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Create-a-Card Round 79: Cards we should never have made

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Joined: 27 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 3:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry judging is taking longer than I expected, I really am working on it, but I'm beat and need to finish tomorrow morning.
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Joined: 15 Feb 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 27 Aug 2007
Posts: 696

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

feamar wrote:
Rare, instant (no casting cost)

Cast into nowhere is black.
You may discard this card.
When you discard this card, you may draw a card.

"Where did it go?"

2.5/4: Brokenness - There is a difference between broken and overpowered. This is the latter as it's only slightly better than the other free cantrips that are available.

3/4: Subtlety - There is certainly somewhat of a chance that this would be dismissed as being equal in power with Street Wraith or Gitaxian Probe.

1.5/2: Originality - While all of the effects on this card are similar to existing effects, they are combined in a refreshing way.

2/2: Style - Definitely a catchy card which would have Johhnies all over the world panting.

1.5/2: Flavor - Not too bad, but the flavor is a bit blue.

0/1: Mechanics/Language - You forgot to put a card name....I really can't give you this one.

Total Points 10.5/15

Balaviaris wrote:
Glimpse of Brilliance U

Sorcery - Rare

Whenever another card is put into your graveyard from anywhere this turn, draw a card then discard a card.

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line." - Ludevic, the necro-alchemist.

4/4: Brokenness - Draw your entire deck on turn 1? Yeah that's very broken.

.5/4: Subtlety - Unfortunately, what you gained in brokenness, you lost in subtlety. Your only saving grace is the drawback of killing yourself if you don't use it perfectly.

1.5/2: Originality - While this does use an original effect, it does so in a manner that is very similar to Doomsday.

2/2: Style - The idea of risking everything to win is always cool and having to do everything at instant speed adds a lot of pizazz.

2/2: Flavor - While I'm not sure that Ludevic is the best character to quote, the quote is an excellent description of the card.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Looks fine.

Total Points 11/15

kumagmd wrote:
Seeds of Nourishment
Enchantment - Permanent Aura (common)
Seeds of Nourishment comes onto the battlefield enchanting target permanent.
Remove a counter from enchanted permanent: Gain 1 life
"The fruit may be sweet - the seeds even more so. But I prefer me my own juicy bug!" - Squee, Goblin Cabinhand

3.5/4: Brokenness - There are definitely some turn 2 infinite comboes with this. Dampened a bit by the fact that it's an aura, making it somewhat vulerable, and that there are many, many cases where it's actually as worthless as it appears.

3/4: Subtlety - I'm pretty sure that R&D would add some sort of cost to this effect. It's one of their favorite ways to prevent making broken cards and if something looks fishy, they will probably add a cost just in case.

1/2: Originality - Not particularly original, but not obviously copied either.

2/2: Style - I have a soft spot for both Devoted Druid and Ajani's Pridemate, so I could definitely see building around this.

.5/2: Flavor - Maybe I'm......just not getting it......

0/1: Mechanics/Language - Enchant target permanent

Total Points 10/15

pseudodespot wrote:
Improvising Mind 1U

Enchantment (rare)

At the beginning of your upkeep scry 2.

The best plan is to have two more.

0/4: Brokenness - This is not THAT much better than Crystal Ball.

0/4: Subtlety - I can only guess that you deserve a 4 here, but I just don't see how this fits the challenge.

0/2: Originality - Don't take a common effect and simply reduce the casting cost.

1.5/2: Style - There are at least a few cases where this could be a stylish card to use, particularrly to a Johhny.

2/2: Flavor - The flavor is outstanding. All of my wishes are for more wishes.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Fits the bill.

Total Points 4.5/15

Gracco wrote:
Goblin Reaper R

Mythic Rare

Legendary Creature - Goblin Lord

All other Goblins you control get +1/+1 and Swampwalk

When a card is sent from your side of the
field to the graveyard you must sacrifice
this creature and draw a card.

When this card goes to the graveyard from play you may
return it to your hand to discard one card and add RR
to your mana pool.

P/T 3/1

3/4: Brokenness - Mostly this guy is just overpowered, but the trigerred effects are fairly broken as well. The most obvious is the generation of infinite mana and the draw of infinite cards once you have 2 of him.

2/4: Subtlety - If you took out the Lord effect and made him a 1/1, it just might.

