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Create a Card 101 Judged

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:26 am    Post subject: Create a Card 101 Judged Reply with quote

Time to judge the entries after a busy weekend for me.

JacobMatthew wrote:
Rumship Captain
Creature - Drunken Pirate

Rumship Captain comes into play tapped.
Drunken Pirates you control get +1/+1 and have "T: Gain control of target artifact or non-basic land as long as you control a Drunken Pirate."
Non-Basic Landfall - Put a 1/0 blue Drunken Pirate creature token into play tapped under your control.


"Me maties are a real dumb bunch", he hiccupped, "but they'll do anything for the booty.."

Not bad for a joke card and in silverborder land Drunken might work as a creature type and leaving out Human could work. When i looked at it first the card even had Islandhome. If you intended to go that way maybe you should have gone full on silver and have the cost be. "Take a shot" or something.
For a real tournament card it seems really complicated for not much reward for the "complexity points" even if Non-Basic Landfall is an interesting evolution of the mechanic.
It fits the topdown part of the challenge with the captain recruiting Pirates as he lands on new places. Those pirates must be serious alcoholics too, since they die when they sober up. Works with the idea of a crew needing a captain. I think it could have been represented without being a lot of X/0.
The card would really depend on context too, how many non-basic lands are played? Are there many effects that change creature type?

Jacois wrote:
The Plank 2
Artifact *Rare*
Sacrifice a creature : Creatures you control gain +2/+2 until end of turn. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
It doesn't matter who walks it matey, it matters who watches.

A solid rare that did not go the way of tribal associations like many other entries did and still shows of a well known trope of the genre. The effect does not seem too broken, just good, I think. Sure it is kind of a colorless Overrun thing but without the added evasion. Seems nice for the rarity and fits the flavor.

cloysterd wrote:
Captain's Parrot (Uncommon)
Creature - Bird


Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, you may untap target creature you control.

"SQUAWK! Throw 'em in the brig! Throw 'em in the brig!"

Well done entry you can imagine as a beloved card with the flavortext and some good artwork. It is a solid role player uncommon for limited and still without being too splashy tells a story. It is a bad sad how ugly the trigger becomes with planeswalkers in it, makes the sentence look longer and more complicated.

EMA wrote:
One for all W / All for One W (split card) - uncommon

One for All (W)


As an additional cost to cast One for All, tap an untapped creature you control. Other creatures you control get +1+1 until the end of turn.

All for One (W)


Tap any number of untapped creatures: until the end of turn, target creature gains first strike and +x+x, where x is equal to the number of creatures tapped this way.

I like this one very much. It fits the genre without being only about the Pirate aspect (which sure is compelling) so that makes it stick out. It also serves to make combat a little more like the swordsplay in Swashbuckling novels and films, where they always pull some maneuvers and tricks. The double sided ness of the card and the cost of tapping creatures makes it able to be anticipated if you read your opponent and his board to catch the trick, while the two sides also make it easier to conceal in a way.
The All for one half could work without first strike maybe but that makes it better if you play it with zero or only one creature to tap and adds another dimension to the trick in playing it without creatures to tap. Not sure how much that helps the flavor of All for One though.

Ffancrzy wrote:
Mutiny 3RR
Sorcery R

Target opponent chooses a creature they control. Gain control of all other creatures that player controls until the end of turn. Untap those creatures. Those creatures gain haste until end of turn.


Interesting version of that effect and sure a powerful one. Has to be played at the right time, when all creatures the opponent controls are tapped. Good way to represent a Mutiny of course and very well fitting the genre. Something that would be a bomb in limited and had to be tested if it was fun or just too swingy.

huntergatsby wrote:
Jean Laffite, Buccaneer of the Gulf 2RU

Legendary Creature-Human Pirate (Mythic Rare)

Hexproof; First Strike

Whenever a spell targets a pirate creature you control, you may copy it and choose new targets.


"With wine, songs, and women shootin' pistols in the street-
we all raise our glasses to our Captain, Jean Laffite.--an old pirate song.

