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Cac 285 Judged

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Joined: 08 May 2011
Posts: 496

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 8:01 am    Post subject: Cac 285 Judged Reply with quote

My apologies for this rather short iteration of the contest, but the upcoming week looks dire in regards of my time budget. Before you have to wait for resolution, lets cut right to the point:

Thelemys - Zeus, Father of the Gods

"Real life" references (I will not debate about gods being real or not) are outdated. Your naming is therefor a fail.
So what does the card do?
It is a 8/8 indestructible for wubrg. That would be insane, but thankfully there is a condition. Or is there?
I like how you want to play around with Zeus being a nobody without his legacy, but the thing is all you need for your 8/8 monster is another indestructible undercosted monster.
Almost everything that gets rid of a Purphoros/Thassa/etc. exiles/bounces Zeus as well. So that condition actually reads: "I do something when the time comes, and it will come, don't worry!"

Oh wait there is an activated ability. Good, since a 8/8 quasi vanilla wouldn't fit a godfather in the first place.
So every God (as long as it is a creature!) can search enchantments with free scaling?
Aside from that confusing type ruling (even I had to look it up to make sure that Gods aren't gods rules-wise without enough devotion.) which will be done wrong countless times, this ability is an insanely bonkers card advantage engine.
All at instant speed.
Granted it is on a wubrg card. But being indestructible and Cavern of Souls existing (screw you wotc!) there is not that much that you can do about it if you aren't white. (racism everywhere Sad )

This card is straight up overpowered. It won't break legacy for all I can tell, but outside of busted formats this will be oppressive.
And it is a f*cking general on top of all that?

Let me summerize this: EDHgasm

Good idea, extraordinarily bad execution.

deflippi - Rob Fitztooth

I am no fan of sh*tproof. It is bad for the game.
Let's see if I can stay objective. 3/1 [censored] for GW legend is under the curve, but there is a lord ability, so it should be balanced.
let me say this: I agree with Wizards policy on lords only affecting your side of the table. Aside from Slivers since that is their thing.
your Type line states Human. Unless it is some disguise or mutant thing, you missed that policy change. Or disagree with it.
Judging happens for future sets, so I have to say this is a mistake.
Also it could have been a scout or something along those lines.

Let's have a deeper look at the ability. Outside limited this basically reads "Creatures with power 2 or less can't be blocked."
There is almost always a assortment of nonbasic lands of relevance in constructed. Mono red blocks rarely to begin with Wink
You know that you will have a huge advantage by playing only basics, which is doable even with a gw legend. You can build your deck around this drawback of symmetry. If it hadn't had the symmetry it would even be worse. So i guess you put it this way on purpose.
There have been lots of cards of that nature in the past. And all of them are bonkers when abused correctly.
Your card is no exception. Making your entire team unblockable and being immune to a good lot of removal will make games as uninteractive as I can possibly imagine.
This card is neither fair nor fun. Fail.

Stucco - Council Arbitor

I am sorry, but WTF? Sorry but I do not get this card at all.

kamphgruppe - Undead Overlord

There is a keyword called "absorb" that you might want to have a look at Wink
1BB for a 3/3 without drawback? Hmmmm........
Oh it is basically a 3/4 for 1BB .......
And multiple copies of it "grow" each other ..........
On top of all that it makes Zombies out of skeletons but not out of entire humans?
I dig your try on undead resilience but honestly it went horribly (cheap jokes are not even a dime a dozen anymore, thanks online shops.) wrong.
Not only is the card too good without any of its abilities for black. But absorb can get really out of hand.
The instant creation of Zombies is an onboard trick. There is nothing wrong with tricks that sit on the battlefield unless there are too many in the environment.
But it just keeps adding to the strength of this creature.
Btw. Lord is not a supported creature type anymore. I take the blame for this because of the formulation of the task. It could have been confusing.

If this keeps going I will have the usual trouble of choosing a winner, but in a very sad way Sad

iSperia - Khal Droga

This is finally a break.
3/3 legend for 4 mana, 3 of them colored. That is well below the curve, so the ability has some room to maneuver.
Double strike is pretty hefty. Let's face it, that dude can warp board states around quickly. But here is the thing. Most 3+/X are already relevant on their own. And this creature can actually be removed rather easily compared to some other entries.
In addition to that you have to remember that 3 powered creatures are not as easy to spam as 1/1. Therefor it is likely that this lord will affect less creatures than say an Elvish Archdruid.
So we have an interesting case of high upside on a comparably low amount of dudes.
Ok, yes it is also an EDHgasm, you can't fool anyone.

