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here is my U/w control deck, i need help with it's sideboard

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Joined: 05 Feb 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:21 pm    Post subject: here is my U/w control deck, i need help with it's sideboard Reply with quote

// Deck file for Magic Workstation (

// Lands
8 [AVR] Plains (2)
8 [M13] Island (2)
4 [RTR] Hallowed Fountain
4 [M13] Glacial Fortress

// Creatures
2 [AVR] Avacyn, Angel of Hope

// Spells
4 [M13] Essence Scatter
4 [M13] Rewind
4 [AVR] Amass the Components
2 [M13] Oblivion Ring
4 [RTR] Detention Sphere
4 [ISD] Dissipate
4 [RTR] Cancel
4 [RTR] Supreme Verdict
4 [RTR] Sphinx's Revelation

// Sideboard
SB: 2 [M13] Oblivion Ring
SB: 3 [AVR] Outwit
SB: 4 [M13] Negate
SB: 4 [M13] Arctic Aven
SB: 2 [AVR] Fettergeist

This is my U/w control deck. The main deck is pretty solid. The idea is to counter and use o ring and detention to kill creatures and plainswalkers until you can cast angel of hope. The combination of angel of hope and supreme verdict is really good. I just need to work on its sideboard. If anyone can help me with some good cards that would slot well on the sb, I would be much abliged, I don't really want to change the main deck. I added outwit and negate for burn decks, but couldn't think of any other cards to fill a sidebboard slots, the extra o rings and artic ave and fettergeist have not been used, I just added them with thoughts that I might need some extra creatures, If anyone can help me with some cards to fill slots on my sb, I would be very thankful, Anyway, if anyone tries the deck on mws, I hope they have fun with it.
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Joined: 24 Nov 2012
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 11:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


did you try this deck against some aggressive decks? I dont see how you can ever beat Zombies with a Cavern in play. Or the Bant-Aura deck since it plays weenie creatures with cheap enchantments. You counter one, they play just another one. And when they play Cavern into Geist you have to rip one of your four outs or you can just concede?

Only 2 Angels as a wincondition main seems pretty weak and against a Slaughter Games postboard you instantly lose. I don't know man, I obviously didnt try your list but on paper it looks really like it has a lot of bad matchups against T1 decks.

I would suggest to skip some counterspells and add Terminus in main and - if you dont wanna play 4 mainboard - the rest into the sideboard. You also need more winconditions, that's why most UW decks usually have some Jaces in the sideboard to win the game with mill. And I feel like you'd need more than 24 lands to ensure your mana flow - i would add 2 or 3 Ghost Quarter to have some outs against Cavern. With just 24 lands and no real carddraw you just stop playing lands at turn four or five. But you want to play lands until turn ten so you can play a massive Sphinx's Revelation and just win the game. You dont want to play it for one or two cards. Plus you have only 4 other carddraw spells and they are at sorcery speed - why not add some Azorious Charms and/or Think Twice instead? You are trying to counter everything in the first 8 rounds or so, so you probably will never tap out on turn 4/5/6 to cast Amass the Components and just lose against a fetty.

Also Snapcaster seems like a good idea - it recycles your counterspells or your Supreme Verdicts and give you a clock/another blocker if needed. And you should think about Augur of Bolas: Its a good blocker and finds you everything you might need.

If you dont want to change your main at all, that's the sideboard you should probably use:

3x Terminuns (against everythig that plays more than 2 creatures in the first five turns)
3x Jace, Memory Adept (against midrange and control)
2x Negate
1x Dispel
2x Rest in Peace
2x Dramatic Rescue (gives you time and life against aggro decks)
2x Ghost Quarter (against Cavern, Wolf Run and other problematic lands)
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Joined: 05 Feb 2005
Posts: 147

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:09 pm    Post subject: thanks for the help Reply with quote

alright I added ghost quarter to the sb, in case of screwed up lands that come in.
the sb is this so far that I am testing

2 oblivion ring
4 outwit
4 ghost quarter
4 negate
1 dispel

i thought about terminus, but I didn't think it would work well with Avacyn. so I didn't add it. Any way, if anyone else has some ideas, I would be very glad to hear them
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