A legendary Pirate sure fits the genre challenge and he does some legendary stuff. The First strike with a high power and low thoughness also fits the fighting style of fencing used in swashbuckling. He enables some mean combos with multiple Pirates and a spell to copy between them. Like a giant growth. Maybe shroud would have been better than hexproof to make it harder to go infinite, but it could be very much of a powerlevel issue anyway. If i am wrong about the whoel infinite copies thing the effect might be too complicated or at least would need a few notes in the FAQ. It is a nice thing for a Lord to do, like and all upside Prescursor Golem and fits the Pirate stealing things theme if the spell comes from your opponents.
A very powerful card with the dangerous Hexproof ability that I personally would not want on a combo enabler. Combos fit the cards colors well as do Pirates I think and players would want a powerful tribal lord for Pirates in a swashbuckling set.
So I am not happy with the card as it is or as I understand it but I like the ideas behind it and can still see how it fits my challenge.

Adderfist wrote:
Flying under another flag 2UB
Enchantment (U)
Human Pirates gain "This can not be blocked by non-pirate creatures"

Another one for fun Razz
Krakken 6UUU
Creature- Krakken (MR)
When ~ deals damage to a pirate gain control of it as long as ~ is in play.

Uno Mas.
Davey Jones Locker 3B
Destroy target creature, If it's a pirate put it into play under your control. It gains the creature type zombie and Islandwalk.

The Pirate tribal special! For the bonus cards I like Davey Jones Locker with the added tribal rider and turning Pirates into Zombie sure would be liked. The Kraken I don't like as much, the hate ability does not seem like it is worth it and if Pirates are blue Islandwalk allready hoses their deck.
For the actual card the changing of flags and deception fits the colors well and too is a part of the genre and something Pirates would do. They are similar to Rogues and are mean bastards often with cunning plans. So putting them in blue and black is a reasonable choice. They could be in other colors as well maybe, because other pirates are shown as more of an impulsive and angry lot. Unsure about the "Human Pirate" thing but it works with being able to appear as regular crewmen. But then it should be Human Non-Pirates as well for the similarity. That might make the effect too weak perhaps. As it is a falter effect that sticks around usually is powerful but can fit at uncommon.
Not the most impressive entry but not bad either.

axman wrote:
Charge of Heroism WWW
Instant -- Rare
Untap all creatures you control. Until end of turn, prevent all damage that would be dealt to creatures you control.
"Such valor..." Man in the Iron Mask

A very white heavy combat trick that can blow out your opponent for sure, so rare seems to be right. Leaving open three white can give a hint. It works on the attack also if you want to keep your weenie swarm alive when you swing into bigger blockers or creatures that would usually trade.
A heroic battle against all odds is genre appropriate for sure and this card represents it reasonably well. I said above how I liked combat tricks to represent this genre so this card falls in there too. It is a trick that would most likely not be trumped by other tricks but that is okay for a rare costed like this and also for Heroism winning in the end, which is part of swashbuckling too.

Gademis wrote:
Queen's Flagship WW2

Legendary Creature - Ship (R)

As long as you control another Ship, Queen's flagship has Hexproof.

Whenever a creature that was dealt damage by a ship you control dies, put a +1/+1 counter to all ships you control.

"Slay these wretched outlaws and thou shall be rewarded" Queen Eliseanna VII


Yeah bringing back Ships as a creature type is a reasonable choice and a flagship is a good thing to represent. But it should have a name or not be legendary!
Hexproof is a powerful ability but less so with this condition. It is not very white though. The flagship being protected by the fleet is nice flavor and I like that.
The next ability is also not really fitting into white, it is most often seen on black creatures like Sengir Vampire and sometimes on green. It's a very powerful ability too.
What I like about this card is that it is a lord benefitting from having others of it's tribe around as well as giving them bonusses. The flavortext with the Queen's name is nice too.
I dislike the permanent bonus effect from a flagship, I think the fleet should get weaker once it is sunken. Also the colorpie violation. This card could be Green/Black and seem more fitting for it's abilities but maybe not for being a Queen's Flagship. Well depending on the Queen in flavor of course.
All in all this is not an entry I rate high.

pseudodespot wrote:
Crested Rapier {2}

Artifact - Equipment (uncommon)

Equipped creature gets +2/+0 and has first strike.