1/2: Originality - This is another in a long line of power creeping 1-drops for red. But at least it creeps in a new and interesting way.

.5/2: Style - Legendary Goblins are cool. Legendary Goblins with mundane names, not so much.

0/2: Flavor - You really didn't put any effort into this.

.5/1: Mechanics/Language - A few minor errors, understandable since you are trying to achieve an effect which is rarely used.

Total Points 7/15

iSperia wrote:
Screeching Drill (U)
Instant (U)
Target player puts the top 3 cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.
Threshold - U, Exile two cards from your graveyard: return Memory Drill to its owner's hand. Activate this ability only if seven or more cards are in your graveyard.

"First, you hear pleas for help... Then you understand that it is your pleas."
- Merieki Ri Berit

1.5/4: Brokenness - Mostly, this is too balanced for the challenge. I could see it being a way for Dredge to get the engine going and possibly a win condition for High Tide.

3/4: Subtlety - R&D has a history of missing both powerful mill effects and powerful recursion effects, so they could certainly miss the Storm of cards this could generate.

0/2: Originality - This is obviously a common effect.

2/2: Style - Cards which enable their own recursion are always nice.

1.5/2: Flavor - A little awkward, but it relates to the card and shows good effort.

.5/1: Mechanics/Language - Return Memory Drill from your graveyard to your hand. As posted, it could only be activated from the battlefield.

Total Points 8.5/15

sc4rs wrote:
Jin-Gitaxias's Bargain
Enchantment - Mythic
Skip your draw step.
Sacrifice a permanent: Draw a card.
"I have access to all knowledge. It is just a matter of knowing where to look."

2/4: Brokenness - My big issue with this is cost. It's a bit like Hive Mind, being an incredibly powerful effect that is prohibitively expensive.

4/4: Subtlety - This doesn't look all that imbalanced does it? But when you start thinking about token creation, multiple land drops per turn, and other ways to abuse it, it could be scary indeed.

2/2: Originality - I think I may have been waiting for this to be printed since the first day I asked my buddy if I could look at his "undecked" cards and make my own deck.

2/2: Style - This is a nice effect, reminiscent of Necropotence.

1.5/2: Flavor - I'm not sure I can get on board with Jin mixing with Black, but I do like the reference and the quote.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Clear and concise.

Total Points 12.5/15

ck3gds wrote:
Selective Learning 2U

Enchantment (rare)

Cumulative upkeep -- Draw a card, then put a card from your hand on the bottom of your library. (At the beginning of your upkeep, put an age counter on this permanent, then sacrifice it unless you pay its upkeep cost for each age counter on it.)

1U: Put an age counter on Selective Learning. At the beginning of the next end step, draw a card.

"This will take a while." -- Jace, the Mind Sculptor

4/4: Brokenness - It's very rare to find positive Cumulative Upkeep effects. Add in the activated ability and it is severly broken.

1/4: Subtlety - I think R&D has learned their lesson about allowing us to place cards from hand back into the library. I also doubt they'll ever let us have an enchantment which can draw cards repeatedly for 1U with no other cost.

1/2: Originality - There are other cards which do similar things, but this does have some minor differences that make it unique.

2/2: Style - Cumulative Upkeep is always thought of as a negative thing, and playing with it feels exciting because of that even when it's not really true.

1/2: Flavor - You get half of this one for effort, but the flavor falls flat.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - No problems here.

Total Points 10/15

Selkie wrote:
Glimpse of evolution: G(G)

Until end of turn, tap two creatures you control: Draw a card.

4/4: Brokenness - This would utterly dominate several formats immediately upon being printed.

0/4: Subtlety - Unfortunately, the brokenness of this effect is quite obvious.

.5/2: Originality - Though combined slightly differently than usual, there is not much originality here.

1/2: Style - At least a few props based on the ability to draw your deck only if you put it into the right deck.

0/2: Flavor - You made almost no effort here.

0/1: Mechanics/Language - Is this a sorcery? What exactly does G(G) mean?(I assumed it meant cost = G, color = green) The wording on the spell needs a lot of clarifying.

Total Points 5.5/15

Jacois wrote:
Snapcraft 1U
Spells you cast from your graveyard cost 2 less to cast.

3/4: Brokenness - This begs for a combo to break it and I would love to be the guy to do it. Much better than Burning Vengeance and could be extremely scary in conjunction with it.

