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G/W Questvine

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Joined: 30 Jan 2011
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:08 pm    Post subject: G/W Questvine Reply with quote

I haven't seen many people running this and I can't really understand why. I admit that signal goblins is probably a better deck, but I'd rather play g/w questvine than quest ww all day. Here's a rough list to tinker around with.

//Lands 22
6 Plains
5 Forest
4 Sunpetal Grove
3 Razorverge Thicket
2 Stirring Wildwood
2 Tectonic Edge

//Creatures 31
4 Memnite
4 Ornithopter
4 Birds of Paradise
4 Glint Hawk
4 Fauna Shaman
4 Squadron Hawk
4 Vengevine
1 Kor Skyfisher
1 Kor Outfitter
1 Stoneforge Mystic

//Spells 7
4 Quest for the Holy Relic
2 Argentum Armor
1 Sword of Feast and Famine

//Sideboard 15
2 Linvala, Kepper of Silence
1 Obstinate Baloth
2 Acidic Slime
3 Journey to Nowhere
2 Devout Lightcaster
1 Kor Sanctifiers
1 War Priest of Thune
1 River Boa
1 Tajuru Preserver
1 Kor Skyfisher

The sideboard is pretty rough and could be changed to a transformational sideboard to take out the quest combo and turn it into a g/w aggro deck to combat decks that will bring in heavy hate for you quest combo.

I find this deck more reliable than Quest WW because it can still do really well w/out popping an early quest and can also use the Shaman to fetch the creature equip combo.

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Joined: 02 Sep 2004
Posts: 91

PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I ran this deck for awhile and found it to be extremely lackluster... The hands when you have quest are good, but without it, the deck just sits around. Its hard to even keep a hand without quest...
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Joined: 22 Feb 2005
Posts: 20

PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:48 pm    Post subject: Beastmaster Ascension Reply with quote

I've played something like this for a while and would suggest cutting Outfitter, Mystic, and SoFoF for 3 Beastmaster Ascensions.

You tend to just unload guys onto the board, and Ascension can just end some games so early (like, turn 3). Also, running a 4th in the board and maybe something like a couple Garruks lets you cut the Armor/Quest package in favor of Leonin Arbiters for stuff like Valakut and still present a very scary, resilient clock.

I find Stirring Wildwood too slow, and would cut it as well in favor of another Thicket and maybe another Tech Edge.
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Joined: 30 Jan 2011
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

good insights, ducttape. I've found the same w/ the wildwoods and am going to cut them. Also, the Beastmaster Asceonsions seem really good. I take it you run Lead the Stampede. Do you think that 3 in the main would be optimal?
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