out how to rate it. It is very powerful if you are aggressive but it hurts you for being so. I am not sure how exactly to use this except to put it on a vigilance guy or to use untap effects to blindside my opponent. I may even use it with the green guy who likes me sacrificing things. There are ideas so this may turn out to be better than I rated it.

I would look for this if I needed fixing or if I was delirium. This is decent fixing. and it helps you get an artifact in yard which at times can be hard. it also replaces itself.

I would look for this early to mid-pack. Defensive decks will not draft this. when you equip this you better swing. They can tap your guy down and kill it thanks to you so be wary of how you equip this. This also backfires if they prevent the damage somehow. Like, sacrificing their guy after blockers.

I would look for this mid-pack. If I need a discard outlet this is not a bad one as it makes my opponent discard also. sometimes though that may be bad as they get to madness aswell. This can be used as mill on an opponent with no hand. the times when to use this though can be hard to determine.

I would look for this early pack. I doubt I'll ever flip this as its a 5 mana investment that may or may not work. As a land this effect is slow. In the right deck though adding a 2 mana tax (1 and then this taps also) to make a guy haste can be helpful.

I would snag this late pack as I doubt it would be picked anyway. This effect does not look to happen enough to plan around I would play this is my color requirements were not extreme but side it most of the time only bringing it in when needed.

Well that Wraps up Eldritch's *falls over and lands on his knees gasping for breath as he makes a horrible gushing noise as the Eldrazi Emerge out of his bowels*


I would look for this mid-pack. I am not casting this for 8 EVER. screw that. normally you will sacrifice a creature to cast this as well as all the emerge cards so you are already investing 1 card. The effect here is a 6/4 body of doom that already does a 6 point life swing just for coming. Notice all the emerge guys have a when you cast ability so even if they are countered they trigger.

I would look for this early. This is an overrun. Whoever I sac here is worth it as i am about to pummel my opponent hopefully to death. Notice this does not buff himself. Also even if he does not make it to the party my team will swing hard in his honor.

I would look for this mid-pack. The effect here is random because sometimes you will miss and only get one or no cards. that being said, i would try to play this when they have at least 4 cards in hand.

I would look for this mid-pack. You cast this on their turn to surprise block. that is roughly the best and only use this has. it avoids a good deal of combat tricks so that is nice and it can tussle with most things and live to tell the tale.

I would look for this early. the best use of this is before combat or at end of turn to tap their team down. then on your turn to just run them over. I may cast this at fill price late game if needed to save my bacon.

4.513964830672964956038675805776 (because I cannot give him a 5 and he is worth a 4 so I'll make up a number.)
I would look for this in the first 1-3 picks only and I hope to God I NEVER see it. What to say here. well I know this will get a ton of hate but I honestly hope I never draft this. normally it will cost about 8-9 mana in the right deck 7 mana. This guy is Super slow and no one seems to notice. Unless you somehow give this haste it takes 3 turns to attack. First, the turn you cast it. then you take their turn, you misuse any removal they have and you ram their best guy straight into Emrakul. Then they get a turn to pray to the gods that they draw a removal spell that is not instant. After all, that you get to swing and they better chump block until they find an answer or they get the promised end.

I would look for this early to mid-pack. This does not read very good but once you put it to action it seems better as it is hard to get rid of. removal does not work as it just leaves play to be recasted. sadly this may get outclassed at times.

I would look for this mid-pack. This is another one I am ok paying full price for late game as I may need the 3 blockers. those times I will be ok seeing this. I do not want to sacrifice a big body for this though unless that big body is pacified.

I would look for this mid-pack. That is a lot of mana for a time ebb. it may be worth it in some cases though as it can put anything nonland there. so take the highest casted thing they own and put it on top of their library.

I would look for this late. Sideboard this. most of the time the effect here is a miss. I am not paying 9 mana for a 6/5 nor will I sacrifice a guy for one, most of the time. there will be niche' times when I want this.

2.5 -3
I would only look for this in the spells matter decks. This effect depends more to me on what I am getting back, as to what I am willing to pay. paying 4-5 mana for a spell back is fine as that's a better Mnemonic wall. that I can live with.

I would look for this mid-pack. I am ok paying around 5 mana for this. as that's a decent deal. 5 mana for a 3/4 flyer and a card back, for the guy who I sacrificed. Other than that the stats are kind of small so I may only want to sac smaller guys.

*fights back the emerging Eldrazi and tries to regain composure*

I am sorry about that it seems Even I am not safe from these monsters. That finally wraps up this set. I personally hate this plane and hope WOTC never returns. This was not as bad as I thought it would be though. I will try very hard to enjoy the drafts that I enter.

May you have good luck in all your EMN drafts.
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