Deckbuilding with this will not be interesting. You can basically jam tons of 3+power dudes in a deck and call it a day.
Garruk's Companion and most recently Swordwise Centaur have showed that high power doesn't come at a high cost anymore if you are in the right colors. Double Strike makes anything into a combat monster. Especially high powered low toughness dudes with trample.
That is no groundbreaking discovery (this might take a while) but still once you realize its potential the outcome is very splashy. And violent.
Thankfully a Doom Blade later the fun ends.

In sum I think that this creature is still a bit too good. But the fact that I even consider this to be ok, is a huge leap forward in this "competition" so far.

ShamedShadow - First Lord Gaius

The colorpie has an identity crisis and I think I found the source.
Deathtouch haste and trample are all not really in white.
Also [censored]proof that you gain at a fixed point in a turn as result of a triggered ability? That doesn't do anything. The dust on my ceiling can play around that.

You chose to make a human lord and show their ability to adapt. That intention is clear. As is your card. No convoluted mess of abilites.
You are steering in the right direction just chose some other abilities and you are good to go.
In this version there is too much RG left to warrant a double W casting cost.
I assume that some future contest will be a planar chaos type thing, but this isn't.

Bairdsy - Master Necromancer

There have been cards similar to this in the past (Pawn of Ulamog, Xathrid Necromancer, probably more).
Skeleton creatures are pretty durable with that regeneration. Especially if it is so cheap. That can stall games a long time. Limited in particular, where answers are sparse. Thankfully they never come in masses, since you have to open/pick them.
When they are generated by each death it becomes a total different issue.
Not only are we talking about free 2/2, which the Xathrid Necromancer already showed are (borderline) standard playable if they only come from humans. Getting them with regeneration and untapped could prove to be just over that edge of the power scale.

This card is fine. It is dangerous, and can lead to extremely dull game states, but nothing outright broken. perceptions of this card will depend on the quality of answers to its token in the format.
But neither end of the spectrum is particularly exciting. It will either be oppressive or outclassed. I can't imagine this being just right.

Overall it is a decent execution on yet another necromancer. I like these clear designs a lot. This one is just tough to balance properly. Hard to do this on the card itself.
I think you are pretty close to the optimum in a vacuum.

sc4rs - Champion of the Cliffs

Finally a busted one again.
Ok cmc6 for a 3/3? That is busted? Yes.
Once you realize it is a beast and there is no "other" in its triggered ability.
So yes once you where able to pay for it, this dude machineguns down entire armies. It fights first, becoming a 6/6, you the untap it for another RG and let it fight again so it becomes a 9/9 with a decent chance of not dying to those two creature's damage.
Ironically once you have cleared their board it dies to Burn more easily.
Yes this is Doombladable. It doesn't have haste. It is just busted, not broken.
I have no better adhoc way of conveying your concept.
Beast warriors have existed in the past, but aren't really a thing anymore as far as I know.

I was positively surprised of it not being legendary.
But why the heck do beasts always fight about cliffs? Razz
(yes i know that land, keep your horses calm)

This card demands an answer fast, like yesterday. Or else it wrecks things. A funky whack on the side of the head, but with an iron pole. And the classic spikes, dirty ones. He doesn't even let the blood dry by waiting for the next turn to strike again.

Oh yeah that untap is quasi vigilance.
And do not get me started on a +3/+3 for an abundant type such as beast. Ok it doesn't protect against most mass removal. Fair to mention. But look at this. It doesn't even have to attack itself.

The double strike was dangerous already this would be too, but you had to add that fighting ability, which is pretty insane in combination with the trigger and untap.
Alone it would be fine. Then also on a cheaper or bigger creature.

Frozen_Fire - Archetype of Creativity

The other Archetypes granted their ability to all other creatures you control, why only enchantment ones here?
Because you wanted that +1/+1? Was I that misleading with my words? If so sorry, but there was no requirement to give the standard +1/+1.
Or were you aware of all the nuts interaction that exist with giving any creature all types.
Be it as it is. The limitation on enchantment creatures makes this card almost balanced. Most decks do not care all that much about the type of their creatures. It can come up, but Goyf is played for its stats.
Tribal decks will be hit hard by this.

I suggest adding a mana to the cost since the effect can be quite substantial. Most enchantment creatures don't care about their type either but you could bring in nonenchantment creature that do care about a lot of changelings.

This card has some things that need to be done about it.
It looks inconsistent next to the other archetypes.
Its bonus is mostly irrelevant for those who get it.
It is probably too cheap right now.
If you think about it. Asume you address the first issue. Cutting the +1/+1 and giving the bonus to all creatures you control.
The second two are solved by a single colorless mana.

To sum this up: Epic idea with some easy to do adjustments needed.

Balaviaris - Great Wall of Khan

An indestructible 0/7 for 3 with reach? And it makes other walls into darksteel roadblocks as well?
Ironically they most likely will not need that toughness pump if they can't be destroyed. Yes trample is a thing, but it comes up only so often.