Equip - {2}

My Grandfather back in the old days used to shed honorable blood with this. Today there is no honor. Just your blood. All of it.

Good flavor for a rather basic card and set of abilities that still fit. I like first strike to represent swordsman ship and the power bonus goes well with it. The flavortext with references to honor also fits the theme well and (depending on world building) is really cool in tone too. With that big a powerbonus the card might be slightly undercosted. No-Dachi did the same thing and this is strictly better. But depending on the environment and how powerful first strike is it could be allright. Nothing that hurts it greatly.
A good entry.

Stucco wrote:
Davey Jones Locker..............................................................................5
Legendary Artifact................................................................................R

Whenever a nontoken creature dies exile it instead. Then put a copy
of that creature onto the battlefield under your control, it is a spirit
creature in addition to it's other creature types and has haste.
Sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step.

Rumor has it that the souls of those lost at sea wander the Seven
Seas thirsty for their past life, a thirst never to be satiated.

Another way to do Davey Joneses locker in this contest, making it something big and legendary might be fitting it more and the legendary rules also help to avoid confusion that would occure with multiples in play, so a good choice.
A Johnny card that can be doubly powerful with sacrifice effects and also makes players change the timing of their removal to pre combat on their or post combat on their opponents turns. So interesting in play.
It also seems magical as well as swashbucklery. For complete flavorwin a little bit is missing though especially with the flavor text. Since the spirits are bound forever and can't ever satisfy their thirst it makes less sense to have them disappear at end of turn.
All in all a good entry with a minor kink.

KnowN wrote:
Damsel in Distress - 1WW
Creature - Human (Rare)

Other Creatures you control get +3/+2.
When Damsel in Distress goes to the graveyard from the battlefield, destroy all other creatures you control.

Though a man may have accepted a damsel in due form, he may abandon her if she be blemished, diseased, or deflowered, and if she have been given with fraud.
But take caution, she may bite thy donkey like a female hound.


Fitting the genre for sure but printing something Wizards said they do not want, even by name. +3/+2 is a big bonus but it comes of a big risk too. The bonus is motivation for you to protect the damsel and really brings you a good step closer to winning and gives your opponents reasons to put her in danger. So that gives the game a narrative that fits the genre and the trope. Even playing her as an overrun against a tapped out opponent fits the trope, since often the story is over once the Damsel has been found.
Not sure if giving her power is the right choice to represent a Damsel in Distress, those often are rather helpless.
The flavortext I dislike too and in combination with how it would break Wizards policy on gender roles it does feel less like a magic card that could be printed. So those are some minus points even if I like the mechanics.

sc4rs wrote:
Duel To The Death
Each player sacrifices a creature. If you sacrifice a creature in this way, Duel To The Death deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to each opponent.
The combatants fought until their last breaths, bound by honor to never yield.

Wanted to involve the new keyword "fight" somehow but I couldn't make it work. This is much simpler and more elegant, but has less of the "feel" I wanted. Ah well!

A Duel to the Death sure is in genre and should be represented on a card and fitting fight in there would have been awesome. But even with sacrificing it resonates. A card forcing all players to sacrifice something that breaks it's own symmetry and is all upside almost all of the times is a nice thing and would sure be well liked in multiplayer and more so by more casual players that dislike sacrificing their own things. The costing with stapeling a Fling to an Innocent Blood is appreciated too. It could have been all black probably replacing damage with loss of life but also fits Red and Black well.
Good entry and a card that works on many levels.

MassO wrote:
The Booty (2U)

Enchantment (Rare)

U,tap: Draw a card and untap target permanent

Sacrifice The Booty if you have tapped The Booty more than three times
this turn.

