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Any hope for this?

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Joined: 18 Aug 2011
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:42 pm    Post subject: Any hope for this? Reply with quote

Ive been testing this since ISD came out It was doin OK in T2 but now I cant make it win for anything. Maybe you guys can tell me if its even worth bothering.

21 Lands (Im thinkin I need 22 but havent done it yet)
Just Islands/Mountains and the usual duals.

4 Delver of Secrets - my new favorite 1 drop
4 Ichorplast Myrs -
3 Mindshrieker
3 WurmCoil Engine
3 Charmbreaker Devils - this guy is new replacing ferrovore
4 Flings - this is my killshot in an ideal world
4 Negates- I prefer this to power leak in this deck
4 Think Twice - very versatile, I have a lot of EOT so I prefer this to ponder
4 Acts of Treason
3 Sphere of the Sun
3 Piston Sledge

SB is torpor orbs, flashfreeze, mana leak, ferrovore

So anyway:Fling and Acts of Treason is fun. I like Piston Sledge in this because not only does it look great on a Myr on Turn 2, I can use it to sac Wurms and Golems and such w Acts of Treason.

The Mindshriekrs seem good offense and defense. Hopefully good for a pumped up fling at the end.

Anyway I cant quite make it work, and I may give up on it unless I get a new idea.
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Joined: 17 Jun 2011
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

you seem to have a fetish for fling. this being the case, why play all this nonsense when you can just drop a primordeal hydra and fling it in 2 turns?
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