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Uwb control

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:10 pm    Post subject: Uwb control Reply with quote

Esper Control in Modern

Hi recently I have been working on an esper control deck for modern and have found a list which is starting to perform well. I have 20 wins to 4 losses ratio in the last 24 games on magic online.

Here is the list

4 path to exile
3 spell snare
3 inquisition of kozilek
2 thoughtseize
3 mana leak
3 remand
3 meddling mage
4 snap caster mage
4 lingering souls
2 geist of st traft
1 vendillion clique
4 restoration angel

4 flooded strand
2 poluted delta
2 marsh flats
3 celestial colonnade
2 hallowed fountain
2 watery grave
2 godless shrine
1 eganjo castle
2 island
1 swamp
1 plains
2 tectonic edge
(17 blue, 17 white, 13 black)


4 kor firewalker (rdw, scapeshift, lantern)
2 timely reinforcements (rdw, some aggro)
1 disenchant (affinity, lantern amulet, hexproof, boogles, if you think they are bringing In blood moon)
2 go for the throat (junk, jund, infect, delver, aggro, twin, ubr delve)
2 fracturing gust (affinity, hexproof, lantern)
2 engineered explosives (amulet, affinity, rdw, aggro, tokens, junk, jund, hexproof lantern)
1 spellskite (rdw, affinity, hexproof, aggro)
1 relic of progentius (living end, delve based decks)

You will notice the deck has a very low curve for a control deck, this is a response to the blisteringly fast nature of modern. I am of the opinion modern is so fast, you cannot afford to spend your 4th turn playing gifts ungiven in 80% of the match ups as the decks are simply too fast, to efficient now.
My response to the speed of modern is to play more efficient solutions. Path to exile, Spell snare, Thoughtseize, Inqusition of kozilek are some of the most cost efficient disruptive spells in modern and this deck plays all of them, along with a full set of snap caster mages to flash them back.

Meddling Mage is my only truly controversial main deck card in this list that has not already seen much modern play, so I will explain its inclusion. It beats several decks almost by itself living end, ad nauseum, restore balance, is very strong vs amulet good vs burn, infect, affinity on the play and has the potential to be good in almost any match up when combined with a turn 1 discard spell. It has performed very well.

The deck is very aggressive for a control deck and can win quickly itself, in a format where urzas lands are a thing people will always have more powerful end games than you, so I feel it is essential to be able to close out games fast. Geist, mage, souls and clique, all make this deck very fast for control.

The mana is quite good except, I play only 13 black sources as I have only 5 black spells main deck and souls to flash back, this rarely leads to issues as black is almost a splash colour) Tectonic edge is too good to not play, it wins more games by being include than you will lose due to playing them. 24 lands only, as the decks curve ends at 4, with 4 spells in the four mana slot.

Lingering souls and snap caster provide the value, restoration angel, acts effectively with every creature in the deck.

I hope you like the deck, if you have any questions or suggestions about the deck please do not hesitate to ask.
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