"I found you and I will keep using you." - Jack Sparrow to The Booty

Tapping the booty jokes aside this card seems brokenly powerful and undercosted. Drawing way too much cards for a only pretend downside. The ability to untap any permanent makes it even more outragous. If you draw cards it plays like Snow Mercy.
Blue enchantments representing treasures by card drawing is an old thing and should be in a set about swashbuckling probably, a treasure should be in there for sure. But this card is not the way to do it.
Even as a joke card I would rate it behind the Drunken Pirates.

boricuaheat wrote:
Fort El Morro
land U

1wT: put a 1/1 conquistador token into the battlefield
1rT:deal 3 Damage to target pirate

"we cannot let the pirate take the Fountain of Youth from us"
Juan Ponce de Leon

Another anti Pirate card. Red and direct damage representing the cannons of a fort is cool and all, a bit much of an uncommon hoser in a set that would probably have a lot of Pirates in it. If most of them had a toughness greater than 4 maybe it would be allright as a repeatable effect on a land. The Conquistador creature type could be something else but hints at a new world being discovered, so not a bad thematic choice here. The ability is way too powerful for that cost especially on a common. This land would be one of the most annoying control cards in a format including it.
The flavortext hinting at a bigger plot is not bad but for a top down design I would have rather seen this card being the fountain of youth or the text relating to a fort.
One of the worse entries.

Balaviaris wrote:
Prison del Morro

Legendary Land - Mythic

Tap: Exile target creature with a time counter on it. If it doesn't have suspend, it gains suspend.

Tap: Put a time counter on target card exiled with Prison del Morro.

Everything, even freedom, has its price.

Lands that do not produce mana are not done very often any more but for a mythic it can be excused. Suspend is also something that would not come back probably.
The flavor however works great. Prisons are often part of the swashbuckling genre and suspending creatures is a great way to represent that.
In play this card gives you lots of choices. Like when to use it, remove a blocker and have it be back the next turn with haste? Keep it open to save your own guy? Let a creature come back and have see if it attacks again before you exile or keep it imprisoned? Maybe a mana ability, adding another choice would have been allright.
The compexity is high, as is the powerlevel but both could be defended on a mythic. It might be a little too much like Maze of Ith to be printable and sure would be one of the more expensive cards in it's set.
The ability to remove your own creature and wanting that is a bit of a flavor disconnect. Because representing a prison it should be a bad thing to happen to a creature and not something that saves it. (Or maybe I am forgetting swashbuckling stories where people were imprisoned for their own good and where it did not backfire on the guy imprisoning them)

nyth wrote:
Swivel Gun 3 Artifact

Swivel gun does not untap during upkeep

1R tap Swivel Gun deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

2R untap Swivel Gun this may only be done during any end step.

"Load up the 2 pounders mates, There's booty on that there ship."[/b]

Cannons are a good thing to have and part of the genre, they often are represented on Magic cards too. Even if handguns aren't. Good piratey flavor in the text and nice mechanic representing the slowness of cannons. With enough mana you can machinegun in the end steps but the costs seem high enough. Repeatable removal is powerful as is a source of repeatable source of damage against an opponent. A good card and a good entry.

GunsAndDope wrote:
Captain Sisay, Ethereal Explorer | 1GWU
Planeswalker - Sisay (Mythic)

+1: Put a 1/1 white Sailor token into play with Swashbuckling 1 (Creature gets +1/+1 if a Ship is in play).

-2: Search your library for a legendary card, reveal it, and put it in your hand. Then shuffle your library.

-3: You get a token that says, "Ships you control have hexproof."



To elaborate on the Swashbuckling mechanic, I'll show an example of a ship card. (But this isn't my entry)

Ghost Ship | 1UB
Creature - Ship (Rare)

Shipcraft (Cannot attack unless defending player controls an island that could produce blue mana.)

When pirate ship enters the field, choose one: target player reveals their hand and you choose a non-land, non-creature card and they discard it, or scry 2.


Warship | 3WW
Creature - Ship (Rare)


When Warship enters the field, search your library for 4 sailor-type creatures with cmc of 2 or less, reveal them, then put them to your hand.


