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Joined: 05 Sep 2004
Posts: 1201

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 3:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well.... I don't have anything negative to say. Looks quite good.

I guess I don't like the Memory's Journal, I would prefer Elixir of Immortality. I understand and acknowledge the pros and cons of each, so it's personal preferance.

This reminds me very much of a UG deck I've been working on. I always had/have trouble with creatures. Adding black is a great way to solve it. I'm just a big pussy when it comes to manabases and prefer to keep the colours to a minimum if possible. I am tempted to add some more black lands just for the doom blades. That card is just so good right now.

Anyways, nice deck.
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Joined: 28 Apr 2009
Posts: 53

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

How are you liking Druidic Satchel w/o ponder?

I mean, I am by all means not a ponder fan, but it feels to me like those cards come hand in hand. (I haven't really played each without the other)

Also, isn't dismember out of the meta by this point? I'd play a singleton go for the throat probably.

I'd probably cut the Blue Zeniths too, one of them at least. Divinations is impressively a decent card currently, if you play 2 of them or the sort (plus makes up for some snapcaster fun late-game. Nearly a mulldrifter)

A couple liliana's also sound quite fit?
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Joined: 31 Aug 2004
Posts: 579

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

satchel is pretty terrible in the current format. I know, because I play it in every deck.

Your mana base is absolutely terrible also. Your testing has failed you in some capacity, because as it is its unplayable. Again, I know because I jam UGx garruk decks all the time, and 5 colorless lands is too many. I play 1 and am rethinking it. You also only have 24 lands and you might want 25.

In all honesty this deck is absolutely gross. Unplayable.
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Joined: 31 Aug 2004
Posts: 579

PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

28 is WAYYYYYYYYYYY too many.

There is one or two do nothing control decks, but 80% of any meta is proactive decks. If your meta is ALL slow decks, then this deck is still bad because in that meta you would want to play the slowest deck with the most over the top stuff.

i miscounted i think, it looks like you have 27 in your original list. I would cut all the buried ruin from it and run it like that.

blue zenith is just not worth it in this deck. Sometimes you get satchel, maybe get a hit with sword and draw 7 cards... but usually you're going to mulligan your opener because you have it. I think cutting it and dissipate would go a long way to make your mana base at least passable.

if you have that many black sources, you don't ever need dismember. Just doom blades is better almost every time.

You need a focus in this deck. You're trying to be half Cuneo blue white, half UB control and half Flores red....With garruk. 3 halves don't make a whole.
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