3.5/4: Subtlety - I'm actually a little surprised that this didn't get printed in Innistrad. There are actually many cards which allow specific spells or abilities to be played for 2 less.

1/2: Originality - As I said, this has been done for different cards before.

2/2: Style - Build around me!!

.5/2: Flavor - Not much going on here, but the name and ability hearken to Snapcaster Mage.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Just so.

Total Points 11/15

tinman wrote:
light the path
3R sorcery rare

deal any amount of damage to target creature you control and draw that many cards. damage dealt and cards drawn may not exceed that creatures toughness, nor may the creature be regenerated, exile it if it is destroyed in this manner.

Mountaincycling 1R play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery. draw a card at the beginning of the next turns upkeep.

[/b][/i]"i see said the blind man"

0/4: Brokenness - 1 to Stuffy Doll? Won't be breaking formats any time soon. 3 to Swans? Powerful, but balanced considering. The best effect I can see here is hitting your own 6/6 for 5.

1/4: Subtlety - Would certainly be printed, but only because it 0'd the first category.

1/2: Originality - There are some fairly similar cards, but you've combined the effects in a new way.

2/2: Style - Begs to be built around - probably with Swans or maybe Tree of Redemption.

1.5/2: Flavor - Great quote gets you some points here, but it's not really apparent how it fits the spell.

0/1: Mechanics/Language - Mountaincycling already exists. You can't make a new ability and call it the same thing.

Total Points 5.5/15

Stucco wrote:
Vedalken Quickstudy.........................................................................UU
Creature - Vedalken Wizard.............................................................{U}


When Vedalken Quickstudy enters the battlefield, draw a card for
each other spell on the stack. Then for each card drawn this turn,
discard a card at the beginning of the next end step.

A Vedalken's thirst for knowledge is as inevitable a vampire's thirst
for blood.


4/4: Brokenness - The first thing that springs to mind is High Tide, but even in standard, I think I could get 4 or 5 cards off of this guy. I think there are probably some truly sick things you could do with this guy.

3/4: Subtlety - R&D has a history of undervaluing ETB effects and this one doesn't look easy to break on first glance. I think you could sneak it by on a good day.

1/2: Originality - Not 100% original, but combines them in an original way.

2/2: Style - This might be the coolest Vedalken of all time.

2/2: Flavor - Epic Flavor text, great name, all ties together beautifully.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - I can't se any way to do this better.

Total Points 13/15

Fidelis wrote:
Venerable Vampire
Creature - Vampire Wizard

When Venerable Vampire enters the battlefield search your library for a card then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it. You lose 2 life.

Pay 2 life: Put Venerable Vampire on top of its owner's library


"After centuries of dipping his quill in blood to inscribe on voluminous tomes, he still savors the inscription of every new letter."

4/4: Brokenness - Vampiric Tutor for BB? Still broken. Repeatable Vampiric Tutor for BB each turn? Way past broken.

0/4: Subtlety - People complained about Crovax, Ascendant Hero being broken and this goes way, way past that point. Creatures need to be killable.

0/2: Originality - Don't take a common effect and simply reduce.....or increase......the casting cost.

1/2: Style - Very Spiky card here and will probably be played in every deck, watering down the style somewhat.

2/2: Flavor - The wording is a little quirky, but overall the flavor is astounding.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - No objections on this account.

Total Points 8/15

numotflame96 wrote:
Vial of Thoughts 2
~ enters the battlefield taped. and doesn't untap during your untap step.
T: draw 2 cards.
Discard 3 cards: untap ~.

3/4: Brokenness - This looks well balanced, but I can see a lot of ways to break the parity on this ability. Excellent way to hide some power in plain sight.

2/4: Subtlety - I think Tezzeret the Seeker is too well known for this to sneak past R&D right now.

.5/2: Originality - There are many similarities to existing cards here.

1.5/2: Style - Pretty good style points for an ability that HAS to be built around to be useful.

0/2: Flavor - No real effort here.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Close enough for government work.

Total Points 8/15

MassO wrote:
Exploration of Madness (W/G) [can be paid with either white/green mana)

Rare - Legendary Enchantment

When ~ enters the battlefield, for each basic land type on the battlefield,
search your library for a basic land card and put it on the battlefield tapped.

At the beginning of your upkeep you may search your library for a creature
card that has a converted mana cost equal to the number of lands you control
and put it on to the battlefield.

