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Eldritch Moon Drafting guide Blue

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 10:02 am    Post subject: Eldritch Moon Drafting guide Blue Reply with quote

Welcome to my 1st attempt at this.

I feel that Since this is the first time I am doing something like this I should give a little background on who I am. I am Mike Lints. I have been playing magic since Mirage. I started being serious about my play Around Odyssey block. I only Play Limited Seriously. I dabble in standard. I play edh mostly for fun and Casual. I consider myself a decent to Tier drafter. I have done 20+ drafts of EMN/EMN/SOI already and done fairly well in each. After the Prerelease I'll be doing more drafts weekly with my group. I may seem very narrow in my thoughts but this because I only Focus on drafting. I will be Doing this Very Similar to LSV.

Links to other colors

My Rating System is best of 5. I'll include where in the pack I would look to draft said card and how I feel about the power level of each card. I mostly Still use the BREAK system of drafting.
Bombs: these are amazing and you Slam these down no regrets
Removal: self-explained. Kill things
Evasion: strong flyers, menace. Hard to deal with
Acceptable: I'll play it... but I want to upgrade.
KRAP: Refuse to play. I will scoop before I play.

Without Further Delay Lets dive in shall we,


I would look for this midpack. I misevaluated the 3/1 flyer in SOI. I will not make that mistake again. This guy costs a little more but has a bigger body. I expect his guy to be just as good if not slightly better.

I would look for this midpack. Frost breath, simple enough. I will never madness this though as paying extra mana makes no sense. But at 3 mana frost breath is a fine effect.

I would not look for this at all. There are no Eldrazi in Soi. I see very few in EMN that I want to play. I am not a huge fan of tutors in general. There are not enough Eldrazi to get my hopes up. If you draft 3-4 Eldrazi though then feel free to include this.

I would look for this late and only if I really needed self mill.....which is not happening as I refuse to ever draft self-mill in a format where actual mill is a possibility. I have won drafts in both Soix3 and this format with mill. Taigam's Scheming was not very good, I doubt this will be.

I would not look for this as counterspells in draft are rarely good. There are son niche instants where I can see use for this.. not many. I would need to have many uses for instants before I even consider this.

I would look for this early to mid picks 4-6. I really like this guy in the blue/red instants deck. He shines as a ramp outlet that can flip and become a threat. Making my removal spells cost less is a very nice plus. I warn you that you should be running 9+ instants and sorceries before you consider this guy. If you cannot support those numbers then pass this guy.

I would look for this guy early pack. A 5/4 flyer at 5 is perfect fine and I do not mind adding this to my decks. I would also hope to have 7-9 instants in this deck, if I have 7ish I am hoping to have some other wizards. When you flip this guy he becomes a Beast and makes his friends into Beats also.

I would look for this mid pack. This basically has 2 uses. Saving your guy(s) from combat and to wipe auras off people. Whichever you use you really need your opponent to assists you in making this good. Once they know you have it, I expect them to help you less.

I would look for this midpack. At 3mana sorcery speed this effect is not so good. This is a slightly better Time ebb because it replaces itself. There are enough auras in this format to warrent reset.

I would look for this late pack. At 4 mana this guy is basically a 3/2 because the 0/2 body is useless. If you can blink this you may be able to use it well. I feel it takes too much set up though.

I would look for this midpack to late (blue is looking kinda weak this set). I am fine with this guy for filler using him to trade up hopefully and he gives me back a card. Emerging this may be ok also as you get the card back that you invested.

I would look for this midpack. This may be weak but a 2 mana tapper that holds a guy through 2 attacks could be very offensive and helpful to push in more damage.

I would look for this mid pack. This looks like a very risk kind of card and it is. It depends what they show you and what you need. There will be times where you hate yourself and times where you just pick perfect. Watch your opponent for tells pick wisely and may Fortune favor you.

I would only look for this is I had a slow deck, like an instant deck or a mill deck. This is not spectacular in the least but if you need it then I can see it being useful.

I would look for this midpack. a 2/3 for 3 is nothing special and more or less, that's what this guy is. if you get to flip him he gets a little buff and an ability that can very good in late game.

I would look for this early pack. This is a very weird spin on clone. I think it can be good as you get to remove a blocker and their best guy is swinging for you. Take note you can also exile your own creatures to get bad auras off them or to get repeat ETB abilities.

I would look for this early pack. This is walker removal, and Also take note of this, They Cannot blink the creature to wipe this off. The creature is no longer a creature. This card protects itself from being blinked away.

I would look for this mid pack. This guy gets bigger with each spell and when they do not block you can Really go to town with that pump ability. expect this guy to be blocked most of the time.

I would never look for this. I do not think self-mill can be a viable path in this format. Now you may think it can and by all means go for it. In the end, this is only a Hill giant.

I would look for this mid pack. I like this idea but i do not see this being good in limited without some added effort. like bouncing their bombs and then dropping this to make them play around. Also, you can use this to Protect your own bombs but that requires set up too.

I would look for this early. a dedicated spirit deck can use this to be aggressive and later to save a better creature from removal. The size though is very weak and easy to play around.

I would look for this mid to late pack. At 7 mana this better be amazing and the thing is you have no way to know how good or bad this will be until they cast something. They can cast multiple spells and you only get 1 effect. If my opponent has many bombs I may side this in to try and take advantage but other than that I would leave this in the sideboard.

I would look for this mid to late pack. This is not really a surprise blocker most of the time, its a surprise "you are not swinging with that guy" effect. you can play this eot to remove blockers next turn. at 2/1 he is ok for what he does.

I would look for this very early pack. with one or two instants this guy is amazing, the more you have the worse your opponent's creatures are feeling. With a dedicated deck, I see this being a bomb.

I would look for this early, and only if i was going for Delirium. at 6 mana this is horrid. at 4 mana it becomes acceptable. Inspiration is not a bad card just I want to be ahead on board before I dedicate my turn to passing and drawing at your eot.

I would look for this early to mid. this can be a huge fog to one crrature. and it sticks around to make the thing a wall basically, sadly they get a good blocker and the creature is still a bothersome hassle.

I would not look for this. If you are, look late. This is not only a counterspell many times it can Backfire on you. This counters the prowess that your own guys would get off this. you have to be careful how you use this. I think it's too much to ask.

1st copy 1, 2nd copy 2, any more 5.
I would look for this early to mid and the more I have the more I want.
The first copy of this is kinda sad. You are playing a Clue. once you get past that you are rolling. I am happy to draw 2+ cards off this.

I would look for this mid to late pack. This is an aggressive blue flyer.... that really look out of place to me as blue does not seem highly aggressive in this format. I can see a spirit deck running this and working it, so if you are there then this guy is for you, I doubt others will be there.

I would look for this late. playing one of these main deck is ok because it can be a trick. playing anymore is not as it st only good if they do something. Most of the time this should be sided in game 2.

I would look for this midpack.This is a counterspell I can get behind playing as it is versatile and can be used to bounce a creature as well. tempo decks will enjoy this.

3.5 (in the right deck 4-4.5)
I would look for this early and if I am in the blue/black recuring guys from graveyard deck, expect me to Slam this down. Not only is this fueling your yard but you are getting creatures for creatures that could be upgrades. If you are recurring those guys later then this is a bomb.

That Wraps up Blue. I love blue usually but i feel this set was not nice to it. I would rate blue as the 4th best color in this format.

Draft Smart and I hope you do well in all your EMN booster drafts
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