I will not rate your example cards or let them influence the rating but I do not like them much in flavor or powerlevel.
I am no storyline buff so I can't say how much this card fits Captain Sisay, putting in one of Magic's most famous sea (or sky) faring characters sure is a good idea and an airship still is something you can do swashbuckling things on.
Putting the mechanic from Sisays legendary card on there is a good nostalgia choice and -2 seems like a cost that is allright for it. Also gathering your friends and allies, recruiting your crew and stuff like that is very in genre. With the same reason producing tokens is a nice choice too. Mooks that die to the strike of a sword are in genre, so 1/1 is a good size. The ability however seems unneeded and tagged on. It is underwhelming to be named after the concept at the very core of the set (and this challenge) Parasitic in a way that Soulshift was. You did not do yourself a favor by including it and the ability does not need it to be use- and powerful.
The token should probably be an emblem but that is just wording. Another parasitic ability even more so than the other two and for ships that in your design do not really need Hexproof. They are mostly spells that do something upon entering the battlefield and then stick around to punish your opponent for playing Islands (that produce blue mana, useless wording again). Uncounterable might be a better choice or something else. It is an underwhelming ultimate. Probably costed right though, you can activate it the turn Sisay enters play. That breaks the expectation of leveling to the ultimate and is not worth it. Also hexproof on an emblem is really annoying. This does not seem fun to play. It represents a good captain flavorwise, so that is a bit of a silve lining.
A planeswalker is something not bound to a single place, still you choose a set of abilities that only works under the circumstances of a single set with the creature type of Ship, that probably is not very exciting to players and won't return in great masses. Legendary creatures are printed often, sailors coming with Sisay to worlds are flavorful. But tieing two abilities to Ships seems like a bad idea.
All in all I would consider this design a failure and wasted potential.

CharlesT wrote:
Pirate Fleet - 2UUU
Creature - Ship (Rare)
Vigilance, Islandwalk, Shroud
When ~ enters the battlefield, exile all other creatures you control. Put X +1/+1 counter on ~, where X is the total manacost of those creatures.
Remove a +1/+1 counter from ~ : Put a 1/1 Blue Pirate creature token on the battlefield. You may only activate this ability as a sorcery.

This is an all in card but sure is powerful and with the three keyworded abilities hard to beat especially in a blue mirror. The ability to remove counters and make tokens might put it over the top even as sorcery. If your opponent does not have an instant speed sacrifice effect.
It is a reason for blue to play creature heavy decks, which is not seen all too often. So that is kinda cool. Flavorwise putting all your ships in one place and getting something more powerful makes sense also.
Minor nitpick. It should say "total converted mana cost" instead of only saying "total mana cost".
All in all I'd say a mediocre entry.

poolsclosed wrote:
Blunderbuss - 2
Artifact - Equipment (Uncommon)

Equipped creature has "T: Blunderbuss deals 2 damage to target creature; this creature doesn't untap during your next untap step."

Equip- 3

"You can take an arrow and live, hell, you can take a few if you're lucky..."

A handgun in Magic, nothing they would do lightly but very fitting for the setting. The ability, if nothing too suprising fits a slow loading rifle.
Probably costed right comapred to Heavy Arbalest, not hitting players and only machine gunning every second turn.
Not a fancy entry, not a fancy card. But well within what I asked for.

Lostwanderer wrote:
Sword of Pirates and Navy 3
Equiped creature hs +2/+2 protection from Black and protection from Blue.
Whenever equiped creatures deals combat damage to a player, target creature gets -0/-3 until the end of turn and you may return target creature to it's owners hand.
Equip 2

Yeah, it's a sword. Those are powerful. Both abilities handle creatures, one destroying them outright, the other bringing them back to hand.
Special and well crafted swords are fitting for the setting we are going for and so good equipment representing them is a reasonable choice. Still the naming is nothing I really like. Usuall the swords have Sword of [concept] and [concept], so something like maybe "Sword of Valor and Villaney" would have been better or "Pity and Punishment" for this abilities, so you can guess which of the words relates to which ability. Because on the other swords you usually can. For example War would be the dealing damage part and Peace the gaining life.
There was potential in a sword but you did not find it.