"I must be crazy to be trusting you but after you found it, I think we have found
common ground to work together." Elspeth to Garruk

4/4: Brokenness - Man that is truly insane. I'm not sure you've even considered just how powerful this is. Consider this line of play. Turn 1 dual land, Steppe Lynx. Turn 2 fetch land for dual land, use this to search up 4 basics, play a second to get 5 more basics, swing your 22/23 Steppe Lynx.

0/4: Subtlety - This might be printed at 3(G/W). Definitely no cheaper.

2/2: Originality - Some similarities, but I have to give you this one.

0/2: Style - There's not really any style in playing a bigger, badder Aether Vial.

1/2: Flavor - You obviously made an effort here, but Madness is not commonly tied to G or W and the text is oddly worded.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Remember to make them shuffle up after they search. Good enough though.

Total Points 8/15

Lostwanderer wrote:
Perfect Cycle BG
Enchant player
If enchanted player discards a card they draw a card for each card discarded this way.
"The cycle is complete, Now we start the chaos again"-Savra

3/4: Brokenness - There are a lot of ways to abuse this. Similar to Baliviaris's card, but easier to control it's function.

2/4: Subtlety - I don't really think this would slip through; maybe at a cost high enough to make it a janky build-around-me card.

1/2: Originality - I really can't give you full points for originality on a card that does nothing but draw you extra cards.

2/2: Style - Combination build-around-me card and anti-discard tech. You really should have used the new Aura sub-type, Curse.

2/2: Flavor - Who better than Savra to define the cycle of life and death?

0/1: Mechanics/Language - Really awkward phrasing on the trigger.

Total Points 10/15

khara wrote:
eye of the coroner 3
artifact - rare

2,Tap, exile <cardname>: Until end of turn, you may play the top of your graveyard as though it was in your hand.

"look on it, and give your desires in awe. Wait for your death, and you shall have it all"

3/4: Brokenness - Unfortunately, this would probably be abused with something like Desperate Ritual to gain infinite mana. Something has to prevent the top card from staying on the top indefinitely.

0/4: Subtlety - This shouts Yawgmoth's Will. Needs to be toned down significantly.

.5/2: Originality - Come on man...this is way too similar to YW. Half a point for using top card only.

1/2: Style - I've never been a big fan of artifacts which mimic sorceries stylisticly.

1/2: Flavor - I like the idea of a scientist holding his own eyes in a beaker, but for a coroner it doesn't really make sense. I don't care for the flavor, but half points for the effort you put which is very apparent.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - These are fine.

Total Points 6.5/15

NTKProjects wrote:
Affluent Wisdom UU

Instant - Rare

Empty target player's mana pool.
Draw X cards where X is the amount of mana emptied from player's mana pool this way.
Untap up to two lands.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

2/4: Brokenness - This is a bit too close to Blue Sun's Zenith in practice. Maybe as a Hate Card for a storm combo deck, but most decks don't save up mana in their pool.

1/4: Subtlety - Your biggest downfall in subtlety is the arbitrary addition of "untap 2 lands". This was a fairly common inclusion early on in Magic's history, but this is one lesson they seem to have learned.

0/2: Originality - I can't help but read this as "XUU: Draw X cards"

1/2: Style - If this ever really worked as intended(say by draining someone's mana pool in response to their last Seething Song), it would be pretty epic.

2/2: Flavor - Love the quote and appreciate that you went to the trouble of making a graphic representation.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - This seems fine.

Total Points 7/15

Dr_Moo wrote:
Haggle with Yawgmoth - BBB
As an additional cost to cast ~this~, choose a number. Lose life equal to that number, sacrifice that many permanents, and draw that many cards.

4/4: Brokenness - This could be abused by any number of decks. Conflagrate, Barren Glory, Dredge, or just by drawing a fresh grip, this is sick.

1.5/4: Subtlety - Any number of anything is dangerous and the drawbacks on this just aren't worrisome enough to compete with the benefits.

1/2: Originality - This is black's mindset in a nutshell. A little too close to all of the other black "Haggle" cards.

2/2: Style - Sacrificing Permanents to draw cards....yeah, that's awesome.

1/2: Flavor - You really could have nailed this one with a small flavor text. The flavor definitely seeps through anyway.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - I don't think this card would require you to choose the number beforehand - but it could, and this is how it would look if it did.

