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BG Glissa

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Joined: 11 Jul 2005
Posts: 100

PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:52 pm    Post subject: BG Glissa Reply with quote

I came up with this deck after reading conleys article on BG Glissa control and heres the list I came up with:

4x birds of paradise
1x llanowar elves
4x glissa
4x strangleroot
3x bloodline keeper
1x metamorph
1x sylvok replica

3x ratchetbomb
2x cures of deaths hold
2x garruk relentless
2x liliana of the veil
2x oblivion ring
1x doomblade
4x tragic slip
2x tribute to hungar
1x nihil spellbomb

4x woodland cemetary
2x sunpetal grove
1x isolated chapel
1x plains
8x forest
7x swamp

3x sugical extraction
2x nihil spellbomb
2x autums veil
1x sylvok replica
1x gft
3x despise
1x naturalize
1x ratchet bomb
1x ???

i went 4-1 on gameday
R1: tokens 2-1
R2: zombies 2-0
R3: Humans 0-2
R4: titans 2-1
R5: Jund (GBR) Homebrew (grave titan oliva huntamanster) 2-0

the main things i learned we that I have aloth of trouble dealing with mirran crusader and metamorph is really good with glissa. here is the new list im playing i wouldnt mind having opinions on both builds and if anyone wants to playtest and post some comments that would be apprciated:

3x perilous myr
4x glissa
2x metamorph
1x replica
3x bloodline keepers
1x acidic slime

4x tragic slip
2x garruk relentless
3x ratchet bomb
1x mortarpod
2x BSZ
3x GSZ
1x GFT
1x nihil spellbomb
1x doomblade

4x woodland cemetary
1x island
1x hinterland harbor
1x evolving wilds
9x forest
8x swamp

perilous myr and BSZ are answers for crusader and myr has better synergy with glissa. liliana is kinda slow without birds and i felt she didnt perfrom as well as garruk (alone, they are great together.). GSZ gets geist which puts major beats that i didnt expect which is also good with metamorph, and GSZ gets glissa online which tends to turn games in my favor.GFT is another removal since i took out oring tribute and liliana. i dont want more than 1 doomblade cuz of all the zombies but it hits nexus which is why its a +1 over GFT. mortar pod is good for turning on morbid for tragic slip and with the deathtouch tokesn becomes a machine gun.

any comments on the new or old version or if youve playtested something and want to share feel free. Just want to brainstorm the decks matchups and potentiall problems with the new version
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Joined: 11 Jul 2005
Posts: 100

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i guess my only response would be that the deck doesnt need glissa to win, it just has favorable interactions when she is on the field. I feel like the deck can answer most of the stuff you mentioned. Even tho delver bounces/kills glissa (via vapor snap phantasmal image) ratchet bomb still does a nice job at clearing there field as well as BSZ. Tragic slip kills just about all of there creatures except giest/dungeon geist premorbid. and BSZ can handle him not to mention I can just block him, assuming they dont have tempo hand that bounces all my dudes.

I actually tend to have a pretty good matchup against zombies because even without interactions glissa is still a 3/3 first strike deathtouch which is why she tends to hurt Titans (minus Inferno which people are runngin less of). the main board nihil can help alot with the undying and gravecrawlers and SB surgicals and extrabombs also help.

I think the newer version will be better equipt to deal with crusader, overall the humans matchup isnt bad because glissa is hard to deal with for them except fiend hunter which usualy gives me a 2 for 1 when i kill it then block somthing with glissa.

overall I think I have the advantage in creature based matchup. I did do some testing last night vs UB control which tend to just smash me. Im not sure how to side since they dont really do anything except stop me from winning.maybe thrun for beats but in order to win I really need to drop early stangleroots.

I dont want to seem like im not taking you point into account cuz your right most decks can deal with glissa cheaper than what i pay to play her/interact but even by her self she is a 3/3 firststrike deatouch which hurts ppl. and if they deal with her GSZ fetches another one and sometime I want them to deal with her because I have another one in hand so getting her removed just to cast her again helps my card advantage. but i see your tempo point, i cast her for 3 they kill her for 2 then i GSZ for 4 getting her back. Ive lost alot of tempo 7 mana to there 2 or similar with snag.

The one ofs are good in more matchups than they are bad, they just dont warrent playing more that 1 of.

doomblade/GFT- i dont like my removal to be too narrow that I lose to Mono B, or tempered/nexus

Replica/slime-few matchups dont have a single artifact or enchanment i wouldnt want to hit. (nexus oring intanglble virture honor the pure sword morrland haunt -slime)

spellbomb have less interaction thatn the others but does give me a card advantage with gillas on NON-gy decks that have creatures and vs control it gets rid of FB havengul targets, stops undying ect.

mortarpod im not really sure of, I was throwing around the idea before gameday but didnt really get a chance to test. I like it cuz of the previously mentioned post but against big creature decks it dosnt do much unless i have garruk deathouch tokens or i get it out t2 to kill mana producers or champions which is unlikley since i have only 1.

each of the singltons have 1-2 additionals SB except mortar pod that come in vs particular matchups. to mark mortar pod better some ppl are running gravecrawler cuz glissa is a zombie but i dont really like the idea, puts too much pressure on having out on the feild every turn.

this deck was orginally design to just wreck tokens with glissa/ratchet bomb and 2x curse md (and do ok vs delver) but im trying to spread it to do better against a larger range of decks.

dont want to seem like im being critical of your post Engrishskill ive read read alot of your post on other decks and value your opinion.
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