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Nether Shroud

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Joined: 18 Dec 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey! I see you posted a sweet brew! You should check this link out here:
Specifically refer to #3's section that I'll quote for you
* An analysis of your anticipated metagame
* Analysis of at least 3 major matchups
* Testing Results

I won't move this to the Casual forum, I just want to see more input on your end so your responders will have more info to work with. Smile
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Joined: 14 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Pablo28,
I will try to give a view opinions. I want you to know that i do not know
a) What kind of Metagame your realy working with
b) What limitations your cardpool is giving.

So if any statement i make does not makes sense because of 1 of the above points you can ignore it or adjust the card choice:

From what i can see your deck wants to achieve a softlock with the Abyss / Nether void, which is a fine idea in the correct metagame.

Now i will go over several choices you made and tell you what i am thinking about those:

First of you are too light on blue to play Force of Will, do not get me wrong the blue stuff you are playing is all great, but i still do not like the splash alot. I do not think that what you are playing is powerfull enough to splash (espacally once you discount Force of Will).

Next up the creature choices:
What i would suggest to you is to try to play, only creatures that life through both Nether Void and Abyss, unless they serve another purpose and or are extremly powerful. (Dont be afraid i will not suggest tarmogoyfs for this deck)

Rather then posting a list i will give you card groups and ideas behind it some more some less vacky. You can decide where you want your deck to go. The ideas i give you are ment to give your deck more focus. I would focus on 1 of these ideas and maybe play a little bit around with the others. Some may mix a bit better then others:

To play around your Nether Void and Abyss you need some very resilent creatures. They either need Protection from Black, be colorless, (you do not play any creatures) or have shroud and that only saves them from 1 card. To complete the protection fromm all your cards, they need to be either imun to counters or you need to have enough mana to cast them (cheap creatures ).

One way to get around this are manlands. Manlands are probably not going to carry you all the way. But you could go with a land heavy deck and add the two enchantments you have to lock an opponent out. This would give the deck a very different direction but you may find that you like it.
Cards to think about in land heavy decks can be found by looking a 43 land decks or however they are called.
I will not go deeper into this because i do not think you want this kind of deck if you do feel free to look the deck up and adjust it to your needs.

Another way to get around your enchantments is creatures with shroud/protection etc) and a way to make them uncounterable.
Cards to consider here:
Aether Vial,
Cavern of Souls

Great Sable Stag
Chamelion Collosus
(White Knights)
All Artifact creatures

With that list you probably could do a deck that does not care about your cards to mutch and still having a decent clock to finish the game.
If you back this deck up with discard you should be somewhat fine.

Another way to get around your cards is if you do not care if your creature dies. Once you get out multiple creatures like that you should be fine. (This idea is a bit more vacky and probably would need more testing.

Cards to think about:
Nether Spirit ? (something nether forgot what it is called)
The Knight that lets you cast knights from the grave

Another way to go with is enchantments.
You can look normal enchtanment decks up and adjust them to your needs if you want to.

I Also wanted to mention some things i do not like about the deck:
The Birds and rituals do not seem good. I know they give you more speed but they go away and things get worse if you have nether void. I would suggest cutting those for Wild Growth or Utopia Sprawl or Ancient Tombs or Chrome moxes ... if you want the speed update. But you realy want the mana to stay because it helps with nether void later.

Some of your shroud creatures are also too weak(I mean the stats) and you play them just because of shroud. I think it would be better to play non creatures instead of some of those, because they do not realy help (maybe treetop viallge if you want more pressure)

I think that coveres it for now, i hope i could give you some ideas on where to go.

Greeting KeySam
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