Total Points 10.5/15

ManfredByron wrote:
Scepter of oblivion 0 - artifact rare

If you would draw a card you lose the game

If you have no cards in hand you may tap scepter of oblivion and have target opponent gain control of scepter of oblivion.

The snakes gift

4/4: Brokenness - Gotta love those turn 1, 2 card combo wins.

-1/4: Subtlety - This isn't subtle at all. It's an in-your-face abuse of anything that allows you to discard your hand. Almost enough so to disqualify the entry.

2/2: Originality - 100% original and there is a reason why.

0/2: Style - Not a fan.

0/2: Flavor - Oblivion, snakes, artifacts, game-losing effects....where do these tie together?

1/1: Mechanics/Language - These are fine.

Total Points 6/15

clayparson wrote:
Assemble! 2R

Sorcery - Mythic Rare

You can't cast Assemble! unless you have cast two or more spells this turn.
As an additional cost to cast Assemble! sacrifice X permanents at random, where X is half the number of permanents you control rounded up.
Choose up to four Rigger cards you own from outside the game and put them into play.


3/4: Brokenness - Let's make the assumption that some day Rigger cards are printed and further assume that they don't all suck. In that case, this could be extremely broken.

1/4: Subtlety - 4 is just too many. Even without any Rigger cards being printed, I could sac a mountain to grab 4 Chameleon Colossi on turn 1.

1/2: Originality - Oh Riggers.....I wonder what you will be when you finally exist.

2/2: Style - The very difficulty of casting this spell adds a measure of style to this card. And anything with an exclamation point in the card name is pretty cool.

1/2: Flavor - I guess you couldn't use the card name "Through the Breach". This definitely has a feeling of crashing through walls rather than things being built.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - A bit wordy, but solid.

Total Points 9/15

Chaosworm wrote:
Necro-Cannibal Machinery {2}{p/B}{p/B}
Artifact - Rare
Sacrifice a creature: You gain 1 life.
Pay 1 life, exile a creature card in your graveyard: Draw a card.
The machinery of the Phyrexians consumes dead flesh in order to keep working. When they run out of dead bodies, they aren't afraid of making more.

3/4: Brokenness - I'd love to play one of these in Dredge. Certainly stronger than Necrogenesis in both constructed and limited. Could make big waves in the current T2 as well.

2/4: Subtlety - In general, a thing can sacrifice creatures or it can utilize sacrificed creatures. Combining the 2 into one card is dangerous and would be examined closely.

1/2: Originality - Some degree of originality here though a lot of the pieces are hijacked from other cards.

1/2: Style - This is a little too widely useful to be incredibly stylish. Even in decks it isn't made for, it's 2 powerful effects.

2/2: Flavor - Name is a bit awkward, but overall I really like it.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - No problems here.

Total Points 10/15

Mr_Weebles wrote:
Mental Resurgence - XU
Instant (Rare)

Search your library for a blue instant card with converted mana cost X or less, cast it without paying its mana cost. Then shuffle your library.

"You must be flexible if you want to last here"

3/4: Brokenness - A tutor which is cheap, instant, and doesn't generate card disadvantage....this would be format defining in every format and decks would not be able to compete without it.

0/4: Subtlety - There's simply no way. This is strictly better than even the best tutors ever printed - not just by a little, but by a lot.

0/2: Originality - Too many cards which allow you to search for instants already...requiring blue doesn't change much.

2/2: Style - The style here is in flexibility. The ability to sit qat a table and know that you have main deck answers for absolutely anything that can be thrown at you.

1/2: Flavor - Not bad, but the text is a little too blunt. Try to give people a sense of what the card is about rather than saying it straight out.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Everything in order here.

Total Points 7/15

Gademis wrote:
Earthshatter Shaman RR

Creature - Goblin Shaman (Rare)

Sacrifice a land: Eathshatter Shaman deals 1 damage to target creature of player, plus 1 damage for each land sacrificed this turn. You may sacrifice only one basic land each turn for this ability.

"The little buggers can throw a nasty punch sometimes" Chandra


4/4: Brokenness - Great reach ability and does a great job of abusing fetch-lands. Basically requires you to use non-basic lands which is a little odd.

1.5/4: Subtlety - The potential power of this card - sacrificing for instance 3 lands for 12 damage - is just too obvious.

