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Eldritch Moon Drafting guide Red

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:51 am    Post subject: Eldritch Moon Drafting guide Red Reply with quote

Welcome to my 1st attempt at this.

I feel that Since this is the first time I am doing something like this I should give a little background on who I am. I am Mike Lints. I have been playing magic since Mirage. I started being serious about my play Around Odyssey block. I only Play Limited Seriously. I dabble in standard. I play edh mostly for fun and Casual. I consider myself a decent to Tier drafter. I have done 20+ drafts of EMN/EMN/SOI already and done fairly well in each. After the Prerelease I'll be doing more drafts weekly with my group. I may seem very narrow in my thoughts but this because I only Focus on drafting. I will be Doing this Very Similar to LSV.

Links to other colors

My Rating System is best of 5. I'll include where in the pack I would look to draft said card and how I feel about the power level of each card. I mostly Still use the BREAK system of drafting.
Bombs: these are amazing and you Slam these down no regrets
Removal: self-explained. Kill things
Evasion: strong flyers, menace. Hard to deal with
Acceptable: I'll play it... but I want to upgrade.
KRAP: Refuse to play. I will scoop before I play.

Without Further Delay Lets dive in shall we,


I would look for this mid to late pack. This does not do enough for me. Yeah it is 1st strike but only a 1 buff. Not even a defense buff. For 3 mana this is unplayable. For 2 mana it is passable but still not ideal.

I would only look for this if i was dedicated to madness and around mid-pack. At 5 mana this is awful. For two mana this i fine so you better be discarding this. If you are hard casting this you may as well scoop after.

I would look for this mid to late. Why you are looking for this I am confused. 6 mana for a 5/5 without haste or any form of evasion..I am not sure what these are Alphaed over or why they have assembled.To be honest how about you do not tell me.

I would look for this late and only if i was really hardcore spells deck. I swear Red has good cards. I know we have yet to hit one, but Trust me Red is good this set.

I would look for this midpack. Honestly, I misread this the first 2 times, i though it was a sorcery then I read it again and that it was an instant. As an enchantment, this is marginally ok but it's 4 mana for a Do nothing. Not only do you pick the creature too soon but alone this does nothing at all.

I would look for this late. This si ok.. but still slow as you need to pump this for it to be worth swinging. This is a decent blocker but it gets outclassed far too quickly.

I would look for this late pack.. the modes on this are both Awful. You almost have to pay 4 mana for this just to be worth the hassle. I would not mind playing this but it's 4 mana or bust. I hate to be hostile but that's how it is.

I would look for this mid pack. This is great on the attack. It does not block so well but if you're turning it sideways it's not blocking anyhow.

I would look for this early to mid. The most used mode here is going to be the removal. 3 mana to deal 4 dmg to a creature is fun. If you are playing black or white you could use the discard to drop some graveyard matters people into it. You will rarely use the last mode here unless you are finishing off a player.

I would look for this midpack. This is ramp basically. You swing and play your 5 drop main phase 2. if you have nothing else to cast then go ahead and flip this. Next turn you get a very nice ramp if it lives.

I would look for this early to mid, depending how aggressive my deck is. This will usually get in 2-3 attacks before they have enough defense to stop you. You are red. You got the most removal in this set then everyone. You should be able to kill a guy and push some more.

2.5-3 if you can use madness effectively
I would look for this midway to late pack. At sorcery speed, this is just not worth it. If you can madness this you are doing ti right. That should get your blood boiling. Do not forget this gives trample and that means more than you think.

I would look for this late pack. Grizzly bear became a Vampire. That's about all you can say here. This is a vampire, that's is the saving grace. Other than that i am only playing this because I need a vampire

I would look for this early only if aggression is my cause. If not than i have no Fury for her. Swinging for 4 on turn 3 with a trampler is a fine day for my aggression. This can run many things over even if the madness does not help me I am still chucking a card when the coast is clear. Beware you must choose that before you swing so they may have a plan to Quell your fury.

3, the second copy 4, the 3rd and more copies get better and better up to about a Bajillion
I would look for this early and frequently. This starts out as a shock but scales fast enough to kill most of the creatures in the format. As long as they Stay still you should be able to shoot them.

I would look for this early to midpack. This is a decent creature already and it pumps out two friends. So it's swinging for 4. I do not care much about flipping this but its fine the way it is.