A legendary wall had me giggle. I admit. Let's see if your prediction carries over into the actual KTK block. We will have to wait and see.

The facts as of right now are, that this card will stall forever and it is only getting worse with its friends coming for help.

general note in between:
This seems to be a more wide spread phenomenon amongst you guys. A lot of you are overprotective. Everything that you give your dude to survive makes everything else they do exponentially better.
And with rising quality of the protection the creature really stretches games to the end of time (those online discounts, damn them!)
I know it sucks playing something sweet and getting it blasted right away. But there are ways to protect stuff already in the game. Just use them.
You trade their removal for your protective spell. While that is a boring 1 for 1 you still got your dude! And it is doing its thing.
Also they have to have the answer.
My Wurmcoil Engines where famous for materalizing Orings on opponent's hands, but that is in the end superstition.
If you outright hinder them to interact in the first place you make the cards more powerful and your play skill less relevant.

pseudodespot - Sorry folks


Soundgarden - Tahngarth, Champion of the Herd

Thanks for your explanation.

Vigilance isn't in BR though.
It plays well with the tutor ability, too well.
I would really like this card if it were peanut butter or jelly.
Replace the vigilance with first strike. That solves three things.
One is the color pie issue. The next is that weird difference between his own abilities and the stuff he trains his herd in. And at last he can stay at this P/T for this cost.
A repetitive tutor has to come at a greater prize than just the eot tap of 3 permanents. Not attacking with your 4/4 for 5 is imho worthy.
I mean he is either on the war path OR looking for reinforcements. Both at the same time reeks of magical christmas land.

Also remember to mention that the card has to be revealed and the library shuffled.

Dr_Moo - Leader of the Flock

You also forget to mention to reveal the found card. But the shuffle is at least there.
This is a round and solid entry. Can't complain about anything. It is in its colors, well prized and conditional CA that can hardly get out of hand. Also it has no fear bubble around it.
The thing that made it not win was that its ability is that tiny bit inferior in its originality to the winner. Which is:

Frozen Fire
With Archetype of Creativity. Congratz!
In the end I valued your concept of type granting as the bonus as so much more creative! than your easy to fix inconsistencies, that you beat Dr_Moo by a small margin.
Third place is split between Bairdsy and isperia.

There were some major screw ups in this contest. That is new to me. You used to be better in this.

@Stucco: I really do not get what your card wants to do. If you don't mind, please explain. Thank you Smile
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Joined: 24 Apr 2008
Posts: 910

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 8:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm sorry, I see my card as a clock like a lot of other very good cards that need to be answered fast (Jace, Tarmo, Baneslayer...).

I wanted to do a WURGB that will see play, there isn't that much and he needs to stay on the battlefield a turn to activate his ability (that won't happen a lot on the 5th turn).

GG all!
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Level 4 Judge

Joined: 19 Mar 2005
Posts: 1402
Location: Weiterstad

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 9:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I indeed missed the part about symmetry.

I planned to make the card a reference to Robin Hood. Robin Hood itself has hexproof. The Sheriff of Nottingham will never catch him^^. The people who follow Robin Hood are guided through the terrain, this gives them nonbasic landwalk (but not hexproof).
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Level 2 Judge

Joined: 30 Jul 2007
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Woo! That's the second time I enter a CaC competition and my first win! Thanks pseudodespot! Next challenge is coming as soon as I finish writing the post, not sure if it has been done before (didn't follow CaC until recently) but I don't think so.
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Joined: 08 May 2011
Posts: 496

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 11:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thelemys wrote:
I'm sorry, I see my card as a clock like a lot of other very good cards that need to be answered fast (Jace, Tarmo, Baneslayer...).

I wanted to do a WURGB that will see play, there isn't that much and he needs to stay on the battlefield a turn to activate his ability (that won't happen a lot on the 5th turn).

GG all!

Without another god your card actually does absolutely nothing. Pretty bad for a 5 color mythic.
If it is turned on, it gets stupendously consistent and repetitive.
The biggest thing is that rules interaction, that zeus is not a god if he isn't a creature.
While it makes sense when you get it explained to you it isn't intuitive or obvious in any way.
Other gods have the same problem. You need to turn them on, to use the ability. But in that case you want to attack with them.
There is a certain difference between that issue and the minotaur lord in this contest.
The latter has to be balanced in itself. The gods are balanced already and we have to stack the tutor ability on them.
None of them need it. But once you have it working....
Also there are Changelings.
This Card needs a lot of work and when that is done no one enjoys the outcome.
It is another iteration of the emrakul dilemma.
Harmless before and pointless to resist after it hits play.
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Joined: 24 Apr 2008
Posts: 910

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2014 3:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I see your point. But finishers can be interesting, like a combo Creature.
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