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CaC 205 judged

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:49 pm    Post subject: CaC 205 judged Reply with quote

xJudicatorx: Short/Sweet

Playability) 1 limited weapons are "sweet", but I dont think it sees constructed.
Printability) 2 aggro craftiness is good times, and I like it at rare.
Originality) 1 split cards are not new
Rules) 2 Judi can read. hopefully everyone can.
Bonus) 1 I would have liked to see "a creature target player controls" you gotta give me a target somewhere.
Still I like the name and the short side alot.
Total: 8/10

Uroboros: Gatecrawler

Playability) 1 see Judi's entry
Printability)1.5 Limited fun, can take a game over in the right circumstances, or be a scavenge bear.
I think it should be uncommon
Originality) 1 Like the card, hate the name. I want to say gravecrawler when I read it
Rules) 2 Uroboros can read too!
Bonus)1 Fun with gates is worth a point to me

TOTAL: 6.5/10

CMA-Flippi: Seek Glory/Find Nature

Playability) 1.5 Huntmaster without the goods when fused, I thinks its funny.
Printability) 2
Originality) 1 still a split card. Im over them. Bears too.
Rules) 2
Bonus) 1 Bear. Knight. Meh. But it makes sense, so point I guess.

TOTAL: 7.5/10

Balaviaris: Finem Evolutionis

Playability) 2 Who wouldn't love to have this?
Printability) 0 Adding G and 1 more to the mana cost of C Command doesnt mean it should get to be a 3/4 too. Broken.The thought of this with Resto Angel made me puke a little bit.
Originality) .5 Added Cryptic Command to a 3/4.. pretty cool, not that original.
Rules) 2
Bonus) 1 The idea is sound. I would buy it at 1/4 and add "if its played from your hand".

TOTAL: 5.5/10

iSperia: Duskmantle Illusion

Playability) 2 love it
Printability) 2 Very good, but not overpowered.
Originality) 2 Just a damn cool card
Rules) 2
Bonus) 1.5 mechanics costing the opposite colors is great

Total: 9.5/10

Aule: Ledvar, Skycaptain

Playability) 2 Seems very strong
Printability) 2
Originality) 1 pretty standard planeswalker abilities are what you would expect
Rules) 2
Bonus) 1 Good starting loyalty, and I like the last ability

Total: 8/10

Bairdsy: Radiant Bear

Playability) 2 fog on a stick always good
Printability) 1.5 At first I wanted to say it was too good, a fog every turn that saves himself and friends from burn. But to use both it takes 6 and there is plenty to deal with it, certainly printable.
Originality) .5 Bear.
Rules) 2
Bonus) .5 for whatever reason it just doesnít make me love it. The Jesus looking bear in the pic ifs half point worthy though.

Total: 6.5/10

AxiomBlurr: Dimir Stalker

Playability) 2 a more decisive hippie specter lol.. powerful.
Printability) 1 too powerful. Im not sure but it screams I am too much card advantage.
Originality) .5 Name is vanilla, and flying as an ability follows criteria, but weakly.
Rules) 2
Bonus) .5 I kinda like the flavour, but im not loving the card

TOTAL: 6/10

Godica: Barter in Souls

Playability) 2 I want to find something wrong with it but I cant. With no creatures on your side it is very versatile removal, but at sorcery not insane. As the name suggests, trading a lingering souls token for a geist is a Ĺ I can live with too.
Printability) 2 Absolutely could see it printed.
Originality) 1.5 Love the card. Name is a bit of a rip and I would be interested in flavour on this.
Rules) 2
Bonus) 2 the more I look at it the more I like it

TOTAL: 9.5/10

Dr_Moo: Orzhov Archbishop

Playability) 2 Solid. Trickable. Thatís all I got to say about that.
Printability) 1.5 I can get behind the archbishop, but he should be rare I think.
Originality) 1.5 Syphon soul bear, or syphon soul aristocrat?.
Rules) 2 extort is nice I heard.
Bonus) 1.5 I could see myself playing this card.


Stucco: 9th District Justice

Playability) 1.5 great at killing biggies, tough trade for a BTE with a rancor.
Printability) 1.5 sure
Originality) 2 I like the idea
Rules) 2
Bonus) .5 Seems way out of place in his colors


Domine: Emmara Tandris

Playability) 1 an 8 cost 2/2? Not thinking so. Iíll still take angel of serenity. But in limited could win games I suppose.
Printability) 2 hot off the presses into the rare pile
Originality) 1.5 I do like the idea but I think you could have found a better body.
Rules) 2
Bonus) 1 like I said, idea is sound I think.


Aqualad33: Schizophrenic Illusionist

Playability) .5 Shit is crazy
Printability) 1.5 someone at R&D would get off on getting this printed.
Originality) 2 No denying this is wildly original.
Rules) 2
Bonus) 1 would have been higher if the izzet ability was random player, random card. Exile at controllers end. No reason the other 2 should involve you both and not that one.


Finalists are Godica and iSperia.

tough call, but got to give it to Godica.

Good job everyone and thank you for your entries
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