This only get a little better because you had to play a land that is very slow and then you have to pay 6 mana, six because the land taps also. Very slow to flip. Honestly, I would not even bother flipping this, sure the Bigger version is big and the tokens are also bigger, but it's too much work for me to get insane about.

I would Not look for this. This is harmless in limited. There is NOTHING I want to give my opponents. They will be the ones giving me the funky looks and the chuckles as I play this. Actually no. I would never play this ever. That is my offering, take it or leave it...Yeah Leave it.

I would look for this early. This is not only aggressive it can be seen as removal since you get to shove a guy in front of this and trample over them for fun. Sneaky little devils we got here.

I would look for this early and often. This is not only removal. It is Get the heck out of this game now. Exiling creatures means they are Not coming back anytime soon. Players have wanted an incinerate effect and red finally delivered.

I would look for this midpack. Do not get me wrong but did we not already have this guy in SOI? "Checks" oh ok that guy had haste... this has Forced attacking. Slightly worse but still very playable.

I would look for this midpack to late but mainly mid if I am trying to be a spellish deck. Making mischief is fun and these devils are all over the place. I mainly like this because it's a perfect curve with some of the good 2 drop prowess guys. Not only that but the devils proved in SOI to be mischief makers on combat so the more the merrier.

I would look for this early. This is a very unique creature. Not only does it blank all single hit removal but if you can pump this you pump your entire team. Zada says hi, and how that little guy became a huge dragon is beyond me. Regardless I am happy to use this bomb

I would look for this early as it will be taken fast. This is a 3 mana wrath. Regardless if you can madness the cards you discard, does not matter. This is a wrath that you get to decide the potency. Also not this can take out both creatures and walkers at the same time, even multiple walkers if that is what you are facing. Even Sorin understands and fears this.

I would look for this mid pack at first than early as people learn how good it is.This is ok as a pump effect to help you trade a creature. I think it shines even better as you can use it on your opponents guys also. At one mana it's very easy to set up and make a 3/2 for this.

I would only look for this midpack and only if I need an outlet. This does give haste so that makes it worthwhile, if you badly need the discard then sure. I would play this for haste more but I understand needing the outlet

I would look for this midpack. The modes here are not too special. 3 mana for 2 dmg is not very good. Mostly you will be paying 4 to 3 damage one guy and to 1 damage the rest of their team. The first mode is a weak trumpet blast.

I would look for this early and if invested in spells then this is practically a 3 mana divination, that I got to pick both the cards. That can be very powerful. Used correctly this can be a 4 even. That's not too insane is it?

I would look for this early to mid pack. This at most times a 4 drop creature and removal all in one. If you can bankroll this and kill 2 things you will smolder your competition. The transform ability here is very reminisce of Monstrosity from Theros. You want to flip this mainphase one because the other side only works on attack.

I would look for this mid to late pack and do not worry it will be there if you really want it. At 7 mana this is insane. There are not enough flames here to fan. 6 damage will kill 3 creatures at most and that's sad. This will not save your butt enough as a late game topdeck. I would rather spread these flames into my sideboard.

0 if you are devoted to vampire. 1.5
I would not look for this. You have to be very dedicated to Vampires. Even at that, you have to have 3-4 out to be happy casting this. It does replace itself but you really need to be worth it.

I would look for his early to mid-pack. I like this effect, the issue is you have no idea if you can even play the card and you risk exiling a card you cannot cast right now. That being said i would still run this and its madness is just gravy.

I would look for this mid pack and only if going for a spells matter deck. I am not excited for a 0/3 no one should be. this is reminisce of Lobber cannon. and I would think it very much the same. Unlike Nettle drone this can not be aggressive. I would still use this but only in the right deck as the wrong deck, it is Sub-par to bad.

I would look for this mid-pack. This is a 5 drop 4/4 trample. the ability to deal more is nice but you have to watch how you pump as you are making him weaker aswell. I would not bother flipping this unless I was bored. the effect you get is not worth the time.

2.5-3.5 (depends on deck)
I would look for this mid to late-pack depending on why I am looking. If I am spells matter than mid-pack, if i need a 1/4 reach guy to stop the spirits decks then I would look for this a little later. This cannot go to face but can pick off creatures at decent rates.

That Wraps up RED. I think red came out hard here with so much good removal at all rarities. They can kill just about everything. I think red Came out the best overall in EMN. the creatures may lack some but the removal is top notch.

Draft Smart and I hope you do well in all your EMN booster drafts
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