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Eldritch Moon Drafting guide White

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:37 am    Post subject: Eldritch Moon Drafting guide White Reply with quote

Welcome to my 1st attempt at this.

I feel that Since this is the first time I am doing something like this I should give a little background on who I am. I am Mike Lints. I have been playing magic since Mirage. I started being serious about my play Around Odyssey block. I only Play Limited Seriously. I dabble in standard. I play edh mostly for fun and Casual. I consider myself a decent to Tier drafter. I have done 20+ drafts of EMN/EMN/SOI already and done fairly well in each. After the Prerelease I'll be doing more drafts weekly with my group. I may seem very narrow in my thoughts but this because I only Focus on drafting. I will be Doing this Very Similar to LSV.

Links to other colors

My Rating System is best of 5. I'll include where in the pack I would look to draft said card and how I feel about the power level of each card. I mostly Still use the BREAK system of drafting.
Bombs: these are amazing and you Slam these down no regrets
Removal: self-explained. Kill things
Evasion: strong flyers, menace. Hard to deal with
Acceptable: I'll play it... but I want to upgrade.
KRAP: Refuse to play. I will scoop before I play.

Without Further Delay Lets dive in shall we,


I would look to get this mid-way to late in the pack.. I personally think the best use of this will be Mode 2 as a combat blowout. Mode 1 is very weak as 4 life is not particularly powerful. Untapping 2 creatures to an opposing combat can be Very effective. Having them sacrifice 1 attacker or blocker is a mediocre effect.

I would look to get this late pack. In my eyes, this is a white Trumpet blast. I do not have high praise for this unless you are very aggressive and can use it as a finisher. I foresee very few blowouts with the pumping of defense.

3 .5 (if you have Gisela 4.0)
I would look to see this only in the first 3 picks of a pack. There are not many angels in this set or in shadows but there are plenty of humans. At 7 mana I feel this is slow but the fact that its 2 bodies normally makes up for that. If you are lucky enough to be getting back Gisela then I applaud you for paying 7 for an insane creature.

I applaud you for drafting this. At 11 mana this is very slow. At 7 mana by playing Bruna into getting back Gisela this is amazing. Unless they have an immediate answer I see this winning in 1-2 turns.

I would look to get this mid pack. Not late. I am used to pacifism effects costing 2 mana I am ok with paying 3 though. Keep note this does not stop transforming or abilities. I would not consider this removal as the creature is Still there just not helping much. The exile is a nice touch and I could see eot exiling a guy because you got nothing else to do.

I look to draft this midway in a pack. For rare this seems a little underwhelming. 3 mana humble the brute/naturalize/permanent team pump. I expect to be casting this for modes 1 and 3 most of the time, the escalate cost being so low it is very easy. If this had been instant speed I would have to give it a 4. even at 3 mana to kill a fatty this is worth it.

I would look for this mid to late. A 3 /4 for 4 is fine, not spectacular. But this is pseudo-draw power. With the amount of humans you can draft you should be revealing one Every time you cast this. If you are not then I would value it less.

I would look for this late. This is a white Wind drake....... Nothing more. This is not a relevant creature type even. I would have given a spirit a 3.

I would not draft this. Not only are there only 2 walkers in this set, 4 in SOI but you do not see SOI until after you already picked this. I doubt you will have 1 much less 2 walkers to get off this. If you drafted a walker already and saw this... I would still pass this. It is not nearly consistent enough.

I would look to get this mid-pack.The Delirium effect of this feels very weird. At a 1 / 2 this is easy to trade but not offensive. At 4 / 2 this is highly offensive and they will try to trade it easier. no matter which, you get a 3/2.

I would look for this midway through the pack. The pump ability this offers is not too amazing. do not think this flys (i did at first) its really just a surprise blocker most of the time.

2 // 3.5
I would look for this midway in the pack.At 3 mana for a 3/2 and a 0/3 this is ok but nothing amazing. If you can get Delirium consistently than this gets much better. Once you flip this guy you get to Blank most of their removal as you just in response make an Eldrazi.

3 .5
I would look for this early to mid pack.As an Aura this is a 2 for 1 normally there is a risk here but for the effect of a Banisher Priest I think this is Well worth the risk.

I would look for this mid to late pack.At 5 mana a 3/4 does not seem too powerful, even with lifelink.

I would look for this early to mid depending how committed to white I am. The mana is a little much but an aggressive 3/2 that takes a blocker of choice out of the picture is nothing to be laughed at.

I would look for this late. How consistent can you make this a 2/3 flyer that can swing is the question? If you can get this thing moving quick it gets better but I see it outclassed early still. It does have evasion so It may better then it looks.

