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What Edlritch Moon does for the Standard format

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:40 pm    Post subject: What Edlritch Moon does for the Standard format Reply with quote

Lets just start off by saying that a lot of the current decks are going nowhere, some are even getting better with the cards that are coming out. Bant company will still be a thing in standard, UW control is still going to be in standard and it will just get better with cards such as Spell Queller and Summary Dismissal. I think Cryptolith Rite will be positioned very well with some of the new cards that have came out, it will be able to play a little more, you can have more of a graveyard zombie version of the deck, the deck can stay relatively the same, or it can even speed up with a few of the one drop creatures that have came out.

Some of the decks that you will start to see more of are spirits with the additions of Spell Queller, Selfless Spirit, and Mausoleum Wanderer just to name a few. You will probably start to see some zombie decks running around with Dark Salvation, The newest Lilliana, and even Crypt Breaker.

The deck that everyone has been waiting for though has been the RG Werewolves deck. This deck can start to become competitive with cards such as Conduit of Storms, and Ulrich. But the deck was never really weak in the creatures that it had, it needed more cards for removal, now it gets to play Collective Defiance. This card is going to be seen a lot. In my opinion it is one of the best cards from this new set. You can cycle your hand or your opponents hand if needed, you can remove a bigger sized creature which red often struggles to do, or you can even do a bolt to an opponent. The worst mode on the card is the last mode and even that mode isn't that bad. The deck also gets to play Eldritch evolution so it can just cheat creatures into play such as Ulrich.

I expect to see Jund to play more consistent with Eldritch Moon. It gets a few better cards such as Lilliana, Collective Defiance, Collective Brutality, and it can even play Ishkanah if it wanted to play a little longer. This deck was good before it just didn't have the consistency that other decks had. It needed some cards to let it keep up with the meta that was out there. Now it can do that in a few different ways. It got a few more removal cards or tempo cards that it can play, I feel that it also has better options on creatures that it can play. I don't expect this deck to be the best deck in the format but i expect it to be a top 5 deck in the format.
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