.5/2: Originality - Land sacrifice and damage are both keystones of red, but I'll give you a slight mark for the additive damage.

.5/2: Style - This guy is just too obvious of a Zoo inclusion to warrant much.

1.5/2: Flavor - Outstanding flavor in the name, a little wonky in the text.

.5/1: Mechanics/Language - Some minor wording errors here.

Total Points 8.5/15

ikazuchi wrote:
Land (Rare)

Miragescape enters the battlefield tapped.

At the beginning of each of your main phases return Miragescape to its owner's hand. If you do, you may play an additional land this turn.

T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one”
Jace Beleren

4/4: Brokenness - This could generate some insane mana ramping even without Amulet of Vigor. Add that in and it gets ugly fast.

3/4: Subtlety - I think this needs an additional drawback, or better yet to only tap for Green. Still the brokenness is not immediately obvious, so fairly well done here.

1.5/2: Originality - Reminiscent of Undiscovered Paradise, but nice work combining some rare effects into one.

.5/2: Style - This is a little too widely useful to have much style.

2/2: Flavor - Absolutely love it. Upon reaching the mirage, you discover it is another type of land entirely.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Looks fine.

Total Points 12/15

yajiko wrote:
squandered elexir 1
artifact - rare

you cant gain life.

whenever you lose life, you may pay that much life and draw a card.

"To be angry is to revenge the faults of others on ourselves"

4/4: Brokenness - Since this is repeatable any number of times within a turn, it can generate quite a bit of card advantage. Since it's an artifact, every deck can use it from turn 1.

0/4: Subtlety - A fetch land allows me to draw X and lose X life whenever I want? The card advantage is just too ridiculous to sneak past anyone.

.5/2: Originality - This is a common effect in black - the real originality is in the colorlessness and the repeatability.

0/2: Style - This is so widely abusable that it would be stylish to be the only deck NOT playing it.

1/2: Flavor - Some points for the effort here. The name, card text, and flavor text are all evocative, but they don't tie in very well.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - I almost want to knock you for the lack of capitalization, but I guess it's close enough.

Total Points 6.5/15

crazyazn wrote:
Yawgmoth's Altar
Land (Rare)

At the end of your turn, if you control a creature, sacrifice Yawgmoth's Altar.

Sacrifice a creature: Add X black mana to your mana pool, where X is equal to the sacrificed creature's converted mana cost.

"The price of power, paid in blood."

3.5/4: Brokenness - This doesn't look too broken until you consider cards like Shriekmaw and Ichorid. Would need some sort of card advantage engine to be truly insane, but I can see this being a great surprise hit.

4/4: Subtlety - The drawback on this card gives it a real appearance of balance and that's what I was really looking for. Way to go.

1.5/2: Originality - Lands should always generate mana. This is a uniqe way of doing so(for a land).

1.5/2: Style - The difficulty of using this profitably gives it fairly high marks for Style.

2/2: Flavor - Chilling and evocative. Outstanding.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - Fine.

Total Points 13.5/15

Raybelfast wrote:
Extinction 3BBB

Mythic Rare
Search all graveyards,hands and Library's for cards with the type "Creature" and exile them from play"

Each Player may choose one creature he or she exiled from play and put it onto the battlefield.

"The lack of one make's room for the other"

3/4: Brokenness - Hey look guys, I have a cheap creature which I can recur. So when the dust settles, I'll be the only person with a win condition.

0/4: Subtlety - Not a chance. R&D loves creatures and wants them to be the deciding factor in every match. A card which takes them out of the equation wouldn't be given a second's consideration.

1.5/2: Originality - Exiling by card type instead of card name?......OK, that scores some points in originality.

1.5/2: Style - Making this work would be a fairly cool feat.

1.5/2: Flavor - The name and text tie together well, but don't really match the actual spell very well.

0/1: Mechanics/Language - This is simply not how these effects are written anymore. Needs a lot of work.

Total Points 7.5/15

crazyazn wrote:
Figment of Imagination - UU
Creature - Illusion (Mythic Rare)

When Figment of Imagination becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.

Draw a card: Return Figment of Imagination from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.


4/4: Brokenness - I'd love to dredge this. I'd even love to use it as a card-advantage-generating wall.

1/4: Subtlety - The power level of this is incredibly obvious. I doubt we'll ever see Card draw as a cost for anything.

1/2: Originality - Common effects, but nice work mixing them together.