1-3 picks ONLY. (you will not see it later) This is a bomb no doubts. 4 mana for all this is amazing. With or without Bruna I do not care. Pick this up, go white and smash face. Her only weakness I see is that 3 toughness. She is still a force to be reckoned with.

I would look for this early to mid pack. I gave this a high rating because I see power here in 2 ways. 1) use this to save a creature during combat good trick and can be used against their tricks to a very good effect. 2) Use this to "fog" an attack have 1 guy block Everything and just die. then on your turn kill them with the backswing. I have already done this a couple times, it is very devastating.

I would look for this late. This does not fly.. Sad i find this very lacking as it only lasts 1 turn and is not much to say even.

I would look for this mid to late pack, higher if I have multiple targets. Auramancer meet your upgrade. There are enough aura effects to make this worthwhile and it even works on equipment. at 3/2 it is Strictly better than Auramancer and I am happy to include him.

I would look for this late pack. Sideboard this. I would not main it as there are not enough reasons to be here.

I would look for this early to mid. The question here is how often can you gain 3+ life. if you cannot do it very well then this guy drops in value. If you can flip him without much effort then he becomes very good. He does have 1st strike on both sides so that is slightly better than a 2 drop 1/1, but remember he is a 2 drop 1/1.

I would look for this early to mid. As a combat trick, this saves a life and makes a slightly bigger threat. as a counter to removal, this shines and will see a bunch of use. There may some fringe cases where you use it on their creature to "get it out of your way". this versatility makes for a good card.

I would look for this mid pack. 2 mana for a +2/+2 effect is fine and it even offers a path to evasion. Play with caution as auras are 2 for 1 city but you should not that deter you from taking advantage of when this works.

I would look for this mid to late. Depending on how badly I need it. The effect here is not very Ideal but it can be a constant discard outlet. If that is the sort of thing you are looking for then this will be effective, Also not that it works well with Lone Rider.

I would look for this midpack. The reveal effect here is minimal as a 6 point life gain is not a big deal. The real power here is the late game effect of a Reset-button. Look for this to be hated as no one wants to see a near death opponent to Jump back into the game.

I would look for this mid to late pack. As a fog this can be good. As a one sided fog it is amazing. the problem here is "Human" is a very common type in this set so I foresee many times where this just does not work enough to warrant a spot in my deck.

I would look for this early to midpack. A 2/3 for 4 mana is not much to be praising but the pump ability can be a factor in the right decks. The creature making aspect is where this guy will shine. getting double duty out of all your creatures can be very nice.

I would look for this early to mid. A flying 2/1 for 2 is a fine addition to your deck. the type is very relevant. the cream is the fact that this can blank removal meant for your better threats. not to mention the mass protection from a wrath.

I would not look for this unless I already had 5+ auras or equips. (this rarely happens.) therefore I cannot get behind this. I would expect better aid from Sigarda.

I would look for this mid to late pack. This is not a very good taper because there are too many humans in this format. I would not be happy with it most of the time.

I would look for this late. Wasting my turn for this effect is not a wise investment. I mush rather put a formidable body on the board than 2 1/1s and gain 2 life.

I would look for this late pack. A 1/2 cannot block very well at all. This does attack well though and if you are aggressive it cannot block anyway.

I would look for this mid-pack. This is more or less a stopper to Stagnate board states. it taps them down so you can push through that last bit of damage. be warned at 4/3 it is very weak and easily killed.

I would look for this early. Thalia is a force to be reckoned with, she kills most 3-4 drops and less easily and even slows down their future people. She is a horrible top deck late game mind you and will not save you from losing.

2. if you got things to fetch 3.5
I would look for this After i had 2 things to get and early to mid pack. Alone this guy is not so powerful, its the tutor for another body that really helps. 1st strike is nice but I still want a second body before I commit.

I would look for this mid to late pack. I like this but it is small and really only good if you need the discard outlet. the creatures you are making are not to amazing but you are making them.

That wraps up whit,e I think white came out ok not too amazing not to bad. I would rate white second in this format.

Draft Smart and I hope you do well in all your EMN booster drafts

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

gj! i see, you put a lot of afford into this.

i dont agree with all your ratings (tho i drafted EMN only once). but its always interesting to see other people's opinion on the new printed cards.

we'll miss lsv set review as he announced. he probably is busy caring about his newborn daughter Naya (may his first son be named Ulamog).

-drogskol shieldmate is not flying
-extricator of sin requires a permanent to be sacrificed when etb. i guess, you didnt take account of this as it doesnt justify a 2.0 rating without delirium. (i think its unplayable without opting to get delirium. nice thing is tho, its a delirium enabler itself)
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