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Decks for review, commentary, and advice.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not to discourage you, but refer to this post:
If you follow some of the guidelines here on what you want to say about your deck and have it do, you may receive more feedback from others. It also will provide more insight to those commenting about what you have to work with cardwise/budgetwise.
Give it a shot Smile
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Okay these decks, are clearly at a casual level. So telling you to include card x or y would be pointless.

So I'll give you some general advice. The two most important things, to deck building are mana and curve.

If your mana is not good enough you will lose to many games to yourself, mulliganing into oblivion or just sitting there doing nothing.

An aggressive deck that's curve ends at 3 maybe one or two fours can run 22-23 land and be fine.

A middle of the road deck that maybe has 6 fours and 3 fives, would run 24-25 lands

A control deck very slow, looking to play powerful big game ending spells would run 26 lands plus or sometimes mana accelertaion or card draw to ensure it does not miss land drops.

12 sources of any given colour is enough to cast single mana spells ie 1G, to consistently cast GG spells on turn 2 though you would need at least 16 sources, for a 2GG spell 14 sources would be a minimum.

Most you decks are reasonable when it comes to mana requirements, with the exception of the blue red one it is playing both shiven dragons and djinns and 22 lands, to play that many of thoose cards you would need at least 26 lands to cast them when you want to.

Next curve, this is how many spells at 1 converted mana cost, 2cc, 3cc, 4cc, 5cc, 6 you have etc.

The lower your curve the better, the more games you will win, before your opponent is able to do anything. It's a case of getting a balance of a low enough curve and powerful enough spells. The best decks are basically a combination of the most powerful spells, with good mana and a good curve, with all the spells complementing each other in how they interact.

Now you do not have access to the most powerful spells. But you can still build a reasonable deck easily, by giving it a good curve and good mana and spells that compliment each other where you can.

An aggresive decks curve would often look something like

8 1cc 14 2cc 12 3cc 2 3 4cc 23 land

aggresive deck are good to build if your on a budget as even if the spells are underpowered, you will still win a lot of games by curving out and just getting under slower or poorly constructed decks curves.

A mid range curve would look like

12 2cc 14 3cc 6 4cc 3 5cc 25 land

A control Curve

10 2cc 13 2cc 7 4cc 2 5cc 2 6cc 26 land

These are not strict rules, but they give you an idea of what a curve on a deck should look like depending on its objectives.

Hope this helps.
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