khara wrote:
saltwater crocodile 2GG
creature - crocodile (uncommon)


Pirates can't attack

"hey captain... do you hear that something,
tick-tock-tick-tock!!" - peter pan


*something just for*

Fun is a good thing and even fitting the genre, not a grim dark one Wink Yet another anti-pirate card too. If this thread was a design file we would have to cut those down.
It represents the story it is supposed to represent well, so not a bad topdown design at all. Maybe Intimidate would have been enough of an ability, since it makes pirate decks (if those aren't green) almost completely useless. So too much of a hoser to be fun in play.

pg8 wrote:
Pirate Ship 4U
Creature -- Human Pirate (Rare)
Pirate Ship can't attack unless defending player controls an Island.
When you control no Islands, sacrifice Pirate Ship.
{T}: Pirate Ship deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

A reprint worth looking at for a swashbuckling set. Unfortunatly the pinging is nothing blue gets any more. Good find though and if the pinging represents cannons (shown in art in that case) even more flavorful. Being useful without your opponents having Islands is a cool thing for a card with those ristrictions and the restrictions work well for a Ship that of course is only useful at sea. The card is flavorful enough that it might get a pass and get reprinted (at rare). But I expected people to design their own cards, so you won't be winning with this. But you wouldn't be if this was your own design either.

ck3gds wrote:
Sunken Treasures 3

Artifact (rare)

Whenever a blue creature enters the battlefield, you may put a treasure counter on Sunken Treasures or remove a treasure counter from it, then that creature's controller gains control of Sunken Treasures.

When Sunken Treasures has five or more treasure counters on it, sacrifice it. If you do, for each blue creature you control, you gain 5 life and you draw a card.

"I lost so many men, so many guns, so much booze, so much gold...for THIS?!"

Treasure is genre appropriate and the adding counters reminds of the quest cards in Zendikar, that were designed to represent something like the search for treasure. So a fitting choice of mechanics. An artifact is a clever way to give blue lifegain without it looking like you are breaking the colorpie I guess. But I think this might be more fun if it could trigger of of any creature and then it would not be breaking the pie for real and not only hiding it. I like the switching back and forth, representing who is on top at the race to find the treasure. Very good narrative on a card, manages to tell the plot of many a swachbuckling movie. To get this interaction going more leaving out the blue would be even more important. (The number of counters could be adjusted)

AxiomBlurr wrote:
Cat o' Nine Tails (W/B)(W/B)

Artifact - Equipment (Mythic)

Equipped creature gains intimidate.

1(W/B), put a -1/-1 counter on equipped creature: Target creature gets -3/-3 until end of turn.

(W/B), sacrifice equipped creature: Draw a card.

Equip - 1

Overcome ye fear to maim, to injure beyond recovery...Aye to kill...Or turn the cat upon ye self. - Dread Commandant's Punishment Manual, Pg 3.

Cat o' nine tails details:

Fearsome naval punishments are a trope in the genre as well and there are quite a few scenes where the hero withstands torture in the movies. So this fits. -1/-1 counters representing torture also has been established with the card of that name.
Not sure if making this a colored artifact and a hybrid at the same time was necessary and it has lots of abilities. They make sense in a way reading the flavortext. But the equipped creature damaging itself with the whip every time it hits might not be what should be represented on the definite Cat o Nine Tails card. Intimidate is a great choice and some kind of pinging ability fits a whip.
The whole card is a powerful card drawing and removal engine and I am not sure if I like it's powerlevel. Putting it at Mythic could pose problems with players expecting some kind of symmetry, as in other artifacts of enemy hybrid colors.
I also have problems seeing how the mechanics are white. Not a color that puts many -1/-1 counters, neither one that is good at drawing cards or one that likes to sacrifice. -X/-X is nothing you see on many white cards either. Hybrids should be something that would fit in either color.
All in all not an entry I like.

Cloysterd with Captain's Parrot

Runner ups: Jacois with The Plank, EMA with One for All / All for One, sc4rs with Duel to the Death
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