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Red Blue aggro

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Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Posts: 81

PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 4:16 am    Post subject: Red Blue aggro Reply with quote

First off, this deck can be FAST. It is often faster than control decks can handle and I have ridden more than a few first turn reckless waifs to victory. That being said sometimes the creatures can flop flat on their faces when the right conditions aren't met.

The deck usually finishes off the opponent with burn once they have spent a bunch or resources trying to kill your weenie horde. 21 lands seems right in this sort of deck as almost EVERYTHING costs 1 mana.

Ponder is to let the delver flip reliably and to keep 2 land hands. I wish we still had lightning bolt in the format but shock and galvanic blast will have to do.


21 land
4 sulfur falls
10 mountain
7 island

18 creatures
4 stromkirk noble
2 grim lavamancer
4 reckless waif
4 delver of secrets
4 phantasmal bear

21 spells
4 galvanic blast
3 shock
4 ponder
4 incinerate
4 brimstone volley
2 sword of war and peace

I would like to find room to put in the red shrine, perhaps over the shocks. I have yet to cast a sword but it seems like it is still a good fit for the deck as it will allow you to ride that 1 last creature to victory (as long as it's not a bear)
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Joined: 28 Apr 2009
Posts: 53

PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 4:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Heya. I tried (and did decently well) with a similar deck some time ago. I'm not sure how you'd adjust it to this meta, but my list was something like:

4 sulfur fall
9 mount
9 island

4 gitaxian probe
4 stromkirk
3 grim lavamancer
4 phantasmal bear
3 snapcaster mage
4 mana leak
3 incinerate
3 azure mage
1 mind control
1 negate
2 brimstone volley
4 galvanic blast
2 geistflame

That being said, (and I know the list is quite different to yours,) I tested the wolf-delver set in earlier versions and found it to be too inconsistent. Playing that many creatures, the delver would only have a 1/3 chance to flip at best. Forcing you to play a ponder t2 kind of slows you down, just to have the guy flip on t3, plus gitaxian gives you tonsa info to play around of. (and fixes t1 hands at times)

I ended up going with stromkirk due to the human fear thing, and grim for utility. I did keep the wolf in the sb against control though (kinda crappy against aggro)

I didn't run shrines, and used artifact destruction in sb against it.

Haven't played nor tuned the list in a while though, and I feel this question is necessary to be asked: What does it do better than monored or wolf-run red? I felt like it wasn't offering anything new or helpful to the red-based-aggro.dec, so stopped playing it.

It's still a competitive deck though, just not necessarily a tier one. But most importantly - it's enormous fun!

Good luck!
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Joined: 12 Dec 2006
Posts: 68

PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

@Eternal: ive tried a similar deck before too. Delver is completely less then stellar unless you first turn drop it and 2nd turn flip it. Any other time you get delver it is no better then Snapcaster. Snapcaster is too good to not have in a X/U list. Im also not 100% sure you need the swords to win. Chances are you could slide them to sideboard, but most people dont believe is swords in sideboard.
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Joined: 15 May 2008
Posts: 82

PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi there!
i also have been meddling with the same deck!
i have not yet been beaten (on fair terms- meaning my losses may have been to shuffling or lack there of)

here is my list

21 lands
4 sulfur falls
10 mountains
7 island

12 creatures
4 reckless waif
4 delver of secrets
4 snapcaster mage

27 spells
4 think twice
4 mana leak
4 ponder
4 shock
4 incinerate
4 brimstone volley
3 devils play

the deck is played like any normal tempo deck for the first 2 turns, lay a creature or 2 then stay untapped at all times.
the list has a sb which includes cards like
arc trail,
phantasmal image
traitourous instinct
grim lavamancer

let me tell you now, my version is NOT a control deck, so much so that, more often than not, i will cast a snapcaster at eot just to get in there for 2 dmg.

i hope my list helps, and you ride it to victory
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
Posts: 901

PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I tried versions of this deck for a while but gave up as I felt it need to much to go right for it to win consistently.
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Joined: 10 Jun 2011
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi, my first ever post on this forum.

I have been testing a UR aggro deck too. I agree that a lot has to go right for this deck to win. (It's not like UR has the most stable mana base). For me the biggest reason to run UR are snapcasters and desperate ravings. I would drop the Delver's and maybe consider stormblood berserker. The can't be block by less than two creatures is very neat and sometimes can push damage even quite late in the game.

Desperate Ravings is absolutely awesome especially in a deck that you want to throw everything against your opponent as quick as possible. I haven't tried Reckless Waif yet but I have the feeling that it is going to be a nuisance when you try to burn stuff.

I would replace the shock with gutshot.

I would run something like this... (21 lands is questionable imo though...)

18 guys-
4 lavamancer
4 bears
4 stormblood berserker
4 nobles

23 spells -
4 galvanic blast
4 brimstone volley
4 incinerate
4 gutshots
4 desperate ravings
2 think twice

1-- ???? Inferno titan??Solemn simularcum???

SB: Ratchet bomb (tokens..) Crush/Shatter/steel sabotage, shock, slagstorm... etc.

But my conclusion is that mono red is just better, where you can afford to play the shrines and chandra's pheonix and not worry about mana base. + you can still play tezzeret's gambit for card draw.
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