1/2: Style - This does everything control could possibly ask for. Good flexibility, but this is simply too strong in a vacuum to get full points here.

1/2: Flavor - I do get it....if cards are thoughts, drawing them allows you to imagine new things, possibly over and over.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - This is fine.

Total Points 9/15

mr_ocean wrote:
Altar of Lightning
Artifact - Rare
Cost: 5

Sacrifice a permanent: Choose one -- Target creature gains haste until end of turn; or target card in your hand gains flash until end of turn.

"Your sacrifice shall not be in vain, friend. Your energy will become a mighty weapon in our righteous cause this day." - Koth of the Hammer

1/4: Brokenness - This is actually probably a little too balanced for the challenge. 5 is expensive.

3/4: Subtlety - I don't see any reason why this couldn't be printed some day.

2/2: Originality - I think I've been looking for a card that had this effect without ever realizing it.

1/2: Style - Not bad, but a little too broadly applicable.

2/2: Flavor - Fits Koth perfectly. Bravo on flavor.

1/1: Mechanics/Language - No problems.

Total Points 10/15
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 6:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I apologize for how long judging took. I severely misjudged just how much work it would be.

Congrats to crazyazn for his winning submission, Yawgmoth's Altar. Honorable mention to ikazuchi and and Stucco.
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Joined: 11 Dec 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Only one thing. I think u didnt understand the use of my card -.-

2/4: Brokenness - This is a bit too close to Blue Sun's Zenith in practice. Maybe as a Hate Card for a storm combo deck, but most decks don't save up mana in their pool.

1/4: Subtlety - Your biggest downfall in subtlety is the arbitrary addition of "untap 2 lands". This was a fairly common inclusion early on in Magic's history, but this is one lesson they seem to have learned.

0/2: Originality - I can't help but read this as "XUU: Draw X cards"

Actually, the use is to drain ur pool at eot of opponent and draw a lot of cards. It reads UU: Pay X, Draw X + UU. Its over. Other thing is if ur opponent try to counter, u dont loss ur mana pool 'til spell resolves; It lets u counter his counter, or try other spells at eot, instead of drawing, or drawing 1+ less (Counter the counter with spell snare x.e).
(Its a strictly better stroke of genius or blue sun, by the way)

The real intentions is for a High Tide or Spring or similar deck, and was inspired for that, card types/style/cycle "untap X lands" <<And, of course, the adition wasn't arbitrary>> from Urza's block (Not to mention the frame and symbol was this way for that) and their "random" flavor text, but will be good in a simic casual ramp or other interesting synergies with cascade x.e.

-- Of course u can use it to drain the opp mana pool (and will be epic), but isnt the main purpouse of the card --

Probably my biggest fail was dont explain those things in the post (Ill tried to get sliped by the R&D of you, as you suggested).
Its hard to be judge, anyways I understand it.

PS: The quote was by Benjamin Franklin

Nice other creations too, hard level. If I voted one and not be mine, I will choose Yawgmoth Altar too.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I guess making a card slidely aboth Stoneforge did not serve your purpose.
My philosophy of clean design did not fit here. agreed.

Thx for this round and the efford you put into judging.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

3/4: Brokenness - Let's make the assumption that some day Rigger cards are printed and further assume that they don't all suck. In that case, this could be extremely broken.

They do exist....
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

@NTK: I understand that it's a way to dump excess mana into card draw, and I do appreciate that you can hold your mana back to pay for Mana Leaks until after the spell resolves, but the effect still boils down to XUU: Draw X cards. The untap is an unnecessary addition because you will almost always play it just before untapping - with the exception that it may draw into something else you can play right then and there. I'm not saying it's a bad card, it just doesn't really fit the challenge.

@pseudodepot: Your card was fine, but in no way did it fit the challenge. If there is some highly subtle effect that I completely missed, you probably should have explained it in your post, but I'd still love to hear it.

@clayparson: Yes, I'm aware of the one FutureSighted Rigger. But since getting a Changeling with the tutor function is always better than getting a 3/3 Aurochs, my comment stands.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah I guess it was not subtile. I did not fokus enough to hide the potential. Shit happens. At least you liked the flavor, which i appreciate.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

why the fuck did you not judge my entry?
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

KnowN wrote:
why the fuck did you not judge my entry?

Why the fuck does your equipment not have an equip cost?
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