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Big green/red

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Joined: 16 Jul 2010
Posts: 25

PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:49 am    Post subject: Big green/red Reply with quote

// Deck file for Magic Workstation (
The following is a green red/deck Ive been working on. Originally I started out as mono red with koth but was annoyed at the fact that valakut was never a factor late game, so I decided to mix green with decent success.

beats aggro with burn spells and sweeping the board early then coming in for the kill with koth. Contagion clasp helps him get to ultimate faster. If the game is stalled out I plan to turn the tide with primeval titan. 2 green sun zenith for timely baloth or slime when needed as an answer or titan of course.

vs control I will side in the richochet traps and summoning traps.

vs aggro i top up the baloths and slimes vs cawgo decks.
// Lands
3 [SOM] Copperline Gorge
2 [A] Forest (1)
12 [RAV] Mountain (1)
2 [WWK] Raging Ravine
1 [M11] Rootbound Crag
3 [WWK] Tectonic Edge
3 [ZEN] Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

// Creatures
1 [M11] Acidic Slime
1 [M11] Obstinate Baloth
2 [M11] Primeval Titan
1 [SOM] Wurmcoil Engine

// Spells
1 [M11] Chandra Nalaar
2 [SOM] Contagion Clasp
1 [MBS] Crush
2 [SOM] Galvanic Blast
2 [MBS] Green Sun's Zenith
3 [ZEN] Harrow
3 [SOM] Koth of the Hammer
3 [BD] Lightning Bolt
1 [SOM] Mimic Vat
1 [9E] Naturalize
3 [DM] Pyroclasm
1 [MBS] Red Sun's Zenith
2 [MBS] Slagstorm
2 [MBS] Sphere of the Suns
1 [M11] Temple Bell
2 [SOM] Tumble Magnet

// Sideboard
SB: 2 [MBS] Crush
SB: 2 [ROE] Flame Slash
SB: 1 [MBS] Into the Core
SB: 1 [ZEN] Khalni Gem
SB: 1 [SOM] Mimic Vat
SB: 2 [M11] Obstinate Baloth
SB: 4 [WWK] Ricochet Trap
SB: 2 [ZEN] Summoning Trap
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Joined: 09 Feb 2010
Posts: 85

PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

summoning trap is pretty useless in this deck. with you only running 4 creatures what is the chance that you will draw one, get it countered, and then find another with the free trap? i suggest you find a different card to fill that slot. possibly thrun since you have it there for control matches
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Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Posts: 81

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I feel like I've said this a lot lately but there are too many one and two ofs in this deck.
I would change:
-2 tumble magnet
-1 temple bell, what is this for?
-1 naturalize, SB it
-1 crush, SB it
-2 sphere of the suns, land ramp would be better if you're using valakut
-2 galvanic blast, not enough artifacts, esp after taking some out
-3 harrow, terrible against counterspells
-2 contagion clasp, not enough targets for prolif
and add:
+1 lightning bolt, no reason not to run a full set
+1 koth
+4 viridian emirasy, you have wipe effects, he is an early blocker vs aggro and he fetches a land, what more could you ask for?
+2 primeval titan
+2 or 3 obstinate baloth, good vs aggro i hear
+4 explore/cultivate, helps get your valakut producing earlier

So where does that leave us?
1 acidic slime
3 obstinate baloth
4 primeval titan
1 wurmcoil engine
4 viridian emissary

1 chandra nalaar
4 koth
2 green suns zenith
4 lightning bolt
3 pyroclasm
2 slagstorm
4 explore
1 mimic vat
and 26 lands of your choosing, Still a few singletons but it will be much more consistent
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Joined: 15 Jun 2007
Posts: 1671

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

just a bad valakut
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Joined: 16 Jul 2010
Posts: 25

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yea, I tried implementing those changes and thats basically what it turns into. I bad version of Valakut. I'm going to have to tinker around with it. The intention is for the main win condition to be an early koth ultimate. Valakut was meant to be more of a back-up plan for longer games. What lead to early koth ultimate was the artifacts chalice and shperes providing early ramp and contagion clasp/tumble magnet can shut down attackers to koth for a few turns. Clasp is good because it is early removal and then later it helps me to amp up koth, chalice for mana, and keep tumble magnets working forever. With pyroclasm and the other sweeper this tended to work quite well. Origonally I had 3 pyro ascensions as well but I took them out. I'm actually thinking if I should put them back in.
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Joined: 12 Sep 2009
Posts: 173

PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

use throne of geth chalice mox voltaic key etc can get you a turn 3 koth ult

t1: mountain, key
t2: mountain, chalice for 1, mox, throne of geth
t3: mountain, koth, sac mox proliferate adding counter to koth and chalice, untap throne, sac throne to proliferate, koth ult

cards needed for t3 koth ult = 8

if thats truly what you want the deck to do, make sure it does it well.

a true god hand would allow you to play koth and proliferate 3 times on turn three resulting in koth ult with koth sticking around with 1 counter
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