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Wolf Run list

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Joined: 28 Sep 2008
Posts: 103

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:16 pm    Post subject: Wolf Run list Reply with quote

11 Forest
2 Copperline Gorge
4 Rootbound Crag
1 Inkmoth Nexus
4 Kessig Wolf Run
1 Mountain

3 Wurmcoil Engine
3 Solemn Simulacrum
4 Primeval Titan
3 Viridian Emissary
1 Dungrove Elder
1 Acidic Slime
3 Birds of Paradise
3 Thrun, the Last Troll

2 Karn Liberated
4 Garruk Relentless/Garruk, the Veil-Cursed

3 Rampant Growth
4 Green Sun's Zenith
1 Beast Within
1 Fling
1 Devil's Play

3 Arc Trail
2 Sword of Feast and Famine
3 Ratchet Bomb
3 Ancient Grudge
2 Melira, Sylvok Outcast
2 Vulshok Refugee

I like 3 wurmcoils because deathtouch+trample = giggle.
I think Garruk Relentless > Garruk, Primal Hunter, I never need card draw but 3 dam or a 2/2 wolf followed by a tutor is nice, besides if ur lucky you can put out a 1/1 deathtouch wolf and as previously stated deathtouch + trample = giggle.

The reason I rarely need card draw is because I use 4 wolf runs and use them aggressively. saving up cards while using a mana dork as a beating stick. I don't have to rely on a primeval to get my pump on and I am not crippled by a (insert land destruction card here)

also with 4 wolf runs the illusion deck doesn't stand a chance. Target one give it trample then it dies because it was targeted, leaving you to giggle at their expense.

I recently added the arc trail in the SB to deal with the UW blade/human decks that raped me last week.

I was hoping someone might want to help me test this deck or give some suggestions for improvement. Tell me what you think!
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Joined: 18 Jan 2010
Posts: 295

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In recent testing I found out that garruk relentless is rather bad if your opponent does not have any little creatures to transform it = control decks. And it is not great vs aggro decks too obviously. So replace it with primal hunter or something else.
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Joined: 22 Jul 2011
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is nothing as hilarious as having primal hunter out, dumping half your mana into a kessig, then drawing 8 cards.

Card advantage wins matches. Primal hunter is often a 5 cmc draw 6 spell- IN GREEN. No wonder he's $40!! Blue doesn't even get anything nearly as nice.
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Joined: 09 Jun 2007
Posts: 172

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

@Viridian Emissary: no just no pls dont play that anaymore :/

lol i just noticed the following numbers, so there is no reason to furhter commentate on the deck.
3 Viridian Emissary
3 Rampant Growth

just an advice:
Take a Wolfrunlist among the top Standard decks from Worlds and play it till you undersand the deck.
And afterwards you can try to mix your own note into it.
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Joined: 15 Feb 2009
Posts: 307

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

But... but... the changes you're all suggesting does not bring about much giggles! IT SHOULD HAVE A GIGGLE FACTOR!!!

On that note, competitive advice is good, but competitive advice + giggles = THE SCHNITZ!!! =P
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