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u/g beatdown deck, need ideas for a side board

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Joined: 05 Feb 2005
Posts: 147

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:52 pm    Post subject: u/g beatdown deck, need ideas for a side board Reply with quote

// Deck file for Magic Workstation (

// Lands
6 [AVR] Forest (3)
6 [M13] Island (2)
4 [ISD] Hinterland Harbor
4 [GTC] Breeding Pool

// Creatures
4 [GTC] Cloudfin Raptor
4 [GTC] Wasteland Viper
4 [GTC] Slaughterhorn
4 [GTC] Metropolis Sprite
4 [ISD] Invisible Stalker

// Spells
4 [ISD] Spectral Flight
4 [M13] Rancor
4 [GTC] Simic Charm
4 [M13] Titanic Growth
4 [RTR] Giant Growth

the idea of the deck is to basically draw 1-2 lands in your mulligan, and play creatures that can't be blocked with enchatment and instant pumps. Its kind of a green and blue version of rdw or sligh, only without the fireball spells. anyway, i don't really know what to put in the sb, so if anyone has any ideas, please leave me some nfo, thanks, and if anyone tries it, have fun atking your opponent.
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Joined: 24 Nov 2012
Posts: 80

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My two cents about the mainboard:

Did you ever think about Brushstrider? I understand that he does not have any evasion on its own, but he has about the same stats as Slaughterhorn for one mana less. And i feel like he is better with Spectral Flight than lets say the Sprite or the Viper plus he always evolves the Raptor for another counter. I did not test the deck, so correct me if I'm wrong, but Cloudfin Raptor seems really weak to me. After the first evolve you only have Slaughterhorn to make him a 2/3, right? Again, I understand that he has evasion, but is he really better than lets say Jace's Phantasm that randomly could become a 5/5 flying in the lategame state when its a topdeckgame? Did you think about Wolfbitten Captive? Strangleroot Geist? Or maybe even Young Wolf?

Also I think I would cut another land: You only have 4 cards that cost more than two mana (Slaughterhorn) and its fine if you only get to bloodrush him, so you probably never want to draw more than two lands. I feel like you play too much pump-spells and not enough creatures with evasion. I would cut 2-3 pump-spells, add more creatures or go something crazy like Curiosity.


You probably want something like unsummon to tempo out against decks with early creatures that might block, against other aggressive decks to gain an advantage or even maybe against decks with spotremoval to save your creatures. For the same sake you can think about Dispel that counters every black removal spell, searing spear, Sphinx's Revelation, Azurious Charm and so on. Artful Dodge goes into the same direction - I'm not sure if there are early creature cards that you cant "overrun", but if there ever will you can think about that card. Ranger's Guile does also help your creatures against spotremoval.

Ultimately you could try something like Prey Upon against other aggressive decks/early blockers.

I would build a sideboard that looks somehow like this:

3x Unsommon
2x Dispel
2x Ranger's Guile
3x Prey Upon
2x Curiosity (against non-red controlish decks (bant, esper,...)
1x Wreath of Geists (against UWR-ish decks with spot- AND massremoval)
1x Bower Passage (against Lingering Souls)
1x Ground Seal (not sure if HumanReanimatorCombo is a good matchup or not - if its good, cut the Ground Seal, if its bad think about adding more!)
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Joined: 29 Mar 2012
Posts: 65

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Add White Lands and cut Blue creatures to make room for 4x Geist of Saint Traft
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Joined: 24 Nov 2012
Posts: 80

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Add White Lands and cut Blue creatures to make room for 4x Geist of Saint Traft

Don't do this, Geist is nearly an unplayable creature in the current T2 meta! Plus you would need to add more lands and better mana fixing and then you could play the bant-aura deck...
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Joined: 05 Feb 2005
Posts: 147

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:31 am    Post subject: thanks for ideas guys Reply with quote

I really want to keep this deck duel colored, I only play mono colored and duel colored decks. I am not really that good at muliganing, for 3 or more colored decks, so geist of sait thrast would be out of the picture. I have anouther thread up for u/w conntrol that has geist on the sb. I might bowers passage agaist flying decks, that does seem to be a good card. I would like to try wreath of geists, but I don't know if any the deck has enough creatures. Anyway, here is what I have for a sb so far:

// Sideboard
SB: 4 [GTC] Drakewing Krasis
SB: 4 [GTC] Fathom Mage
SB: 4 [GTC] Shambleshark
SB: 3 [M13] Downpour

as for the main board, I will probly not change anything, fefestars, you gave some tips on changing the main board, but the advice you gave would ruin the play strategy. I was trying to use blood ryush creatures, so I could have a pump for hands with too manny creatures, and also have a stand alone creature for hands with too little. Anyway, bowers passage, was a good idea, I think I will add that to my sb agaist decks with flyers in them, I might take out fathom mage or something for that. Anyone have any other ideas please let me know.
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